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Narwa - Weakness & Fight Guide
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Narwa - Weakness & Fight Guide

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Thunder Serpent Narwa is the MH Rise final boss. This guide includes weakness, how to fight Narwa, weak parts, build, how to farm, & attacks in Monster Hunter Rise!!

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Narwa - Overview

Thunder Serpent Narwa

Thunder Serpent Narwa
See Narwa Armor Set Here
SpeciesRoarTremorWind Pressure
Elder DragonYesNoneNone
Abnormal StatusBlight

Map Location - Where Does It Spawn?

Coral Palace--

MH Rise Final Boss

Narwa Final Boss of the game

Narwa is the final boss of the game and is fought in a circular arena. Unlike other monsters, Narwa's battle is mostly fought using weapon placements that spawn around the battlefield.

Unlocked After Clearing ★7 Quests

You get to unlock the quest to beat Narwa after you have cleared 5 ★7 Hub quests. To get to ★7, you must first defeat Ibushi in a Rampage Battle.

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Narwa - Weakness & Breakable Parts

Effective Attack Type Per Weak Spot

* Based on actual battles in the game!!

star1star1No Effectstar2star3

Weakness Details

Breakable Parts & Essences

PartBreaking ConditionsEssence
HeadDamage until it flinches to breakRed
TorsoDamage until it flinches to breakWhite
WingarmsDamage until it flinches to breakOrange
BackDamage until it flinches to breakRed
TailDamage until it flinches to breakWhite

Status Ailments & Blight

Item Effectiveness

Narwa - Obtainable Items & Materials

Items From High Rank Narwa

Target RewardsNarwa Carapace (22%)
Narwa Horn+ (12%)
Narwa Sparksac (14%)
Narwa Tentacle (18%)
Thunder Serpent Orb (2%)

Get By Carving

Carve - BodyNarwa Carapace (37%)
Narwa Hide+ (29%)
Narwa Tentacle (12%)
Thunder Serpent Orb (1%)
Narwa Claw+ (21%)
Carve - TailNarwa Carapace (17%)
Narwa Sparksac (80%)
Thunder Serpent Orb (3%)
WingarmsNarwa Sparksac (20%)
Narwa Claw+ (80% [2x])
AbdomenNarwa Sparksac (60%)
Narwa Tentacle (40%)
HornNarwa Hide+ (17%)
Narwa Horn+ (80%)

Narwa - How To Fight Tips & Tricks

1Increase Stun & Thunder Resistance
2Aim for the Thundersacs to down Narwa
3When down, use the platforms to hit the belly
└ Belly is usually protected by its fins
4Use Wirebugs & Scaffoldings to maneuver
5Use the weapon placements
6Use the Splitting Wyvernshot & Dragonator

Increase Stun & Thunder Resistance

Increase Stun & Thunder Resistance

Narwa can easily stun lock you with its multiple Thunder attacks. Lower the damage and prevent stun by increasing your Stun & Thunder Resistance through Talismans, Charms, and additional skills from eating & the Hunting Horn.

Aim For The Thundersacs

Aim for the Thundersacs
Click to Enlarge

Narwa's body has several parts that have glowing purple sacs on them. When enraged, hitting these parts will cause them to break, stunning Narwa. Hit these spots to force Narwa to crash, making it vulnerable to further attacks.

When Down, Use Platforms To Hit The Belly

Hit the belly when down

Once Narwa crashes to the ground, a platform directly in front of its belly spawns. Immediately use this platform and try to hit its belly as many times as you can. When enough damage is received, the belly bursts, dealing 1000 damage to Narwa.

Belly Is Usually Protected By Its Fins

Belly protected by fins

When flying around, Narwa's belly is usually protected by its fins, greatly reducing damage taken. Remember to only aim at the belly once it's down.

Use Wirebugs & Platforms To Maneuver

Use Wirebugs & Platforms To Maneuver

Dodging becomes easier with the use of the Wirebug. Use them to get to platforms that Narwa spawns during the fight. If possible, get extra Wirebug charges to help you scale large distances.

Check Out The Wirebug Guide Here

Use The Weapon Placements

There are multiple weapon placements that span around the arena that you can use. They can deal high damage and can even break parts when aimed correctly. Use them when you can as they deal significantly higher damage than most of your attacks.

Use The Splitting Wyvernshot & Dragonator

Longest Dragonator
Splitting WyvernshotUsable after 5 minutes
DragonatorUsable after 10 minutes

The Splitting Wyvernshot and Dragonator are large weapons that you can use to significantly reduce Narwa's health. Both are unlocked after a specific amount of time and can only be used once. Make sure to use them at the right moment as these weapons can miss.

Narwa - Attack & Hunting Guide

1Avoid attacks with Wirebug or getting on the platforms
2Time dodges & dives
3Hit the Torso of the Narwa
4Use Cannons to bring down Narwa from the air
5Move away from the slow moving Thunder circles
6Close distance and attack during ring attack

Avoid Attacks Using Wirebugs / Platforms

Avoid Attacks Using Wirebugs / Platforms

Since Wirebugs have a cooldown, use them sparingly. Make sure that you always have one extra in case you need to jump to escape an attack from the Narwa. Try to grab spare Wirebugs around the field to temporarily increase your charges.

Time Dodge & Dives

Time Dodge & Superman Jumps

Dodges and dives can keep you safe against Narwa's attacks. However, since the Narwa's attacks are one after the other and have explosions, make sure the attacks are over before standing up after a dive.

Focus On Narwa's Belly

The main weakness of Narwa is its torso. The head and the torso should be your main targets for highest damage. Dealing enough damage to these parts can also cause Narwa to crash. Use the platforms to reach the abdomen when it's higher up.

Use The Cannons To Bring Down Narwa

Cannons are an effective way of bringing down the Narwa when it's in the air. Use Wirebugs to get to the cannons and quickly shoot it down before the platform falls.

Evade Before Ultimate Attack

If you see Narwa making motions for its ultimate attack, make sure to evacuate in front of the cannon. By doing so, you can manage to avoid getting hit by its breath.

Move Away From Slow Moving Circles

Move Away From Slow Moving Circles

The Narwa's slow moving circle attack can easily be dodged by moving either left or right. They're not that fast so don't move too quickly or you might get caught in one of them.

Close Distance & Attack During Ring Attack

When Narwa charges for a ring attack, immediately get into the center circle and start pummeling it. Afterwards, it goes down for a few seconds, leaving it open for additional attacks.

Narwa - Build & How To Farm

Piercing Light Bowgun (LBG)

Recommended Weapons

Weapon Name
Night Owl
Parts: Long Barrel
DecorationAttack Jewel 2
Rapid FireLv 1 Pierce Ammo, Lv 2 Pierce Ammo

Recommended Armor

HeadRhenoplos Helm SDefense Jewel 1
ChestS. Studded Vest SAbsorber Jewel 1
Absorber Jewel 1
ArmsRathalos Braces SAttack Jewel 2
WaistSkalda Elytra S
Spio Elytra S
LegsGolden HakamaDefense Jewel 1
Defense Jewel 1
TalismanWeakness Exploit Lv 1 or higherAny
Attack Boost Lv 4, Weakness Exploit Lv 3, Pierce Up Lv 3, Critical Boost Lv 2, Recoil Down Lv 2, Latent Power Lv 1, Normal - Rapid Up Lv 1, Defense Boost Lv 3, Stun Resistance Lv 1
Key Points About This Build
MHR Editorial TeamThis set will allow you to move and shoot level 2 Pierce. You'll also reach 100% crit thanks to Critical Boost and Weakness Exploit.
Build Materials List

Using Light Bowgun To Farm Narwa

Tip!・Mix attacks and dodges
・Remember to use the Radial Menu
1Bring a lot of Pierce Ammo 2
└ Don't bring unnecessary ammo
└ Set Pierce Ammo 2 as part of your Radial Menu
2Make use of Centering and Beansplosion Dangos
3Shoot at electrified spots using Pierce Ammo 2
4Use the cannons during Narwa's ultimate attack
5Win the fight

Remember To Use The Radial Menu

Radial Menu

Bowguns require ammo to be effective in the battlefield. To quickly and easily change your ammo while in a fight, you can make use of the Radial Menu. If you're not used to using it, you can practice using the Training Area before heading to the fight.

Bring As Many Pierce Ammo 2 As You Can

Bring as many Pierce Ammo as you can
Pierce Ammo Lv2Pierce Ammo Lv1+ Gunpowder Lv2
Pierce Ammo Lv1Latchberry

Carry as much Pierce Ammo Lv2 and its crafting materials as you can. Bring only Piercing Ammo as bringing in different ammo types may severely limit your inventory space. Remember to set Piercing Ammo 2 Crafting on your Radial Menu.

Make use of Centering and Beansplosion Dangos

must have dangos during the fight
Click to Enlarge
CenteringDango Feet - Prevents you from getting knocked on your butt
Dango Marksman - Increases the power of shots and arrows
BeansplosionDango Temper - Increases ammo damage but also increases deviation
Any DangoUse any Dango you want

Increase the damage of your shots by activating the effects of Dango Marksman and Temper. Register them as a set as you'll likely be using them more than once if you're planning to farm. Remember to use Dango Tickets to significantly increase activation chance

Dango Ticket Guide

Hit Narwa's Electrified Parts

hit Narwa

Begin hitting Narwa's electrified body parts once the fight starts. Maximize piercing damage by hitting Narwa from the front. When downed or when using its large AoE attack, hit its belly instead.

Use Cannons During Its Ultimate Attack

Use cannons to stop Narwa

When using its ultimate attack, Narwa will coil itself in the middle of the field and summon cannons around it. Use the cannons to stop Narwa from doing its attack. Make sure to be quick as Narwa's attack can be devastating if left unchecked.

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