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Sunbreak | Lance Guide - Controls & Combos | Monster Hunter Rise - GameWith

A guide on how to use Lance in Monster Hunter Rise (Switch). Includes changes in Lance moves (Silkbind attacks), gameplay trailer, and recommended combos in MH Rise!!

Table Of Contents

Lance Controls

XMid Thrust
AHigh Thrust
X + AWide Sweep
ZR + L Joystick + XGuard Dash
ZR + X + ADash Attack
ZR + ACounter-Thrust
ZR + A while chargingPower Guard
ZL+XTwin Vine
ZL + AAnchor Rage

Switch Skills

【Original Switch Skill】Anchor Rage
【Second Switch Skill】Spiral Thrust
See Details

Mid Thrust


A thrust attack that strikes parallel to the ground. Good against small monsters.

High Thrust


A thrust that's angled to hit higher targets. It does more damage than the Mid-Thrust, making it the basic attack for the Lance.

Wide Sweep

CommandHold ZR

A charge is added to the Wide Sweep in Monster Hunter Rise. Damage increases with more charges you have.



Bring your shield up to stop prevent taking damage from monster attacks. It has a wide range and high guard performance placing it at the top when it comes to defense power among all weapons.

Guard Dash

CommandZR + L Joystick + X

Be able to move quickly while also guarding against attacks. This is best when closing the distance between you and the target. It can be further extended by pressing A to do a dive thrust.

Dive Thrust Additional Attack

CommandA during Guard Dash

Dive Thrust is an additional attack that you can do when doing Guard Dash. Use them in conjunction to close distances quickly.

Dash Attack

CommandZR + X + A

The Lance's most well known attack. You can keep moving forward as long you have the stamina for it. Anything in your path will take damage.

Finishing Thrust Additional Attack

CommandX during Dash Attack

Press X while performing the Dash Attack to end your run with a powerful thrust. Time this to when you want to end your Dash Attack.


ZR + A
Actions You Can Do While Counter-Thrusting
Release The Button: Cancels the attack
B: Power Guard

Go on guard and counter monster attacks with the Counter-thrust. This provides both offense and defense when done correctly. If you do not release the button on time, it will be canceled.

Power Guard

Power Guard
ZR while charging Counter-thrust or during Guard Reactions

Press ZR + A while charging Counter-thrust or during guard reactions to activate Power Guard. Your stamina will deplete as long as your shield is readied, but stun time for guarding will be greatly reduced until your stamina runs out, allowing you to swiftly counter-attack.

Twin Vine

twin vine

A Silkbind attack activated by pressing ZL + X. Jabs a kunai into the target to get its attention. Pressing ZL + B while the kunai is lodged into the target will launch you towards it while guarding.

Anchor Rage

Anchor Rage
CommandZL + A

A Silkbind attack activated by pressing ZL + A. Attacks absorbed while your shield is up temporarily boost your attack power. The strength of the boost depends on the power of the attack absorbed.

Recommended Combos Of Lance

Basic Lance Attack Combo


With the High-Thrust being more powerful than the Mid-Thrust, your basic combo should consist of it the most.

Counter Attack Loop


A combo with the counter-thrust attack fitting into it. When the counter is decided, the combo will be reset and you can attack three times. If you land the counter, you can just keep on attacking.

Charge Combo


Deal damage with a high damage pool. Since you can't keep doing the combo in a loop, you need to put in High-Thrust in between.

New Silkbind Attacks Of Lance

Twin Vine


While the Kunai is stuck, you can jump while guarding to the position of the monster with the button input. Since jumping does not consume Wirebug gauge, you can freely zip between positions. This greatly increases Lance's overall mobility.

Use To Increase Attack Opportunities

Twin Vine is not only a good way to close distance, but it's great for dodging enemy attacks and utilizing opportunities to attack.

Anchor Rage


Hold the shield, and when attacked, your damage will increase for a duration while counterattacking. The damage multiplier increases depending on the damage of the attack.

Spiral Thrust

Spiral Thrust
Original Switch Skill
Anchor Rage

Dash twice and attack quickly. In the official description it's mentioned that you can attack using a shield, so it's likely that you'll be able to guard using this as well. However, given that you have to choose between this or Anchor Rage, Spiral Thrust might not see a lot of use (unless it does exceptionally high dps).

Tips On How To Use Lance

1Use Guard as your main skill
2Counter as much as possible
3It's ok not to use Twin Vines
4Use Anchor Rage assertively
5Try to get off a charged Wide Sweep

Play Around Guard


The Lance is at its best when it's guarding. Its incredible guard power and plentiful counter abilities let you take hits without dying. For the Lance, the best offense is a good defense, so make sure you're always guarding.

Use Your Counter Skills

The Lance has a Counter attack which it can use when it takes a hit while guarding. If you get the timing right, you can continue to hit enemies repeatedly using this. The better you know a monster's movement patterns the more effective this strategy will be, so make sure to know what you're going up against.

Don't Overuse Twin Vines

Twin Vines is an excellent ability, but its hit box is somewhat small and it leaves you quite open. Even if you do hit, it can be difficult to maneuver and get off this jumping attack. If you have other means of dealing with a monster, use them instead.

Use Anchor Rage Assertively


Anchor Rage's attack power buff only last a short while. Use it right before the enemy gets off a move that you know will leave it open for a short while. Then, get off a powerful counter. This is a move you should always be trying to land.

Works Well As A Defensive Measure Too

You won't be knocked back or take damage when guarding during Anchor Rage, so it functions incredibly well as a defensive tool. You of course want to use it offensively to deal damage, but if you're facing an imminent threat don't hesitate to use it defensively.

Go For A Charged Wide Sweep


Charged Wide Sweep deals very high damage so you'll want to use it whenever the enemy is either downed or doing a move with a long animation. If you can get this off, this is one of the highest dealing moves the Lance has, so always try to go for it!

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