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Barroth Guide - Weakness & How To Beat

Sunbreak | Barroth Guide - Weakness & How To Beat | Monster Hunter Rise

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Sunbreak | Barroth Guide - Weakness & How To Beat | Monster Hunter Rise - GameWith

The Barroth Guide for Monster Hunter Rise (Switch) is a manual on how to beat Barroth, weakness, attack patterns, weak points, and status effects in MH Rise!!

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Barroth - Overview


Appearance Map - Where Does It Spawn?

Sandy Plains (Area 7)

Barroth Weakness & Breakable Parts

Effective Attack Type Per Weak Spot

* The ( ) indicates the effect when covered in mud!!

(No Effect)
No Effect
No Effectstar2star1

Weakness Details

* The ( ) indicates the effect when covered in mud!!

Breakable Parts & Essence

PartBreaking ConditionsEssence
HeadCan break if damaged repeatedly once stripped of mudRed
Head (Mud)Damage until it flinches to breakRed
Torso (Mud)Damage until it flinches to breakOrange
ForelegOnce stripped of mud, damage until it flinches twiceOrange
Foreleg (Mud)Damage until it flinches to breakOrange
Hind LegOnce stripped of mud, damage until it flinches twiceWhite
Hind Leg (Mud)Damage until it flinches to breakWhite
TailCan break if damaged repeatedly once stripped of mudRed

Status Ailments & Blight

Item Effectiveness

Barroth - Obtainable Items & Materials

Items From High Rank Barroth

Target RewardBarroth Ridge+ (29%)
Barroth Claw+ (21%)
Barroth Carapace (15%)
Rich Mud x2 (11%)
Monster Keenbone (11%)
Barroth Scalp (6%)
Barroth Tail (6%)
Wyvern Gem (1%)

Get By Carving

Carve - BodyBarroth Carapace (42%)
Barroth Ridge+ (31%)
Barroth Claw+ x2 (21%)
Wyvern Gem (3%)
Carve - TailBarroth Carapace (37%)
Barroth Tail (60%)
Wyvern Gem (3%)
Carve - ScalpBarroth Ridge+ (27%)
Barroth Scalp (70%)
Wyvern Gem (3%)
Capture RewardBarroth Carapace x2 (12%)
Barroth Ridge+ (23%)
Barroth Claw+ (32%)
Barroth Scalp (8%)
Barroth Tail (8%)
Rich Mud x2 (11%)
Wyvern Gem(5%)
ForelegBarroth Claw+ (100%)
Hind LegBarroth Carapace (100%)
Dropped Materials (Normal)Wyvern Tear (20%)
Large Wyvern Tear (30%)
Barroth Ridge+ (14%)
Rich Mud (35%)
Wyvern Gem (1%)
Dropped Materials (Wyvern Riding)Rich Mud x2 (30%)

Items From Low Rank Barroth

Target RewardBarroth Ridge (28%)
Barroth Claw (20%)
Barroth Shell (14%)
Barroth Scalp (10%)
Fertile Mud x2 (10%)
Monster Bone M (10%)
Barroth Tail (8%)

Get By Carving

Carve - BodyBarroth Shell (42%)
Barroth Ridge (30%)
Barroth Claw (20%)
Carve - TailBarroth Tail (70%)
Barroth Shell (30%)
Carve - ScalpBarroth Scalp (80%)
Barroth Ridge (20%)
Capture RewardBarroth Claw (30%)
Barroth Ridge (22%)
Barroth Scalp (13%)
Barroth Shell x2 (12%)
Barroth Tail (12%)
Fertile Mud x2 (11%)
ForelegBarroth Claw (100%)
Hind LegBarroth Shell (100%)
Dropped Materials (Normal)Wyvern Tear (50%)
Fertile Mud (35%)
Barroth Ridge (15%)
Dropped Materials (Wyvern Riding)Barroth Shell (50%)
Fertile Mud x2 (30%)
Barroth Ridge (20%)

Barroth - How To Beat Tips & Tricks

Use Equipment With Muck Resistance
└Also Bring Nulberries
Break Mud Parts To Lower Defense
Barroth Will Re-Cover Itself In Mud
Attack When It Hits Large Obstacles

Use Equipment With Muck Resistance


Barroth's mud attacks inflict Waterblight, reducing your stamina regeneration. This can severely affect your movement and dodges, so best bring a couple of Nulberries to quickly remove the Waterblight.

How To Get Nulberry Guide

Break Mud Parts To Lower Defense

Protected by a layer of mud, Barroth boasts a high defense stat from the start. However, you can continuously chip off the mud from Barroth, allowing you to hit its main body. Aim for one specific part at a time as destroying that part leaves it open to further attacks. Note that Barroth cannot cover destroyed parts with mud.

Beware Of The Mud

Barroth will attempt to up its defense by rolling in the mud. Use this as a chance to attack! Also take caution as Barroth tends to fling mud across the battlefield. It might look harmless at first, but coming into contact with this mud significantly reduces your movement speed.

Attack When It Hits Large Obstacles

Barroth stops moving if it hits large obstacles like boulders or trees. Although it doesn't faint, this moment gives ample opportunities to attack, so utilize it well!

Barroth Attack Patterns

Attack Its Forelegs
Quickly Evade Headbutts
Beware Of Mud During Charge

Attack Its Forelegs


Barroth has soft forelegs, so make sure to aim your attacks there to make the most damage. Aside from the Charge attack described below, it has very little troublesome attacks, so you can stick close to its legs and keep hitting its forelegs while evading as necessary.

Quickly Evade Headbutts

Barroth uses its head to hit enemies at its front. Once you notice its head-lifting motion, quickly move to the sides to evade.

Beware Of Mud During Charge


Charge is a typical attack used by most brute wyverns. Barroth readies itself and runs at full speed to its target and may often randomly splatter mud across the battlefield. This can be easily dodged by using the Wirebug to dodge to the sides.

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