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Apex Rathalos - How To Unlock & Weakness
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Apex Rathalos - How To Unlock & Weakness

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Apex Rathalos is a new rampage monster in Update 2.0 for Monster Hunter Rise Switch (MH Rise). Read this MH Rise guide to know how to unlock Apex Rathalos, weakness, and drops!!

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Rathalos - Overview

Apex Rathalos
See The Rathalos Armor Set Here

Map Location - Where Does It Spawn?

Red StrongholdNoneNone

Bigger & Stronger Rathalos

Bigger and stronger Rathalos

Apex Rathalos is a meaner and darker version of Rathalos. Being faster and larger, it gets access to more damaging moves. It is also hardier, being capable of more damage than its normal version.

Rewards Defender Ticket 8

Defender Ticket 8

For those looking out to meld, you can farm Apex Rathalos for Defender Ticket 8s. They give 90 points for Melding, making it easier to fill slots for Talismans.

How To Farm Talismans

New Update 2.0 Monster

Apex Rathalos has finally arrived together with a bunch of new monsters in update 2.0. Players can finally play against the stronger version of the classic wyvern after reaching a certain HR Rank.

Read The Update 2.0 Summary Here

How To Unlock Apex Rathalos

Reach HR 8 To Unlock

Defeat Chameleos First
Rampage Quests・★7 - Apex Rathalos

You can unlock Rampage missions featuring Apex Rathalos after reaching HR 8. You can repeat this Rampage quest anytime, however note that its availability is random and you may need to complete several quests in order for it to reappear.

How To Max HR Guide

Apex Rathalos - Weakness & Breakable Parts

Currently updating

Apex Rathalos - Drops & Materials

Currently updating.

Apex Rathalos - How To Fight Tips & Tricks

1Use Flash Bombs
2Increase your Fire Resistance
3Cut off the tail first
4Use the weapon placements

Use Flash Bombs Against Apex Rathalos

Despite being a stronger version, Apex Rathalos is still very vulnerable against Flash Bombs. Similar to its normal version, if timed properly, the Flash Bomb can cause Apex Rathalos to crash. Use this if you want to distract it from crashing and damaging the gate.

Increase Your Fire Resistance

Increase your fire resistance

Aped Rathalos still has moves that make use of fire to damage and screen its enemies. Equip Gears or Decoration as well as eating Dangos that increase your Fire Resistance. Also, watch out for armor sets that reduce your Fire Resistance as this monster can easily end you with fire if you're not careful.

Cut Off The Tail First

Cut off the tail

If you're using a cut damage weapon like Long Swords and Great Swords, concentrate on severing the tail first. With its tail cut off, ApexRathalos has a far lesser reach, allowing you to safely move back after attacking.

All Weapon Types List

Use The Weapon Placements

Use the weapon placements

As this is a Rampage quest, make great use of the weapon placements around the arena. Utilize placements like the Wyvernfire Artillery and the Machine Cannon. However, once the Counter Gong is activated, go out and fight instead!

Use Master Utsushi To Control Monsters

Use Master Utsushi

When Apex Rathalos calls on multiple monsters to assist it, quickly use Master Utsushi to down the other monsters. When hit by Master Utsushi, the other monsters become rideable. This allows you to gang up on Apex Rathalos without any worries!

Apex Rathalos - Attack & Hunting Guide

-Has similar moves with Rathalos
1Rains fireballs from the sky
2Has a faster breath move
3Dodge its new explosive fire

Has Similar Moves With Rathalos

Apex Rathalos is a stronger and faster version of Rathalos. However, it has the same moveset just with a few new ones. Note that most of Apex Rathalos' attacks have greater damage and longer reach due to its size.

Read The Rathalos Guide Here

Opens By Raining Fireballs

Opens by raining fireballs

Once Apex Rathalos arrives, get away from the weapon placements immediately. It will rain fire down before it lands, destroying all placements and heavily damaging those caught in the blasts!

Can Use The Fireballs To Nuke

When it has received enough damage, Rathalos roars a couple of times and flies up. Afterwards, it targets players and hurls large fireballs at them. Getting hit by it can spell instant death so move around during this attack!

Has A Faster Breath Move

faster breath

Apex Rathalos' deadly sweep fire breath attack is quicker and more dangerous. Watch out when it starts hovering and try to distance yourself. Use hit and run tactics with your Wirebug and try not to idle around it.

Has A New Explosive Fire Attack

New Explosive Attack

When fighting Apex Rathalos, try not to stay in one position as it has new moves that can devastate a single area. With this attack, Apex Rathalos can still target foes that are trying to run away from it. Constantly move around it and use your Wirebugs to quickly dodge away once it readies to attack.

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