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Sunbreak | Narwa The All Mother - Weakness & Fight Guide | Monster Hunter Rise

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Sunbreak | Narwa The All Mother - Weakness & Fight Guide | Monster Hunter Rise - GameWith

Narwa the All Mother is a final boss in MH Rise. This guide includes weakness, how to fight Narwa the Allmother, weak parts, build, how to farm, & attacks in Monster Hunter Rise!!

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Narwa The All Mother - Overview

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Narwa The All Mother

Narwa the All Mother

Maps & Spawn Locations

Effective Attack Type Per Weak Spot

※ Based on actual battles in the game!!

××No Effectstar1star2

Weakness Details

Breakable Parts & Essences

PartBreaking Conditions
HeadDamage until it flinches to break
TorsoDamage until it flinches to break
WingarmsDamage until it flinches to break
BackDamage until it flinches to break
TailDamage until it flinches to break

Item Effectiveness

Added In Update 3.0!

Narwa The Allmother is a newly added variant of Narwa that was added in version 3.0 of the game, released on May 27th 2021. This monster is involved with the new ending added in this update - it will be interesting to see what kind of a conclusion we'll get for Kamura village's story!

3.0 Update

Appears At Hunter Rank 99

Narwa The Allmother is unlocked at Hunter Rank 99. This may take a while if you're not there, but do your best to get up to this level so you can see this new content as fast as possible.

How To Raise Your Hunter Rank Guide

Narwa The All Mother - Obtainable Items & Materials

This article is a work in progress. Please check back again soon!

Coming soon!

Items From Narwa The Allmother

Narwa The All Mother - How To Fight Tips & Tricks

Be wary of stuns
Changes forms when HP is brought low
Hit its electrified parts to down it
Use Endemic Life wisely

Be Wary Of Stuns

Narwa Stun

Narwa The Allmother packs a large amount of thunder element attacks. If you're hit by these, you'll be afflicted by Thunderblight, which will cause you to be stunned easier. Make sure to counteract this by either buffing up your thunder resistance or activating the Stun Resistance skill. There are also horn melodies and Dango which can prevent stuns, so consider those too.

Changes Forms Depending On HP

Just like its regular variant, Narwa The Allmother also changes forms depending on its remaining HP. It will change form a total of two times, and though there won't be huge visual indicators to this change, you will notice its attacks getting stronger.

Powerful Abilities Signal Form Change

Powerful Ability

Narwa the Allmother will use two powerful abilities whenever it changes forms. Rapid fire cannons will appear on the floating rocks in the area, so you should use these to deal damage to the boss. Right before its second form change, Magnamalo will appear. You'll be able to ride it to deal some damage onto Narwa.

Hit Its Electrified Parts To Down It

Narwa the Allmother has a purple electric pouch located on its head, arms, chest, and back. If you deal damage to these parts when they're electrified, you'll be able to cancel its electric ability as well as stun it. It also becomes more susceptible to damage while charging like this, so make sure to attack it at this point.

Tankier When Not Electrified

It will be harder to deal damage to Narwa when it isn't electrified, as its body parts will have hardened. When a certain part is no longer electrified, ignore it and aim for another part of the body that is! Attacking its head and arms is particularly recommended here.

Hit Its Stomach While Downed

Attack Narwa

When you down Narwa the Allmother, you'll get a perfect opportunity to attack its biggest weak point - its stomach. Climb up on the rock that appears here and use it to wail away at your foe's exposed stomach.

Use Endemic Life To Help Defeat It


There are several forms of Endemic Life active in the field here. The Snowbeetle can reduce the movement speed of enemies temporarily, while the Aurortle can absorb damage from a blow that would other wise kill you. Both of these effects are excellent, so make use of them.

List Of Endemic Life In The Area

Firebeetle・On hit, inflict Fireblight on a monster
・Deals damage over time
・Enemy flinches more often
Mudbeetle・On hit, inflict Waterblight on a monster
・Monster's defenses are lowered temporarily
Snowbeetle・On hit, inflict Iceblight on a monster
・Afflicted monster's movements are slowed
Butterflame・Increases your damage temporarily
Peepersects・Reduces your stamina consumption temporarily
Aurortle・When taking a hit that would kill you, you are left with 1 HP.
・Can only be used once
Full Endemic Life List

Narwa The All Mother - Attack & Hunting Guide

For Powerful Attacks, Avoid The Spear And Use Cannons

Step 1Avoid the rotating spears and head to the middle
└ Wait for a space to open up
Step 2Use the cannons as soon as they appear
Step 3Don't climb off the rock with the cannon until Narwa's attack finishes
└ You can avoid the final attack by being on top of the rock as well

Wait A Moment When The Spears Land To Dodge Them


Some spear-pillars will pop out of the ground - your job will be to dodge them and head toward the center of the newly formed area. The attack will spread out and you'll gradually have more space to maneuver. Wait a moment before making your way in!

Use The Cannons When They Appear

Narwa Cannon

Once you see cannons spawn on top of the rocks in this area, climb up and start using them to blast away at Narwa. This will not only let you deal great damage, it will also serve as a way of dodging Narwa's other dangerous abilities. You can also down Narwa by dealing sufficient damage during this phase as well.

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Appears at Rank 50, not 99

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You dont need HR99 for this hunt

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