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Switch Axe Guide - Combos & Control Changes
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Switch Axe Guide - Combos & Control Changes

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The Switch Axe - Combos & Control Changes in Monster Hunter Rise (Switch) is a guide including its combos, changes in controls, gameplay trailers and Silkbind attacks in MH Rise!

Table Of Contents

Switch Axe Controls - Axe Mode

X→︎X→︎X1st: Weak Slash
2nd: Side Slash
3rd: Forward Slash
XOverhead Slash
Rapidly press AWild Swing
After 3 Wild Swings XHeavy Axe Slam
Press X, Then Hold Down L + ADownward Slash
After Wild Swing ZRKnee Split
X+ARising Slash
L + XForward Slash
ZRMorph / Reload
After Knee Split ZR
Step →ZR
Morph Slash
After Heavy Axe SlamZR
2 Overhead Slashes Then Morph
ZL+XInvincible Gambit
ZL+ASwitch Charger

Overhead Slash


Swing down your axe vertically. Relatively slow attacking motion.

Wild Swing

CommandRapidly press A

Swings around your axe repeatedly. Can attack an enemy in front of you without moving. Consumes your stamina each time you swing an axe.

Follow Up Moves 1

After 3rd Wild SwingAction
XHeavy Slam

After performing Wild Swing 3 times, press X to perform a Heavy Slam. This move will often prime you to reach Maximum Potency.

Follow Up Moves 2

After Wild SwingAction
ZRSweeping Slash

After performing Wild Swing, press ZR to use the high damaging sweeping slash. Press ZR again after this move to morph to Sword mode and perform an attack.

Rising Slash

CommandX + A

This move can reach enemies overhead. Careful not to knock down your allies near you while playing multiplayer mode.

Forward Slash

CommandL + X

Good move to initiate your attack. Press A after Forward Slash to perform a Wild Swing and press X to reach Maximum Potency.

Morph / Reload


Switches from Axe mode to Sword mode. Press ZR after certain attack motions to morph and attack simultaneously.

Switch Axe Controls - Sword Mode

XOverhead Slash
X→︎X→︎X1st: Weak Slash
2nd: Side Slash
3rd: Forward Slash
X→︎Hold Down L+ZRMorph Downward Slash
ADouble Slash
X+A→︎ Repeatedly Press XElement Discharge Thrust
【Powered State】
X+A→︎ Repeatedly Press X
Zero Sum Discharge
While Using Element Discharge Thrust, Hold Down L+XFinishing Discharge
While Midair XJump Slash
While Midair zrMidair Morph Slash
X+AElement Discharge
ZRMorph / Reload
Step →ZR
Morph Slash
Sword Wild Swing & Morph Slash
ZL+XInvincible Gambit
ZL+ASwitch Charger

Overhead Slash


Swing down your sword vertically. Relatively slow attacking motion.

Double Slash


Great move to fill Switch Gauge. You'll be invulnerable to attacks from enemies while performing this move, so use this when you see an opening to attack.

Element Discharge

CommandWhile Switch Gauge Is Full, X+A

Element Discharge is the strongest move of the Switch Axe. If the sword gauge is full, you can stick close to the enemy and blast an Element Discharge from a close distance.

Morph / Reload


Switches from Sword mode to Axe mode. Press ZR after certain attack motions to morph and attack simultaneously.

New Silkbind Attacks Of Switch Axe

Invincible Gambit

CommandZR + X

Moves forward while performing a spinning attack. You'll be immune to flinching or being knocked back while this move is active.

Switch Charger

CommandZR + A

Uses a Wirebug to launch you forward while quickly regenerating your Switch Gauge. Recommended combo is to use this move after Element Discharge to go back to attack motion instantly.

Recommended Combos Of Switch Axe

Heavy Slam Combo


A combo using Heavy Axe Slam repeatedly. You can sharpen your axe even without landing hits, so this is a recommended move to strengthen your axe before the battle begins. Aim while your oppenent is down.

Switch Gauge Combo

Switch Gauge
Sword Mode XA→Repeat

Deal damage while recharging your Switch Gauge. Deals sufficient amount of damage while in Powered State. This move gives you good mobility while hitting with consecutive strikes.

Wild Swing & Morph Combo

Sword ModeXAZRZR

Deals a powerful attack as it utilizes both Wild Swing and Morph. Aim while your enemy is down. This move is useful because your gauge will recover through Morph. You can loop this combo by pressing「A→ZR→ZR」in succession.

Zero Sum Discharge Combo

Sword ModeXAX+A→Hold DownL+X

A combo that deals highly damaging blows. Since this combo has a high gauge consumption, make sure to use this with a gauge charging move as well. Note that when in Powered State, this move turns into Zero Sum Discharge.

Strengths & Weaknesses of Switch Axe

Strengths of Switch Axe

・Both Axe & Sword Are Powerful
・Axe Can Push Enemies Forward
・Switch Charger Is Useful For Gauge Management

When the Switch Axe is in a Powered State, attacks utilize both the sword and axe which deals heavy damage on your foes. Its Silkbind attacks are excellent and has an ability to push enemies forward with its attacks. The Switch Charger move is also useful as it helps you maintain your gauge levels.

Demo Evaluation

In comparison with all other weapons in the demo, the Switch Axe is difficult to operate but is strong enough to make up for it. It's an even more threatening weapon when paired with its Silkbind techniques and its gauge management capabilities.

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Weaknesses of Switch Axe

・Must Maintain Powered State
・Too Many Elements To Manage
・High Offense With Low Defense

You will need to maintain your Powered State to ensure that the attacks you deal will be powerful enough. Aside from that, you will need to manage many elements such as sharpening the axe and watching your gauge. Also, given its focus on high offense moves, mobility is lowered with little chances to guard, thereby lowering your defense against attacks.

Tips On How To Use Switch Axe

Characteristics Of The Switch Axe

1Powerful Axe & Sword Mode
2Axe Mode Has A Longer Reach
3Maintain Maximum Potency
4Sword Mode Prevents Attacks From Being Deflected
5Use Element Discharge With Sword Mode
6Sword Mode Requires Switch Gauge
7Slow Movement
8Can't Guard Against Attacks

Powerful Axe & Sword Mode

The Axe mode's attack & usability improved significantly compared to the previous Monster Hunter World game. Now, you can deal heavy damage using both the Sword and Axe mode.

Axe Mode Has A Longer Reach

Compared to Dual Blades and Hammer, the Axe mode of the Switch Axe has a longer reach. With this longer reach, you can cut the tail of the monster easily.

Maintain Maximum Potency

The Axe mode can enter Maximum Potency. In this status, you can charge the sword gauge more quickly. Maintain this status during the combat to quickly fill the gauge.

Sword Mode Prevents Attacks From Being Deflected

While in Sword mode, your attacks won't be deflected just like the skill called Mind's Eye.

Slow Movement

The attack speed and the movement speed while the weapon is unsheathed is extremely slow. Use moves like Invincible Gambit to compensate for its low mobility.

Can't Guard Against Attacks

The Switch Axe doesn't have a guarding motion. In the previous Monster Hunter World game, you could compensate for this weakness by equipping a skill called Evade Window.

Gauges & States Of Switch Axe

Essential Info On Gauges & States
1Strengthen Axe By Using Slam Attacks
2Fill Up Switch Gauge For Amped State
3Deal Damage With Sword During Amped State
4Note Your Slash Gauge
5Utilize The Switch Charger
6Compensate For Mobility With Step & Axe

Essential Info On Gauges & States

Switch GaugeSwitch Gauge・The outer border of the sword icon
・Accumulates with every sword attack
・Deals powerful blows when full
Slash GaugeSlash Gauge・Consumed with sword attacks
・Recover with Axe Mode/Morph/Switch Charger
Amped StateAmped State・Occurs when Switch Gauge is full
・Will automatically attack with both axe and sword
・Effective for 45 seconds
Power Axe State
Power Axe State
・Occurs when Axe attacks with slam
・Fills up the Switch Gauge
・Effects last for 1 minute

The Switch Axe is most powerful during its Amped State. To achieve this state, you will have to attack and fill up your gauges, so make sure to monitor all these aspects to make the most out of this weapon.

Strengthen Axe By Using Slam Attacks

switch axe

The axe gets strengthened with every hit, and this effect is maximized once the gauge is full. Make sure to use your axe for this gauge to fill up. The effect lasts for 1 minute.

Does Note Occur With Amped State

This state does not happen while you are in Amped State since the your attacking power is higher already.

Fill Up Switch Gauge To Achieve Amped State

switch axe

The Switch Gauge fills up with every sword attack. Once this fills up, Amped State occurs wherein you will start to attack with both sword and axe simultaneously. The damage and power will increase significantly in this state.

Note Your Slash Gauge

switch axe

Although powerful, sword attacks consume the slash gauge. Note that if you empty this gauge, you will be forced to use the axe instead. Attacks using the axe mode will refill this gauge. You may also use your Switch Charger to fill this gauge up quickly.

Deal Damage With Sword During Amped State

switch axe

The damage of the sword is particularly high during the Amped State. Start with using A & X to utilize your sword moves. Then, if you need to move more quickly, switch to the axe since offers more mobility.

Utilize The Switch Charger

switch axe

The Switch Charger is a skill that enables you to recover and maintain the Switch Gauge. This move is critical to fully utilize the Switch Axe.

Compensate Mobility Issues With Step & Axe

One of the weak points of the Switch Axe is its weight, making moving quickly quite difficult. You may move quicker with combos, however, doing this every time will prove to be difficult. In this case, we suggest 1) utilizing Step to avoid attacks and 2) switching to Axe mode because it offers more mobility compared to Sword mode.

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