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Greatsword Guide - Gameplay & Combo Changes
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Sunbreak | Monster Hunter Rise
Greatsword Guide - Gameplay & Combo Changes

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The Greatsword - Gameplay & Combo Changes in Monster Hunter Rise (Switch) is a guide including its gameplay trailers, combos and changes in controls & Wirebug moves in MH Rise!!

Table Of Contents

Greatsword Controls

XOverhead Slash
After Charged SlashL+XholdStrong Charged Slash
After Strong Charged SlashL+Xhold
After Strong Wide SweepL+Xhold
True Charged Slash
AWide Sweep
X+ARising Slash
After Strong Charged SlashA
After Plunging ThrustX hold
Strong Wide Sweep
After TackleALeaping Wide Sweep
While ChargingA
After EvadeX
After KickX
While MidairZRPlunging Thrust
ZL+XHunting Edge
ZL+APower Sheathe

Overhead Slash


Bear the sword on your shoulder and swing it down. The speed of this attack is faster when the weapon is sheathed.

Follow-Up Moves

After The Overhead SlashFollowup Action
L+XPower Charged Slash
True Charged Slash
Charged Slash Combo

The Overhead Slash can be followed up with Charged Slash. The main use of the Overhead Slash is to follow up with Power Charged Slash and True Charged Slash.

Charged Slash

CommandHold X

Charge by holding down the X button and release to perform the Charged Slash. You can Charge up to 3 levels and more you Charge, the more damage you deal to the enemy.

Follow-Up Moves

While ChargingAction
Tackle Combo
After Charged SlashAction
L+XPower Charged Slash
True Charged Slash
Charged Slash Combo

While charging, press the A button to cancel the Charge and tackle opponent. After you've cancelled this Charged Slash, True Charged Slash will be activated.

Wide Sweep


Attacks by swinging the sword horizontally. You can chain combo by performing Wide Sweep after Power Charged Slash or Tackle.

Follow-Up Moves

After Wide SweepAction
AATackle → Leaping Wide Sweep

Performing Wide Sweep after Tackle allows you to leap forward.

Rising Slash

CommandX + A

Swings your sword upward. You might not want to use this move frequently since it can't be followed up with other effective moves.


CommandA while charging

You can use Tackle while charging to cancel the Charged Slash. By cancelling the Charged Slash, your next Charged Slash will become the True Charged Slash instantly.

Follow-Up Moves

After TackleAction
L+XPower Charged Slash
True Charged Slash
Tackle Combo
XLeaping Wide Sweep

After using Tackle, you can follow up with Charged Slash or Leaping Wide Sweep. Leaping Wide Sweep allows you to get closer to the enemy while attacking.

Plunging Thrust

CommandWhile MidairZR

A plunging attack which pierces into the enemy below you. The falling speed of Plunging Thrust is faster than a normal aerial attack, allowing you to attack enemy underneath you quickly.

Recommended Combos Of Greatsword

Plunging Thrust & True Charged Slash Combo

While Unsheathed ZL+XZRAL+Xhold

Use Plunging Thrust immediately with Wirebug and follow up with True Charged Slash. You can also replace Charged Slash with evade.

Sheathe & Unsheathe Repeatedly

Hold XZL+A → Repeat

A quick combo of sheathing Overhead Slash and unsheathing with Power Sheathe. Even though this combo may be simple, you can deal damage with ease.

Basic Charged Slash Combo

Hold XL+ Hold XL+ HoldX

Charged Slash can be performed up to 3 times consecutively. If a True Charged Slash hits against a weak point, the damage of the second attack increases.

Tackle & True Charged Slash Combo

XL+ Hold XA while charging → L+ HoldX

Perform an Overhead Slash or Charged Slash. Then, cancel the 2nd Charge by tackling to unleash True Charged Slash quickly.

Wide Sweep & True Charged Slash Combo

XL+ Hold XAL+ HoldX

The effect of charging continues while using Wide Sweep if you use it right after the Charged Slash. You can follow up with True Charged Slash after Wide Sweep. Use this combo towards a stunned or trapped enemy.

True Charged Slash & Power Sheathe Combo

L+ Hold XZL+A

A simple combo which uses Power Sheathe after performing True Charged Slash. This allows you to keep a distance from the enemy after using True Charged Slash while increasing the attack for your next move.

New Silkbind Attacks Of Greatsword

Hunting Edge

hunting Edge
CommandWhile Unsheathed ZL+X
Gauge Consumption2 gauges
Gauge Recovery Time10 seconds per gauge

A forward leaping attack. After landing a hit, press [X] or [ZR] to follow up with Plunging Thrust or Charged Slash for additional damage. You can change the direction of which way you are facing with this move as well.

Power Sheathe

power sheathe
CommandWhile Unsheathed ZL+A
Gauge Consumption1 gauge
Gauge Recovery Time10 seconds

Power Sheathe increases the your attack power for a short period of time as you sheathe the weapon. You can also keep a distance from the enemy by using this move.

Strengths & Weaknesses Of Greatsword

Strengths Of Greatsword

・Ease Of Delivering Powerful Attacks
・Top Class True Charged Slash Move
・Sword Attacks Deal Heavy Damage

One of the Greatsword's top strengths is its ability to deliver the most powerful instantaneous attacks among all of the weapons in the game. It's easy to operate even for beginners because it can deliver enough damage with just its sword attacks. Although low in mobility, this aspect can be made up for by utilizing Wirebug for faster movement.

Demo Evaluation

The Greatsword is the best for powerful instantaneous attacks among all the weapons in the series. There is no need to use complicated combos or manage gauges and is quite easy to operate. If you utilize Wirebug for movability, this could easily be one of the strongest weapons in the series.

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Weaknesses Of Greatsword

・Poor Mobility
・Prone To Openings For Attack

Since the Greatsword is a heavy weapon, it has poor mobility and quite slow especially when drawing it out of its sheathe. Although this weakness may be compensated with Wirebug, extra precautions should still be taken so that not too many openings are left to be attacked.

Tips On How To Use Greatsword

Characteristics Of The Greatsword

1Hit & Run Strategy
2Powerful Charged Slash
3Wirebug & Quick Sheath For Mobility
4Utilize True Charged Slash
5Increase Damage With Hunting Edge

Hit & Run Strategy


You can deal heavy damage by simply repeating a pattern of sheathing attacks and unsheathing moves. In case of emergencies, you can guard against attacks as well.

Utilize Power Sheath For Speed

You can easily evade enemies using Wirebug and Power Sheath. Not only do these moves work for evasion but prove vital for attacking as well.

Devastating Attack Of Charged Slash

Charged Slash

The Charged Slash of the Greatsword is one of the most powerful attacks in the game. Look for enemy's opening and deal devastating damage with this move.

Note Attack Openings

This attack is obviously most effective when hit at its most charged and powerful state, however, timing plays a big part in executing this. With that, chose your moves based on the situation. When the monster is down, use any other moves aside from True Charged Slash. When your enemy is taking a breather, attempt an attack with Charged Slash, and if there is quite a distance between you and the monster, use Strong Charged Slash.

Wirebug & Quick Sheath For Mobility


In exchange for its high attack, the movement speed when the weapon is unsheathed is extremely slow. Since you'll be sheathing your weapon frequently, a skill called Quick Sheath which increases the sheathing speed was frequently used in the previous Monster Hunter World. You can also compensate for the slow movement by using Wirebug.

Learn More About Wirebug Here

Utilize True Charged Slash

True Charged Slash

True Charged Slash's damage compounds as you continue to use it. Make sure to utilize this move especially when you notice that the enemy is down to maximize its effect. Try using traps as well.

Increase Damage With Hunting Edge

Click to Enlarge

Hunting Edge and Power Sheathe both allow the Greatsword user to move quickly, so use it effectively to dodge attacks. The True Charged Slash move has a compounded damage effect wherein it gets stronger as you use it in stages, so make sure to land those attacks when you're on the powerful 2nd stage.

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