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Hunting Horn - Combos & New Moves
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Hunting Horn - Combos & New Moves

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A guide on how to use Hunting Horn in Monster Hunter Rise (Switch). Includes changes in Hunting Horn moves (Silkbind attacks), gameplay trailer, and recommended combos in MH Rise!

Table Of Contents

Controls Of Hunting Horn

XLeft Swing
ARight Swing
X+ABackwards Strike
X after performance
Forward Smash
A after performance
LX+AOverhead Smash
A after Forward SmashKick Up The Horn
X+A after Forward Smash or PerformanceSpinning Attack
X after CrushSpinning Attack With Handle
ZRXMagnificent Trio
When the gauge is full:
Infernal Melody
ZL+XSlide Beat

Stats Buff Melodies

xX buttonDefense Up
aA buttonAttack Up
XAX + A buttonHealth Recovery (S)

How to play melodies with Hunting Horn changed quite a bit from past Monster Hunter series. In Monster Hunter Rise, you can collect the note by simply pressing designated button and by lining up 2 same notes, the self improvement melody plays automatically. For example, if you want to activate Attack Up, you just need to attack with A button twice.

Magnificent Trio


After lining up 3 different notes, use Magnificent Trio to activate all melody effects.

Infernal Melody

ZR after Magnificent Trio or Slide Beat
Follow Up Moves
L + X + A: Overhead Smash
L + A: Crush
L + X: Forward Smash

This move can be triggered only after Magnificent Trio or Slide Beat. Fill the gauge next to the sharpness gauge by landing attacks and you can activate a special melody. This melody increases all player's attack significantly for 20 seconds.

New Silkbind Moves Of Hunting Horn

Slide Beat

Follow Up Moves
LR: Infernal Melody
A: Right Swing
X: Spinning Attack With Handle
X + A: Overhead Smash

Uses a Wirebug to propel you forward into a spinning attack. The final performance grants a status boosts. You'll be invulnerable to knockback effects while moving forward.


[ZL] + [A]

Flings forth a blade, connects it to your weapon with Ironsilk, and transmits booming sonic attacks. By attaching the string to enemy's weakness such as head, you can deal heavy damage.

Recommended Combos Of Hunting Horn

Attack Up & Self-Improvement Combo

L+AZR→ Attack or Evade

This combo collects A notes while performing to boost your attack. You can deal damage, maintain status buff, and fill the gauge simultaneously. Link this combo with moves with other notes or evade actions. Once you've stunned the enemy, you can follow up with other higher DPS combos.

Combo To Collect 3 Different Notes

L + AXA + X

Use this high damaging combo to collect 3 different notes. If the enemy is knocked down, follow up with Magnificent Trio or Earthshaker to deal devastating damage.

Combo To Use Toward Stunned Enemy

A combo of Magnificent Trio → Infernal Melody → Earthshaker. Use this toward the stunned enemy. Note that you'll need to collect 3 different notes and have fully filled gauge to use this combo.

Changes From Past Monster Hunter

1Does Not Have Complex Note Combinations
2Automatic Self-Improvement
3Evades When Performing
4Change In Sheathing Motion
5New Move "Infernal Melody"

No More Complex Note Combinations


In previous Monster Hunter series, each hunting horn has different effects and note combinations. In Monster Hunter Rise, all Hunting Horns have same note combination and effects.

Gain Self-Improvement Automatically

In Monster Hunter Rise, you can get self-improvement buff automatically by simply playing same notes twice.

Use Magnificent Trio To Gain All Buffs

Collect 3 different notes and use Magnificent Trio to gain all Self-improvement buff at once. In this way, you don't have to play each note to gain all stats boosts.

Evades When Performing

Evading action is added at the beginning of performance. Performance action has attacking motion as well so you can dodge and attack at the same time.

Change In Sheathing Motion

In Monster Hunter Rise, you can't use sheathing attack by pressing X button once. In order to perform it, you'll need to press other button right after you've draw your weapon.

New Move "Infernal Melody"

By fully charging the gauge next to the sharpness gauge by landing attacks, you can trigger new move called Infernal Melody. Infernal Melody increases all player's attack significantly for 20 seconds.

Tips On How To Use Hunting Horn

Tips & Characteristics Of The Hunting Horn

1Boosts Hunter's Stats
2Increases Moving Speed With Self-Improvement
3Use Attack Up Buff Constantly
4Use Infernal Melody Effectively
5Can Stun Enemies

Boosts Hunter's Stats

You can raise you and other hunter's stats by performing melody. Play this melody constantly to maintain stats buff.

Increases Moving Speed With Self-Improvement

By performing Slide Beat, you can improve yourself and increase your movement speed when the weapon is unsheathed. This compensates slow movement speed of Hunting Horn user.

Use Attack Up Buff Constantly

Use Attack Up Buff Constantly

Attack Up buff is an essential melody to use to increase your DPS. Use it constantly during the combat. For other melodies, use Magnificent Trio to trigger them all at once.

Use Infernal Melody Effectively

The attack boost of Infernal Melody only lasts for 20 seconds. Use it right before rushing enemy to fully utilize this effect.

Can Stun Enemies

Landing your attacks on enemies' head can cause them to stun. While the enemy is stunned, you can follow up by raising your attack with Infernal Melody and deal heavy damage with Earthshaker.

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