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Sunbreak | Sword And Shield (SNS) Guide - Combos & Control Changes | Monster Hunter Rise

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Sunbreak | Sword And Shield (SNS) Guide - Combos & Control Changes | Monster Hunter Rise - GameWith

The Sword And Shield (SNS) - Combos & Control Changes in Monster Hunter Rise (Switch) is a guide including its combos, changes in controls & moveset, gameplay, and more in MH Rise!!

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Sword And Shield (SNS) Controls

XXSide Slash
XXXSword & Shield Combo
ALateral Slash
AAReturn Stroke
AAARound Slash
After AttackingX+ASuper Round Slash
L + AShield Attack
X+AAdvancing Slash
While MidairX+AMidair Rising Slash
After AttackLスティック+X+ARound Slash
ZR + XRising Slash
While GuardingAGuard Slash
Hold ZRA + ↓ L
A + ↓L
*Follow Up From Some Actions
After BackstepAFalling Bash
After BackstepXLeaping Slash
After Leaping SlashXXXPerfect Rush
ZL+XFalling Shadow

Super Round Slash

強Round Slash
【After Round Slash】
【After Shield Attack】
【After Perfect Rush】

Super Round Slash is a move that can be followed by 3 other attacks. Since this is a move with small movements packed with high damage, it can be a very useful attack to use on the regular.



Uses your shield to guard from an enemy's attack. Since dodging an enemy's attack is easier, you won't be using guard for defensive purpose. Instead, you'll be using guard to perform Guard Slash and Backstep.

Follow-Up Moves

While GuardingFollowup Action
A + ↓LBackstep
AGuard Slash

Guard Slash Deflects Enemy's Attack

By timely performing Guard Slash right before the enemy's attack, you can deflect enemy's attack and counter with Perfect Rush.


Command 1Hold ZRA + ↓ L
Press ZR slightly faster than A + ↓L
Command 2During a combo, press A + ↓L

An essential move for the Sword & Shield user to chain combos. After using Backstep, you can follow up with powerful moves such as Leaping Slash, Charged Slash, and Perfect Rush.

Follow-Up Moves

After BackstepFollowup Action
Hold A + X
*Keep holding A after the Backstep
Leaping Slash
Hold A + A
*Keep holding A after the Backstep
Charged Slash
XXXXPerfect Rush

Charged Slash (CS)

Backstep → CS → Scaling Slash → Falling Bash

After Backstep, hold A to follow up with Charged Slash. When Charged Slash lands on the enemy, you can follow up with Scaling Slash. Bashing the shield can cause enemies to get stunned as well.

Perfect Rush (PR)

Perfect Rush
Tips1After Backstep, repeatedly press X until you perform the first attack
Tips2Press X at the right timing after the 2nd attack

By pressing X right after Backstep, you can perform Perfect Rush. If you time it right, you'll be able to follow up with 4 attacks of Perfect Rush in total. When the hunter glows red, press X to chain combo.



One of the basic moves of Sword & Shield. You can use it up to 3 times. The last attack has long stun time, so you'll mainly be using this up to the 2nd attack.

Lateral Slash


Lateral Slash can be used up to 3 times as well. Similar to Chop, the 3rd attack leaves you unguarded for a certain period of time, so use it up to the 2nd attack.

Shield Attack

CommandL + A

Tilt the L stick to the direction of where you want to attack and press A to perform Shield Attack. Note that bashing your shield on enemies' head can cause them to get stunned. Be careful not to trigger Backstep since it has similar command.

Advancing Slash

CommandX + A

Rushes forward and swings your sword down. You won't be using this move often since the sheathing speed of Sword & Shield is fast enough that it's faster to simply sheathe your weapon and run forward.

Rising Slash

CommandZR + X

Swings your sword upward quickly. You can follow up with Chop or Lateral Slash to perform 3 quick attack combos.

Follow-Up Moves

After Rising SlashFollowup Action
AALateral Slash

Recommended Combos Of Sword & Shield (SNS)

Backstep Combo For Beginners

X → ↓ L + A

If you've just started using Sword & Shield, you may find it difficult to use Backstep while guarding. To perform Backstep more smoothly, use Chop first and then perform Backstep without pressing ZR.

High Firepower Combo


A damaging combo that uses Perfect Rush and Round Slash simultaneously. May also follow up with Shield Attack after Round Slash.

Roundslash Combo

XXAAX+A→ Repeat

By using Roundlsash (X +A) after any attack, you can repeatedly attack the opponent. You can change the direction after Roundslash.

Perfect Rush Loop


A move that enables using Perfect Rush several times on loop. After Perfect Rush's second loop, you're able to immediately use Round Slash and Backstep.

New Silkbind Attacks Of Sword & Shield (SNS)

Falling Shadow

Falling Shadow
Gauge Consumption1 gauge
Gauge Recovery Time5 seconds

A forward leaping attack. A succsssful hit will lead into a Scaling Slash. You can also follow up with Falling Bash to stun enemies.


Gauge Consumption2 gauges
Gauge Recovery Time10 seconds (per gauge)

Uses Wirebug to swing your blade around. You can nullify a monster's attack at the beginning of this move. Consumes 2 gauges of Wirebug.

Chain Combo With Windmill

Windmill can be used after other attacks to chain combos. Since Windmill is easier to activate compared to Falling Bash and Perfect Rush, you might want to consider adding this move to your combo to increase the DPS.

Strengths & Weaknesses Of Sword And Shield (SNS)

Strengths Of Sword & Shield

・Quick Movements & High Mobility
・Able To Afflict Damage Easily
・Can Stun With Shield Attack
・Powerful Windmill Move
・Option To Just Use Sword

The Sword and Shield has the highest level of mobility among all weapons in the game and is able to afflict damage even with just slight movements. Aside from its other powerful moves, its shield may also be utilized for stun attacks.

Demo Evaluation

Comparing this weapon with the others in the game, it's apparent that it has difficulty dealing large amounts of damage. It also requires small distances between you and the enemy and will need to attack several times.

See The Best Weapon Types Tier List

Weaknesses Of Sword & Shield

・Short Attack Range
・Attacks Are Easily Affected By Enemy Hits
・Low Damage Using Regular Moves
・Few Set Combos

The Sword and Shield has a short attack range, making it necessary to come up very close to deal damage. Its attacks are also prone to interruption if hit by an enemy. In addition, it has very few set combos to utilize, making its techniques difficult to operate.

Changes From Past Games

・Changes In Operation Of Perfect Rush
・Lower Damage Using Perfect Rush
・Turning Round Slash Is No Longer Available
・Jumping Evade No Longer Adjustable
・Speed Of Using Items Is Quicker
・Easier To Activate Falling Bash

Tips On How To Use Sword & Shield (SNS)

Characteristics Of The Sword & Shield

1Quick Mobility
2Stun Enemies With Shield
3Deal Damage With Strong Roundslash
4Fight Midair With Falling Bash
5Utilize The Windmill Move
6Use Perfect Rush While Enemies Are Down
7Can Use Items While The Weapon Is Drawn

Quick Mobility


If you are using Sword & Shield, the movement speed will not change even if the weapon is drawn. It also has the fastest sheathing speed among all the weapons.

Stun Enemies With Shield


Since this weapon type can attack with both sword and shield, you can cut off a monster's tail with the sword and stun it by bashing your shield on its head simultaneously.

Deal Damage With Strong Roundslash

strong roundslash

A basic movement where it deals attacks as it moves the sword around. Quite an easy technique to use and can hit enemies without having to aim too precisely. It deals a high level of damage as well, so make sure you utilize this move.

Fight Midair With Falling Bash

falling bash

A quick and powerful attack that may be difficult to operate at first, but can be very useful once you get used to it since it deals high damage, and may very well be one of this weapon's main movements on MHR.

Utilize The Windmill Move


The Windmill is a Silkbind Attack that has a wide attack range and can hit multiple enemies at once. It also grants invincibility time frames which will allow you to avoid taking in damage from your enemies.

Use Perfect Rush While Enemies Are Down

Perfect Rush

Utilize Perfect Rush when your enemy is down. You may also follow up with Round Slash, Falling Bash and other moves. For short downtimes, utilize Strong Round Slash to be able to attack with several moves at once.

Can Use Items While The Weapon Is Drawn


Sword & Shield is the only weapon which allows you to use an item while the weapon is drawn. It's very useful since you can use an item instantly while in combat.

Can Become Attacker Or Supporter

Depending on how you play, a hunter with Sword & Shield can play as Attacker or Supporter in your team. This weapon type goes well in many situations and is user friendly with regard to both beginners and professional users alike.

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