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Sunbreak | Dual Blades Guide - Combos & Controls | Monster Hunter Rise - GameWith

A guide on how to use Dual Blades in Monster Hunter Rise (Switch). Includes changes in Dual Blades moves, controls, combos, archdemon mode & switch skills in MH Rise!!

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Dual Blades Controls

Demon Mode Commands

X▶︎X▶︎X1st Hit: Demon Fangs
2nd Hit: Twofold Demon Slash
3rd Hit: Sixfold Demon Slash
ADemon Flurry Rush
X+ABlade Dance

Archdemon Mode Commands

X▶︎X▶︎XAttack in 3 stages
ADemon Flurry Rush
Demon Flurry I, II, III
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Demon Mode

Dual Blades

Demon Mode can be activated at any time. While you're under its effects, your stamina will gradually deplete, your attacks, movement, and evasion will all change, and enemies won't be able to knock you back. Additionally, when you land attacks while in this mode, your Demon Gauge will increase. If it reaches its maximum, you'll be able to transform into Archdemon mode.

Blade Dance (Demon Mode)

CommandX + A

A special move which can be triggered during Demon Mode. You won't be able to move during Blade Dance so make sure you trigger this move when the enemy has opening.

Archdemon Mode

Dual Blades
Transform into this when your Demon gauge reaches max
Some of your actions are powered up
Evade move improved when in this mode
・Gauge depletes when you use special abilities
・Gauge depletes over time
When your gauge runs out, Archdemon mode will end

Archdemon mode is inseparable from regular Demon Mode, and is essentially a beefed up version of it. It provides you with a better evade, thereby greatly improving your mobility.

Demon Flurry

Dual Blades
In Archdemon Mode, X+A▶︎X+A▶︎X+A

Pressing X+A while in Archdemon Mode will trigger Demon Flurry. This move has 3 stages to it, though you can pause between every attack to connect it into a dodge if you so choose.

Midair Spinning Blade Dance

Dual Blades
When in Demon Form and in midair, A
Actions you can use after landing this move
Heavenly Blade Dance

When in Demon Mode and also in midair, pressing A will trigger the Midair Spinning Blade Dance move. When this attack hits a monster, it will automatically turn into Heavenly Blade Dance, cutting through enemies as a finishing move. You can pull off this move after jumping with a wirebug and changing into Demon Mode midair, then pressing the A button.

Double Slash


The basic slashing move. A quick move to initiate your attack.

Lunging Strike


Moves forward and slash enemy in front of you. Use it to get closer to the enemy while attacking.

Dual Blades Recommended Switch Skills

All-Purpose Set

Dual Blades Switch Skills
Normal Skill ①Demon Flurry Rush
Normal Skill ②Feral Demon Mode
Silkbind SkillPiercing Bind

This set can be used for basically any situation. It prioritizes the high DPS of Feral Demon Mode, while also supplementing mobility in the form of Demon Flurry Rush. Piercing Bind should be used whenever you get the chance.

All Switch Skills List

Flashy Set

Dual Blades Switch Skills
Normal Skill ①Demon Flight
Normal Skill ②Demon Mode
Silkbind SkillTower Vault

Let's be honest, many people use the Dual Blades because they look cool. If you want to dash around the map and slash away at enemies like an anime protagonist, using Midair Spinning Blade Dance to your heart's content, this is the set for you. This isn't a purely meme build either, as it actually works really well against massively large monsters as well.

Demon Flurry Rush

Dual Blades
CommandWhile in Demon or Archdemon ModeA
While sheathed in Archdemon modeLスティック+X

Since your stamina will gradually decrease while you're in Demon mode, you won't want to dodge too much. Demon Flurry Rush lets you close the distance on your opponents and is very useful at making up for the reduced mobility while in Demon mode! This works very well with Feral Demon Mode, which has slightly reduced mobility.

Demon Flight

CommandWhile in Demon or Archdemon mode A
While sheathed in Archdemon modeLスティック+X

The main way to use this move is to connect it into Midair Spinning Blade Dance. For this reason, Demon Flight works best on larger monsters that have a wider backside for you to hit. In fights versus slightly smaller enemies, Demon Flurry Rush would probably the better choice.

Demon Mode

Dual Blades

Your movement speed increases significantly and you gain a lot more mobility while in Demon Mode. That being said, its overall DPS is lower compared to Feral Demon Mode. This is a trade-off that you should make at your own discretion!

Feral Demon Mode

Dual Blades

Feral Demon Mode is an even stronger version of Demon Mode. You'll lose some movement speed as a result, but if you practice and get used to its slightly slower gameplay, you'll see overall higher DPS.

Piercing Bind

CommandWhile unsheathed ZLボタン+X

This is the Dual Blades' only damage-dealing Silkbind ability. Given this, it's the one that most people tend to choose. That being said, be careful when using this move as it can be really easy to use up your Silkbind charges and be left without a means of escaping.

Tower Vault

Dual Blades
CommandWhen unsheathed, ZLボタン+X

Tower Vault is mainly used as a way to initiate a Midair Spinning Blade Dance. That being said, there aren't that many situations where you'll want to go for that move regularly, so this move should often go on the back burner.

Recommended Combos Of Dual Blades

Demon Gauge Charge Combo

Repeat until fully charged

The above combo works well to efficiently fill up your Demon Gauge. Close the distance with A and then spam X three times. The third attack deals the most damage, so make sure it doesn't miss!

Demon Mode Circle Slash Combo

While in Demon Mode, tiltL and press XXX

If you hold the L stick and press the X button, you can pull off a powerful slashing combo. This can be repeated as long as your stamina allows, and will deal huge damage. This should be your main combo while in Demon form.

New Silkbind Attacks Of Dual Blades

Piercing Bind


Throws a kunai to the enemy that detonates after a certain period of time. You can increase the damage of the kunai's explosion by landing more attacks while the kunai is stuck on the enemy.

Shrouded Vault


Hurls you forward in a designated direction. Getting hit while in motion triggers a counter attack. Since the reach of dual blades tends to be short, this move can compensate that weakness by leaping toward the enemy quickly.

Tips On How To Use Dual Blades

Watch your stamina and sharpness
Fight in Demon mode whenever possible
When you run out stamina, fight in Archdemon mode
Always try to use Demon Flurry Rush
Always go for enemy weak spots

Watch Your Stamina & Sharpness

Dual Blades

While in Demon Mode, your stamina will gradually decrease. Dodging will also use a lot of stamina, so you'll really want to be careful with how much you evade around. Also, given how fast this weapon attacks, your weapon's sharpness will also wear out quickly.Make sure to use any opportunity you can to sharpen your weapon!

Always Fight In Demon Mode

Dual Blades

The Dual Blades deal the most damage when in Demon Mode. You'll want to stay in Demon Mode as much as possible. This is also because it's required to enter Archdemon mode!

Switch To Archdemon Mode When Stamina Gets Low

Dual Blades

If you use up your stamina while in Demon Mode, try fighting in Archdemon Mode. When your stamina recovers, switch back to Demon Mode. Think fo these two modes as fundamentally linked!

Always Go For Demon Flurry Rush

Dual Blades

Demon Flurry Rush is one of the Dual Blades' most powerful attacks. You'll want to bring this move out whenever you see any form of slight opening on your enemy's part.

Don't Waste Your Silkbind Chargres

Always make sure to have at least one charge of Silkbind attacks left over. If you get caught out in a bad position, you always want to have the ability to escape, so don't recklessly spend all charges on Demon Flurry Rush.

Always Go For Weaknesses

Dual Blades

The Dual Blades are at their best when they're striking an enemy's weak point. Piercing Bind's attack also depends on the armor of the part you strike, so you'll always want to hit a weak point. Doing so is of course risky, so make sure to have stamina saved up to dodge.

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