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Check out this Switch Axe guide for Monster Hunter Rise (Switch). Find out about combos, controls, recommended switch skills, changes in controls & Silkbind attacks in MH Rise!!

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Switch Axe Rank + Strengths and Weaknesses

Switch Axe Ranking

Overall RankA Rank
:p: (3 level rating system: S/A/B)!!
Strengths・Amped state damage is very high
・Silkbind attacks are all excellent
Weakness・Need to keep up Amped state
・Many things to manage
・Defenses are quite weak

The Switch Axe has gained some new features in Monster Hunter Rise, allowing Axe mode to deal more damage in Amped State. Additionally, all 3 of its possible Silkbind attacks are quite powerful. This weapon's mechanics can be somewhat difficult to keep track of and manage, but if you do so, you're going to be dealing tons of damage.

Weapon Tier List


Amped State Attacks Deal Huge Damage

The Switch Axe can deal additional damage while it is in Amped State. This is a state that you'll want to maintain as long as possible, as it provide you with great DPS.

All Silkbind Moves Are Great

The Switch Axe has three excellent Silkbind moves which really open up your gameplay opportunities. Switch Charger fills up your gauge while making briefly invulnerable, while Invincible Gambit can let you be both mobile and tanky. Finally, Soaring Wyvern Blade will fill up your Activation Gauge and deal good damage. All 3 of these abilities are quite strong!


Need To Keep Up Amped State

Amped State is really good - perhaps so good that when it's not up, you might feel your attacks aren't very powerful. For this reason, keeping up Amped State is absolutely essential for this weapon, as it will determine your success with it.

Lots Of Things To Manage

The Switch Axe has to manage Axe Mode, the Switch Gauge, and its Activation Gauge all at the same time. It's important to be very precise with these gauges if you want to improve your performance.

Powerful Offense, But Weak Defense

The Switch Axe can deal a lot of damage, but it unfortunately tends to leave itself open for attacks. As a result, you often have to rely on adding in defensive skills and timing the invulnerability window on Switch Charger effectively to survive.

Switch Axe Controls

Axe Mode Controls

X→︎X→︎X1st: Weak Slash
2nd: Side Slash
3rd: Forward Slash
XOverhead Slash
Rapidly press AWild Swing
After 3 Wild Swings XHeavy Axe Slam
Press X, Then Hold Down L + ADownward Slash
After Wild Swing ZRKnee Split
X+ARising Slash
L + XForward Slash
ZRMorph / Reload
After Knee Split ZR
Step →ZR
Morph Slash
After Heavy Axe SlamZR
2 Overhead Slashes Then Morph
ZL+XInvincible Gambit
ZL+ASwitch Charger

Sword Mode Controls

X▼Overhead Slash
X→︎X→︎X1st: Weak Slash
2nd: Side Slash
3rd: Forward Slash
X→︎Hold Down L+ZRMorph Downward Slash
ADouble Slash
X+A→︎ Repeatedly Press XElement Discharge Thrust
【Powered State】
X+A→︎ Repeatedly Press X
Zero Sum Discharge
While Using Element Discharge Thrust, Hold Down L+XFinishing Discharge
While Midair XJump Slash
While Midair zrMidair Morph Slash
X+AElement Discharge
ZRMorph / Reload
Step →ZR
Morph Slash
Sword Wild Swing & Morph Slash
ZL+XInvincible Gambit
ZL+ASwitch Charger

Shared Commands

ZLX【Switch Skill】
Invincible Gambit
Soaring Wyvern Blade

Heavy Slam

Switch Axe
・Enter Maximum Potency mode for 1 minute, making your Amped gauge fill up faster
・Using Heavy Slam will trigger the effect again
・Buff ends when you enter Amped State
In Axe Mode, A 3 three times, then X
Follow-Up Actions
ZR: Double Overhead Slash + Morph

Using Heavy Slam will trigger a 1 minute buff on you called Maximum Potency. This will make you fill up your Amped Gauge faster and is a crucial buff to always maintain on yourself. Using Heavy Slam again will refresh its duration.

Don't Use While Amped

Using Heavy Slam while in Amped State will not provide you with the buff. In fact, if you have Maximum Potency up and then swap to Amped State, Maximum Potency will fall off. The only reason to use Heavy Slam will be to trigger Maximum Potency when not Amped!

Forward Slash

・Attacks in front of you
・Smooth and easy to use
In Axe Mode, L+X
Follow-Up Actions
Morph Slash

Move forward slight and strike enemies with your axe. Damage isn't very high, but the move is very smooth and easy to use.

Forward Overhead Slash

・Swing down your axe from an overhead position while moving forward
・Great damage, but leaves you slightly open after
・Unsheathed attack also changes
In Axe Mode while unsheathed, L+X
Follow-Up Moves
Rapid Morph

This is a slightly altered version of Forward Slash. This takes some getting used to and is a bit more precise than regular Forward Slash, but its damage is quite high.

Elemental Discharge

・Extremely powerful attack usable in Sword Mode
・Uses up Switch Gauge energy
・When in Amped State, becomes Zero Sum Discharge
・Zero Sum Discharge latches onto monsters and makes you immune to knockback
In Sword Mode, X+A
Follow-Up Actions
When you have enough Switch Gauge energy, ZL+X: Soaring Wyvern Blade

Element Discharge is probably the Switch Axe's strongest ability. You'll want to use this any time you find an opening. It uses a lot of Switch Gauge energy, but deals proportionally high damage. When you're in Amped State, this move will become Zero Sum Discharge, allowing you to grab onto enemy monsters temporarily.

Stop Spamming Early To Reduce Downtime

When you're latched onto an enemy you can spam X to deal massive amounts of explosive damage, but when you land you'll leave yourself extremely open. In some cases, you should stop your button inputs when latched on to reduce the downtime when you land.

Compressed Finishing Discharge

・Perform an explosive attack in front of you
・Action doesn't change in Amped State
・Resistant to knockbacks
Can knockback allies as well
In Axe Mode, X+A

Compressed Finishing Discharge will make you resistant to knockbacks temporarily. This move isn't affected by the state of your Amped Gauge at all. Most importantly, when playing on multiplayer mode make sure to note that this ability will also knock back your allies!

Overhead Slash


Swing down your axe vertically. Relatively slow attacking motion.

Wild Swing

CommandRapidly press A

Swings around your axe repeatedly. Can attack an enemy in front of you without moving. Consumes your stamina each time you swing an axe.

Follow Up Moves 1

After 3rd Wild SwingAction
XHeavy Slam

After performing Wild Swing 3 times, press X to perform a Heavy Slam. This move will often prime you to reach Maximum Potency.

Follow Up Moves 2

After Wild SwingAction
ZRSweeping Slash

After performing Wild Swing, press ZR to use the high damaging sweeping slash. Press ZR again after this move to morph to Sword mode and perform an attack.

Rising Slash

CommandX + A

This move can reach enemies overhead. Careful not to knock down your allies near you while playing multiplayer mode.

Morph / Reload


Switches from Axe mode to Sword mode. Press ZR after certain attack motions to morph and attack simultaneously.

Double Slash


Great move to fill Switch Gauge. You'll be invulnerable to attacks from enemies while performing this move, so use this when you see an opening to attack.

New Silkbind Attacks Of Switch Axe

Invincible Gambit

CommandZR + X

Moves forward while performing a spinning attack. You'll be immune to flinching or being knocked back while this move is active.

Switch Charger

CommandZR + A

Uses a Wirebug to launch you forward while quickly regenerating your Switch Gauge. Recommended combo is to use this move after Element Discharge to go back to attack motion instantly.

Soaring Wyvern Blade

Gauge recovery: 15 seconds

Hit with your sword while ascending, then perform a forward slash midair. If this slash hits, your Amped Gauge will fill up significantly and cause an explosion at the struck location.

Recommended Switch Axe Switch Skills

Easy-To-Use Set

Normal Ability ①Forward Slash
Normal Ability ②Finishing Discharge
Silkbind AttackSoaring Wyvern Blade
【How To Unlock】
Unlock 3★ Village quests or 2★ Hub Quests

This is a basic setup that should be useful in most situations. Forward Slash doesn't take much getting used to, while Finishing Discharge is just a standard high DPS move. Soaring Wyvern Blade will allow you to recover your Activation Gauge quickly.

Solo High Mobility Set

Normal Ability ①Forward Overhead Slash
【How To Unlock】
Craft or upgrade a total of 8 unique Switch Axes
Normal Ability ②Compressed Finishing Discharge
【How To Unlock】
Clear the quest "Study the Switch Axe" (★6)
Silkbind AttackInvincible Gambit

This set focuses on being highly mobile, and opts to use Forward Overhead Slash instead. Invincible Gambit will also let you move around. This works best in solo when you can predict a monster's upcoming movements. Anticipate where it will go and use these mobile attacks to get in range. Note that Compressed Finishing Discharge can knock away allies, so we don't recommend using it in multiplayer.

Switch Skills List

Recommended Combos Of Switch Axe

Heavy Slam Combo


A combo using Heavy Axe Slam repeatedly. You can sharpen your axe even without landing hits, so this is a recommended move to strengthen your axe before the battle begins. Aim while your oppenent is down.

Switch Gauge Combo

Switch Gauge
Sword Mode XA→Repeat

Deal damage while recharging your Switch Gauge. Deals sufficient amount of damage while in Powered State. This move gives you good mobility while hitting with consecutive strikes.

Wild Swing & Morph Combo

Sword ModeXAZRZR

Deals a powerful attack as it utilizes both Wild Swing and Morph. Aim while your enemy is down. This move is useful because your gauge will recover through Morph. You can loop this combo by pressing「A→ZR→ZR」in succession.

Element Discharge Combo

Sword ModeXAX+A→Hold DownL+X

A combo that deals highly damaging blows. Since this combo has a high gauge consumption, make sure to use this with a gauge charging move as well. Note that when in Powered State, this move turns into Zero Sum Discharge.

Zero Sum Discharge & Soaring Wyvern Blade Combo

Sword mode, with full activation gauge X+AX spam ▶ZL+X

After moving away from your target due to Zero Sum Discharge, close back in using Soaring Wyvern Blade. You can adjust the direction of Soaring Wyvern by tilting the L stick, so make sure to do so. When you land after Soaring Wyvern Blade, you can also immediately connect it to another skills, so you don't have much downtime.

Tips On How To Use Switch Axe

Must Know!Mechanics of all gauges & Amped state
How to maintain Amped state
Use slam to fill up your Activation Gauge
Fill up your gauge in Sword Mode and activate Amped State
Deal high damage while in Amped State using Element Discharge
When Amped State ends, apply Maximum Potency again
Fill up your Switch Gauge with Silkbind attacks

Essential Info On Gauges & States

Amped GaugeSwitch Gauge・The outer border of the sword icon
・Accumulates with every sword attack
・Triggers Amped State when full
Switch GaugeSwitch Gauge・Consumed with sword attacks
・Fill up with Axe Mode/Morph/Switch Charger
Amped StateAmped State・Occurs when Switch Gauge is full
・Will automatically attack with both axe and sword
・Active for 45 seconds
Maximum Potency State
Power Axe State
・Procs when you use Heavy Slam (Axe Mode)
・Fills up the Switch Gauge faster
・Effects last for 1 minute

The Switch Axe is most powerful during its Amped State. To achieve this state, you will have to attack and fill up your gauges, so make sure to monitor all these aspects to make the most out of this weapon.

Always Go For Amped State

Switch Axe

The Switch Axe is at its best when in Amped State, allowing it to deal massive amounts of damage. For this reason, it will be crucial that you maintain this state as long as possible. Consult the methods below to ensuring you're being as efficient as possible.

Use Heavy Slam To Trigger Maximum Potency

Switch Axe

If you pull off the move Heavy Slam, you'll gain a temporary buff called Maximum Potency which will make it easier to fill up your amped gauge. Having this buff up is practically necessary when using any phials other than Poison and Dragon. This buff effect lasts for one minute, but can be refreshed by performing another Heavy Slam at any point.

▲Read more about Heavy Slam above

Entering Amped State Ends The Buff

Since the goal of Maximum Potency is to build up your amped gauge, the buff itself will end as soon as you enter Amped State.

Land Hits In Sword Mode To Fill Up Your Amped Gauge

Switch Axe

Hitting your enemy while in Sword Mode will fill up your amped gauge. When it reaches max, you'll enter Amped State. This is when the Switch Axe is at its most powerful, so you'll want to do as much damage as possible here.

Use Zero Sum Discharge When Amped

Switch Axe

When you enter Amped State, you'll want to use the move Zero Sum Discharge to deal maximum damage. When you think you need more mobility, it's also okay to switch over to Axe Mode while Amped as well.

Recover Your Switch Gauge With Silkbind Attacks

Switch Axe

Carrying out attacks in Sword Mode will gradually deplete your Switch Gauge. If this Gauge runs out, you'll automatically be pulled out of Sword Mode, so you'll need to ensure that it stays up by using attacks such as Switch Charger. You can also refill this gauge by attacking in Axe Mode, but in general you should be able to get by just using Switch Charger, as it's more efficient!

When Amped Ends, Go Back Into Maximum Potency

Once your Amped state expires, you'll want to use Heavy Slam to put yourself back into Maximum Potency mode again so you can refill your Amped gauge with Sword attacks. This will be your basic ability cycle for the Switch Axe, so try to get this down!

Phial Mechanics

There are 6 different phials. All have different effects.
Every weapon has 1 phial set to it
Phial effects are activated in Sword Mode and Amped State Axe Mode

The 6 Types Of Phials & Their Effects

PhialEffectGauge Fill Amount
PowerIncreases physical damageSmall
ElementalIncreases weapon Elemental damageMedium
PoisonApplies a poison effect to your weaponLarge
ParalysisAdds a paralysis effect to your weaponMedium
ExhaustSteals stamina on weapon hitMedium
DragonAdds a Dragon element to your attacksLarge

The amount that each Phial fills up your Amped gauge differs for each Phial. Power Phials provide the smallest gauge boost, while Poison and Dragon provide the biggest one. If you're using Poison and Dragon, you have the option of choosing not to run the skills Focus and Power Prolonger.

Every Weapon Has One Phial

Switch Axe

Every Switch Axe in the game has at least one Phial included with it. There are no Switch Axes which have no Phials, and there are similarly none that have 2 or more.

Only Rampage Weapons Can Change Phials

Phials are entirely unique to the weapon they're attached to, so in general you won't be able to change them. However, as an exception to this, Rampage Weapons can swap out their Phials. This lends these weapons a higher degree of customizability, so if that's something you value, try to get your hands on a Rampage Weapon.

Activate In Sword Mode & Amped State Axe Mode

Switch Axe
When Phial Effects Are Active
・When attacking in Sword Mode
・When attacking in Axe Mode with Amped State up
・When using Invincible Gambit while in Amped State

Phial effects aren't active on every single Switch Axe attack. They only provide an effect when you're in Sword Mode, OR while you have Amped State up and deal damage in Axe Mode. In addition to this, Invincible Gambit when Amped State is up will also proc the effects of phials. These are the only ways, however, so you'd do well to remember them.

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