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Check out this Bow guide for Monster Hunter Rise (Switch). Find out about combos, controls, moveset, recommended switch skills, gameplay & Silkbind attacks in MH Rise!!

Table Of Contents

Bow Rank + Strengths and Weaknesses

Bow Rank

Overall RankS Rank
:p: (3 level rating system: S/A/B)!!
Strengths・High mobility
・Aerial Aim deals very high DPS
・Arc shot can buff allies
Weaknesses・Hard to manage stamina
・Need to stay in ideal range to maximize damage

The Bow's new Silkbind ability Aerial Aim has the potential to do a huge amount of damage in a short amount of time. If you can manage to land it on an enemy's weak point, it can deal massive burst damage rivaling that of a Greatsword.

Weapon Tier List


High Mobility and High Damage

Movement speed with the bow out is quite high, and you can also use Charging Step or Dodgebolt to evade enemy attacks while attacking. Also, as mentioned previously, Aerial Aim's damage is just too good to pass up.

Can Support Allies Too

Using Arc Shot can provide an affinity buff for your party members. The Bow is a weapon that can shine in both solo and multiplayer!


Can Be Hard To Manage Stamina & Range

Using Charging Step and Dodgebolt tends to eat up your stamina rather quickly. Playing with the Bow will require you to stay constantly aware of your stamina - this makes the skill Constitution very necessary. In addition to this, you'll also have to manage your range in relation to your target to ensure you're maximizing your DPS.

Bow Controls

ZR+AArc Shot
ZL+L+BCharging Step
After Power Shot→A(Only Once)
Power Shot
AMelee Attack
X+ADragon Piercer
L+XorBSelect Coating
XLoad/Unload Coating
R+XFocus Shot
R+AHerculean Draw

Arc Shot

Bow Guide
・Buffs allies within a certain range
・Has 3 different effects
・Should be used anytime you see an opening
【Recovery】Recovers a lot of HP over time
【Affinity】Gives you a temporary 15% Affinity boost
【Resistance】Makes you immune to knockbacks temporarily

Arc Shot is a powerful ability with 3 different supportive effects. Every Bow will have one of these different effects. This should be used whenever you get a chance, as it provides a powerful not only to you but also to your party members!

Absolute Power Shot

Bow Guide
・Increases your charged attack damage by 1 stage
・Can stun if it hits a monster's head
・Uses more stamina than a regular Power Shot
Follow-Up Moves
A: Absolute Power Shot

Just like regular Power Shot (which this ability can be swapped out for), you'll charge up an attack and loose it to deal damage. This version will deal more damage however, and will have a chance to stun if it hits an enemy's head. Additionally, this ability will use up more stamina.

Power Shot

Power Shot
After Power Shot→A(Only Once)

Power Shot is the regular version of Absolute Power Shot. After shooting, you can use this move again to unleash more arrows.

Charging Step

Charging Step

Charging Step is one of the Bow's best moves. It will allow you to deal damage and dodge at the same time, raising your charge level by one stage. If it's already at the max, it will refresh it. Stand in the ideal range while firing this ability off to manage your charge level to maximize your Bow dps.

Focus Shot

Bow Guide
・Recover stamina while dodging
・Immune at the start of the cast
・Uses one Silkbind charge
R+X▶ In Midair X Aerial Diving Melee Attack

Focus Shot will let you jump back and regenerate stamina while crouching. You can negate damage taken for a moment after inputting this command. You can choose which direction you move in by adjusting the left stick.

Aerial Aim

Bow Guide
・Very high damage
・Jump in the air, loosing 3 arrows
・Arrow damage depends on your charge level
・Can connect into Aerial Diving Melee Attack
・Uses one Silkbind charge
Follow-Up Moves
ZR: Shoot (Up to two times)
After shooting, X: Aerial Diving Melee Attack

Fire off a vertical arrow, shooting two more after it. This will be affected by your charge level, so it's best to use it right after a Shoot or Charging Step attack. This move's DPS is very high, so even if you use it when your charge level is only at 1, it won't be the end of the world. Also, while in mid-air pressing X will let you trigger an Aerial Diving Melee Attack.

Herculean Draw

Bow Guide
・Buffs your attack for 30 seconds
・Uses 2 Silkbind gauge charges

The Silkbind move Herculean Draw actually costs you 2 charges. It will also provide you with a 30 second attack buff, which you'll want to try to have up as much as possible.

Melee Attack


Swings your bow in front of you. You'll need to be very close to the enemy to hit this so it might not be practical.

Dragon Piecer

CommandX + A

A strong attack which requires a long preliminary action.

Select Coating


Choose the coating you want to use with this command. Once you've used up all coatings, don't forget to switch back to Close-range Coating.

New Silkbind Attacks Of Bow

Focus Shot

Gauge Consumption1 gauge
Gauge Recovery Time10 seconds

Dodges backward and crouches. While crouching, your stamina rapidly regenerates. If timed right, you can nullify a monster's attack. Use the Left Stick to change the direction of dodging.

Aerial Aim

Bow Guide
Gauge Consumption1 gauge

Fire off a vertical arrow, shooting two more after it. This will be affected by your charge level, so it's best to use it right after a Shoot or Charging Step attack.While in mid-air, pressing X will let you trigger an Aerial Diving Melee Attack.

Herculean Draw

Gauge Consumption2 gauges
Gauge Recovery Time10 seconds (per gauge)

Surge forward in a designated direction. This move boosts your attack power for a short time as well. Consumes 2 gauges of Wirebug.

Recommended Bow Switch Skills

Rapid Fire Focused Set

Bow Guide
Normal Ability ①Power Shot
Normal Ability ②Charging Step
Silkbind AttackAerial Aim
【How To Unlock】
Unlock 3★ Village quests or 2★ Hub Quests

For beginners to the bow, the above set is recommended, as focusing on Rapid Fire is always a safe bet. Always try to maintain your ideal distance from the target when firing off Charging Step. Aerial Aim's DPS is also just too good to pass up.

Spread Fire Set

Bow Guide
Normal Ability ①Power Shot
Normal Ability ②Dodgebolt
【How To Unlock】
Craft or upgrade a total of 8 unique Bows
Silkbind AttackAerial Aim

When using spread ammo to fight at closer range, Dodgebolt is more useful than Charging Step. Stay closer to your enemy, dodging their attacks while dealing damage. Take Power Shot, as its stamina usage is simply less than its alternative. Aerial Aim is also just here for pure DPS.

Switch Skills

Recommended Combos Of Bow

Aerial Aim Combo

ZRZRR+XZRZR▶In MidairX Aerial Diving Melee Attack

Shooting twice will raise your charge level, after which you can pull off an Aerial Aim. It's also possible to raise your charge level with Charging Sidestep instead of a regular fire shot. If you have the stamina to spare, you can also fit in a Power Shot somewhere in here too.

Charging Step Combo

2ZRAAZL+L+B → Repeat step 2

Shoot three times to power up your charged shot to level 3. Then, perform 2 Power Shots (A → A). After that, repeat the loop of Charging Sidestep → Shoot → Power Shot x 2. If your stamina runs out, reduce the number of Power Shots to one and repeat the combo.

Combo Doesn't Change With Dodgebolt

Even if you swap out Charging Sidestep for Dodgebolt, the essentials of this combo remain the same. You might need a bit more stamina in that case, however, so if you're running Dodgebolt consider using only one Power Shot.

Tips On How To Use The Bow

Important!Change your settings to be ideal for ranged play
Learn about shot types and charge level effects
Attack from the ideal (critical) range
Use coatings Power -> Close-Range Coating
Keep up your charge level with Charging Step or Dodgebolt
Buff yourself with Herculean Draw
Land Aerial Aim for huge damage
Try to pull off Wyvern Riding with Silkbind attacks or a Puppet Spider

Settings For Gunners

FunctionRecommended Setting
Camera ShakeOff
Gunner Reticle SpeedNormal (If you're experienced, Fast)
Camera StyleTarget Camera
Target Camera ControlsType 2
Camera Reset SettingsCharacter's Direction
Camera Distance100

The Bow is a weapon that greatly benefits from changing around your settings. Gunner Reticle Speed in particular greatly affects your ability to accurately land Aerial Aim, so we recommend eventually switching it over to fast. We also strongly recommend you play with the Gyroscope off.

Know The Types Of Shots & Charge Levels

Bow Guide

The Bow has a few basic mechanics you should familiarize yourself with if you want to master it. The types of arrows you use, as well as the damage done at various charge levels are both key to get down early.

Types Of Shots/Arrow

Rapid・Concetrates arrows on one area, good for targeting weak spots
・At Lv 4 & 5 damage, number of hits, and abnormal status conditions are equal
Piercing・Works well on large monsters
・Hit total is 7 for all level
・Has many hits, making it good for inflicting abnormal statuses
Spread・High damage, but can be hard to land
・Lv 4 & 5 damage is the same
・Lv 3, 4, & 5 all have 5 hits total

Effects Of Charge Levels

Note that if you have the Bow Charge Plus skill activated, you can actually unlock charge level 4 of the Bow.

Check Out Bow Charge Plus Here

Shoot At The Right Distance

The Bow requires proper aiming at specific distances (also referred to as "critical" range/distance) to deal the most amount of damage. If you shoot from the critical distance, your damage will decrease. The opposite is also true; shooting outside the ideal range will cause your DPS to go down. Use Charging Step and Dodgebolt to position yourself into ideal range to keep your damage up.

How To Determine The Appropriate Distance

Too Far
Too Close
too far
Just Righttoo close
Out Of Rangeout of range

The aiming icon is your main tool in making sure that you're aiming at the appropriate distance. You'll know when you're right on the mark when you see the ◎ icon.

Critical Range By Arrow Type

ArrowsCritical Range
RapidClose to medium
PierceClose to far
SpreadVery close to close
Dragon PiercerFar

Power -> Close Range Coating Should Be Your Go-To Order

Bow Coatings

You'll want to first apply Power Coatings on your arrows to increase their damage. When you run out of them, you can swap over to Close-Range Coating, which doesn't have any usage limitations on it. However, note that when you swap over to Close-Range Coating, your ideal range (critical distance) will halve! You'll need to adjust your playstyle accordingly.

▼Read more about coating effects below

Charging Step & Dodgebolt Usage

Bow Guide

Charging Step and Dodgebolt are both extremely useful moves that will help you maintain your charge level while also dodging enemy attacks. Always ensure that you're at the max charge level.

▲ Read about Charging Step combos above

Buff With Herculean Draw


By using two Silkbind charges you can give yourself a 30 second damage buff. This is a really important buff to keep up, so make sure you always stay cognizant of it.

Land Aerial Aim For High DPS

Bow Guide

The Silkbind move Aerial Aim deals incredible damage. You'll want to use this ability as much as possible, but it will also be important to save gauges for Herculean Draw, so as not to let the buff fall off.

Go For Wyvern Riding

If you want to pull off a Wyvern Riding maneuver with the Bow, you can either try to deal damage with Aerial Aim, or simply use a Puppet Spider. Given that you'll be using Aerial Aim so much, it's likely that you'll inadvertently trigger Wyvern Riding anyway, so this is often your best bet.

Wyvern Riding Guide

Coatings & Their Effects

List Of Coatings

CoatingEffectHoldable Amount
・Significantly increases arrow damage50
・Slightly increases arrow damage
・Damage via close-ranged attacks increases
・Aim range is halved
・Can inflict poison20
・Can inflict paralysis20
・Can inflict sleep20
・Attacks with blast
・Increases the blast attribute of your weapon
・Decreases enemy stamina
・You can stun the enemy if you hit its head

Poison And Paralysis Removes Existing Element Temporarily

When you apply a poison or paralysis coating to a weapon, it will lose its original elemental attribute, continuin as long as you have that coating applied. However, if you use the same elemental attribute, you can double the effect.

Use Paralysis And Sleep To Create Openings

Paralysis and Sleep coatings are particularly useful in creating openings for teammates in multiplayer. The Stamina coating isn't particularly great, so you can feel free to not use that and focus on either using Blast/Poison to hit enemy weaknesses instead. That being said, Stamina coating can stun enemies, so if your ally has a blunt weapon and you're aiming for a monster's head, it's a good idea to use it.

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Anonymous 4

Dragon Piercer, as the name implies, does in fact pierce and if you have a good angle on a large monster you can do 4-500 damage over 7-8 hits with one well placed DP

Anonymous 3

The leap switch skill is a killer move triggering easy wyvern ride, deals quite m***ive damage if all shots land, and allows you to evade ground attacks if timed correctly. With the right bow element to weakness, constitution, crit chance, element crit - the bow becomes quite powerful.

Anonymous 2

Update this, who ever wrote this is a straight joke.

foamy 1

i haven't played enough to be a total master, but the wyvern riding section is wildly inaccurate. when you get your switch skills, one of them leaps you into the air and shoots the monster. this makes wyvern riding extremely easy, especially since the skill only consumes one wirebug

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