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Bow Guide - Controls & Moveset Changes
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Bow Guide - Controls & Moveset Changes

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The Bow - Controls & Moveset Changes in Monster Hunter Rise (Switch) is a guide including its controls & moveset changes, Silk bind attacks, Wirebug moves, tips & more in MH Rise!

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Controls Of Bow

ZR+AArc Shot
ZL+L+BCharging Step
After Power Shot→A(Only Once)
Power Shot
AMelee Attack
X+ADragon Piercer
L+XorBSelect Coating
XLoad/Unload Coating
R+XFocus Shot
R+AHerculean Draw

Charging Step

Charging Step

Charging Step(CS) is one of the Bow's best moves in a way that it enables evasion & afflicts critical damage on your enemy while charging at a safe distance.

Power Shot

Power Shot
After Power Shot→A(Only Once)

Power Shot is a move that can only be pulled once after shooting. You can also utilize this move after shooting three times to unleash more arrows. However, note that it consumes a lot of stamina.

Arc Shot


Press ZR and A to draw a bow and release it to shoot the bow into the air. Press hold ZL to move the cursor to change where the bow falls.

Follow-Up Moves

After BackstepFollowup Action
ZR+AArc Shot
APower Shot
ZL + L + BCharging Sidestep

Melee Attack


Swings your bow in front of you. You'll need to be very close to the enemy to hit this so it might not be practical.

Dragon Piecer

CommandX + A

A strong attack which requires a long preliminary action.

Select Coating


Choose the coating you want to use with this command. Once you've used up all coatings, don't forget to switch back to Close-range Coating.

New Silkbind Attacks Of Bow

Focus Shot

Gauge Consumption1 gauge
Gauge Recovery Time10 seconds

Dodges backward and crouches. While crouching, your stamina rapidly regenerates. If timed right, you can nullify a monster's attack. Use the Left Stick to change the direction of dodging.

Herculean Draw

Gauge Consumption2 gauges
Gauge Recovery Time10 seconds (per gauge)

Surge forward in a designated direction. This move boosts your attack power for a short time as well. Consumes 2 gauges of Wirebug.

Recommended Combos Of Bow

Charge Sidestep Combo

2ZRAAZL+L+B → Repeat step 2

Shoot three times to power up your charged shot to level 3. Then, perform 2 Power Shots (A → A). After that, repeat the loop of Charging Sidestep → Shoot → Power Shot x 2. If your stamina runs out, reduce the number of Power Shot to one and repeat the combo.

Strengths & Weaknesses Of Bow

Strengths Of Bow

・High Mobility
・Ability To Afflict High Damage

The bow has a high mobility wherein unsheathing is quick and is able to attack simultaneously with Charging Step (CS). The bow was also known for dealing high damage with its moves in past games.

Demo Evaluation

Unfortunately, Quick Shot is no longer available for the new game and its stamina isn't as great compared to MHW. Although it has moves to make up for the stamina issue, it will still need to consistently use up stamina to afflict high damage unlike other weapons in the game.

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Weaknesses Of Bow

・Difficult To Manage Stamina
・Difficult To Afflict Significant Damage Without Proper Distanced Aiming
・Lack Of Instantaneous Damage Affliction

The Bow's moves such as CS consumes stamina, and thus it is necessary to manage stamina levels well. In addition, the Bow's attacks need to be aimed at an appropriate distance to afflict a good level of damage. It also lacks instantaneous damage affliction wherein you will almost always need to plan your moves well.

Changes From Past Monster Hunter

1No Quick Shot
2Changes In Power Shot
3No Thousand Dragons
4Dragon Piercer Won't Penetrate
5Arc Shot Has Supportive Effect

No Quick Shot

Quick Shot, the new move added in Monster Hunter World, cannot be used in Monster Hunter Rise. Since your stamina used to heal while performing a quick shot, you'll need to manage your stamina more strictly.

Changes In Power Shot


In Monster Hunter Rise, the Power Shot does not spread out and can be used twice in a row.

No Thousand Dragons

Since there is no slinger in Monster Hunter Rise, you can't use Slinger mode: Thousand Dragons.

Dragon Piercer Won't Penetrate

dragon piercer

In Monster Hunter World, Dragon Piercer used to penetrate through enemies. However, this move no longer has penetration effect and can only hit 2-3 times.

Arc Shot Has Supportive Effect

arc shot

In Monster Hunter World, you can buff your allies with Arc Shot such as healing HP. This effect changes depending on which bow you are using.

Tips On How To Use Bow

Characteristics Of The Bow

Coatings & Their Effects
1Charged Shot & Charging Step
2Shoot At The Right Distance
3Deal Heavy Damage With Dragon Piercer
4Recover Stamina With Focus Shot
5Hard to do Wyvern Riding

Coatings & Effects Of Bow

CoatingEffectMax Inventory No.
・Significantly increases arrow damage50
・Slightly increases arrow damage
・Damage via close-ranged attacks increases
・Aim range is halved
・Can afflict poison20
・Can afflict paralysis20
・Can afflict sleep20
・Attacks with blast
・Increases the blast attribute of weapon
・Decreases the stamina of the enemy
・You can stun the enemy if you hit its head

Weapons with elemental attributes like poison will lose its original attribute if another elemental attribute coating is applied to it. However, if you use the same elemental attribute, you can double the effect.

Use Power Coating → Close-Range Coating In That Order

Start with Power Coating to increase your damage first before using the Close-Range Coating to improve your aim. When your Power Coating runs out, switch to Close-Ranged Coating since you can use it an infinite number of times.

Use Elemental Affliction Coatings To Your Advantage

Paralysis and Sleep are very useful in creating advantageous attack opportunities. If you keep that in mind, you won't have to use Poison or Blast anymore. Use the latter two on weaker enemies instead.

Charged Shot & Charging Step


You can charge the bow up to 3 levels to increase your attack. You can move while charging and use Charging Sidestep to dodge enemy's attack as well. Charging Sidestep raises 1 charging level. With this move, you can evade and shoot fully charged shots repeatedly.

Shoot At The Right Distance

The Bow requires proper aiming at specific distances to make the most amount of damage. If shot at the right distance, the damage increases significantly, and likewise, the damage lowers if aimed poorly.

How To Determine The Appropriate Distance

Too Far
Too Close
too far
Just Righttoo close
Out Of Rangeout of range

The aiming icon is your main tool in making sure that you're aiming at the appropriate distance. You'll know when you're right on the mark when you see the ◎ icon.

Deal Heavy Damage With Dragon Piercer

Dragon Piercer

Find opportunities to attack with the powerful Dragon Piercer. Make sure you aim straight for the monster's weak point since this attack has a piercing effect. Its effect may also be accumulated, so time it well to increase the damage.

Recover Stamina With Focus Shot


The Bow consumes the most stamina among all weapon types. Use Focus Shot, Dash Juice, Constitution skill, or Stamina Surge skill to supplement this weakness. Note that with Focus Shot, you can only recover stamina while crouching so you won't be able to move for 1-2 seconds.

Hard To Do Wyvern Riding

In order to perform Wyvern Riding, you'll need to deal damage with Silkbind attacks. Since both of the Bow's silk bind attacks are support moves, it's impossible to deal damage with them. You'll need to wait for turf war or use Endemic Life to do Wyvern Riding.

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