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Insect Glaive Guide - Controls & Combos

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A guide on how to use Insect Glaive in Monster Hunter Rise (Switch). Includes changes in Insect Glaive moves (Silkbind attacks), controls, and recommended combos in MH Rise!!

Table Of Contents

Insect Glaive Controls

XRising Slash Combo
AWide Sweep
L+ALeaping Slash
ZR+XKinsect: Harvest Extract
ZR+AKinsect: Recall
ZR+ RKinsect: Fire
ZRKinsect: Mark Target
X in mid-airAerial Attack
A in mid-airJumping Advancing Slash
B in mid-airMid-air Evade
ZL+XSkilbind Vault
ZL+ARecall Kinsect

Switch Skills

【Original Skill】Leaping Slash
【Switch Skill】Advancing Roundslash
Read More
(When unsheathed) Lスティック+X
【Original Skill】Tornado Slash
【Switch Skill】Tetraseal Slash
Read More
When you have red extract, press ZL+A after Leaping Slash, etc
【Original Skill】Recall Kinsect
【Switch Skill】Diving Wyvern
Read More
Switch Skills List

Extract Effects

Insect Glaive
Extract ColorEffect
Insect Glaive Red【Effect Duration】60 seconds
・Increases your attack
(Lets you perform Tornado Slash, etc)
Insect Glaive White【Effect Duration】90 seconds
・Increases your movement speed
・Jump slightly higher
See an image to compare below
Insect Glaive Orange【Effect Duration】120 seconds
・Increases your defense
・Won't be knocked back while attacking
Insect Glaive RedInsect Glaive White【Effect Duration】Red 60 seconds / White 90 seconds
・Red/White Effects
・Increases attack
Insect Glaive WhiteInsect Glaive Orange【Effect Duration】White 90 seconds / Orange 120 seconds
・White/Orange Effects
・Makes you immune to roars (small and large)
Insect Glaive RedInsect Glaive WhiteInsect Glaive Orange【Effect Duration】90 seconds
・Red/White/Orange Effects
・Attack increased
・Defense increased
・Makes you immune to roars (small and large)

3 Extracts Procs "Rock Steady"?

By having 3 extracts up at the same time, you can get the equivalent of what was known as the Rock Steady skill in previous MH games. This prevents flinching from minor roars and wind pressure.

Kinsect: Harvest Extract

Kinsect Harvest Extract
Click to Enlarge

By hitting an enemy with Kinsect: Harvest Extract, you can acquire extract from that part of the monster's body. The extract you have will be used up either when you use Kinsect: Recall, or when you harvest another type of extract. While it's flying, your kinsect will lose stamina, so be careful.

Kinsect: Recall

Kinsect recall
Click to Enlarge

The extracts you've acquired can be consumed by using Recall Kinsect. Note that the kinsect needs to actually get back to you in order for the extract to be consumed. When the Kinsect is in your hands, its stamina will regenerate.

Kinsect: Mark Target

ZR+RKinsect: Fire
ZRMark Target

By marking a target on the enemy, you can have your Kinsect attack marked body parts and accumulate extract from that part. ZR+R will fire a shot just like a Bowgun, while just ZR will just cause your Kinsect to stick to its target. You can use whichever one you want.

Rising Slash Combo

With Red ExtractX
Changes to Strong Rising Slash

Swings up your glaive to heat overhead enemy.

Follow-Up Moves

After Rising SlashFollowup Action
XXRising Slash Combo & Double Slash
With Red Extract, XXStrong Rising Slash Combo & Strong Double Slash

Rising Slash Combo can be triggered by simply pressing the X button repeatedly. You can follow up with a Wide Sweep by pressing the A button. The Wide Sweep combo is more powerful than the Rising Slash combo.


With Red ExtractL+X
Changes to Strong Thrust

A quick thrusting attack with long reach. You can jab at the enemy by repeating thrust and evade.

Follow-Up Moves

After ThrustFollowup Action
XXRising Slash Combo & Double Slash
With Red Extract, XXStrong Rising Slash Combo & Strong Double Slash

Wide Sweep

With Red ExtractA
Changes to Strong Wide Sweep

Wide Sweep has overall higher damage than Rising Slash.

Follow-Up Moves

After Wide SweepAction
AOverhead Smash
With Red Extract, ATornado Slash

If you want high DPS, you'll mainly be using Tornado Slash. You can also perform Tornado Slash during Rising Slash Combos (X) as well.

Leaping Slash OR Advancing Roundlash

When unsheathed Lスティック+X

Leaping Slash

Leaps forward and slams your glaive down. You can't be knocked back during this attack, which can be useful in many situations.

Advancing Roundslash

Take an instant to prepare and then propel yourself forward while spinning, dealing damage.

Tornado Slash OR Tetraseal Slash

With Red extract active, after Leaping SlashZL+A

Tornado Slash

Step forward while slashing twice. This is one of the central moves of the Insect Glaive, so we strongly recommend you take this over Tetraseal slash.

Tetraseal Slash

Deals 4 consecutive strikes on the spot. One of these hits will also have the effect of triggering a Kinsect mark. That being said, the downtime from using this move is quite large, making it hard to use.


Click to Enlarge
When unsheathed ZR+B
Actions You Can Do After Vaulting
X: Aerial Attack
A: Jumping Advancing Slash
B: Mid-Air Evade

Vault allows you to jump up to escape from an enemy's attack. If you have white extract, the height of your jump increases. Other weapon types can jump by using Wirebug but it's notable that you can jump with Insect Glaive without consuming Wirebug gauge.

Mid-air Evade

CommandB in mid-air

You can travel further in mid-air with this move. Use this to close the gap between the enemy or dodge enemy attacks.

Jumping Advancing Slash

CommandA in mid-air
With Red ExtractA in mid-air
Changes to Strong Jumping Advancing Slash

When you use this move with Red Extract, you swing around your glaive and charge toward your enemy. Upon landing this move, you consume your stamina to jump up and follow up with an Aerial Attack or Mid-air Evade.

New Silkbind Attacks Of Insect Glaive

Switch Skills
【Recall Kinsect】
When unsheathed ZL+A
【Diving Wyvern】
When unsheathed ZL+A
Fixed Skill
【Silkbind Vault】
When unsheathed ZL+X

Recall Kinsect

ZL + A

This dodges enemy's attack while calling back your Kinsect. The returning Kinsect performs spinning attacks that scatter healing extracts. Its stamina will fully recover once it gets back to its master.

Collects Other Extracts Simultaneously

After using Recall Kinsect, you can collect the normal extracts (Red, Orange, White) along with healing extract. The healing extract will not overwrite the extracts you've already collected.

Diving Wyvern (Switch Skill)

Original Skill
Recall Kinsect
When unsheathed ZL+A

The Silkbind move Recall Kinsect can be swapped out for Diving Wyvern. This charging thrust move is quite good in terms of DPS, and should be prioritized if you're more DPS-minded in your Insect Glaive play.

Silkbind Vault

ZL + X

A leaping attack. Can be used in mid-air and follow up with a Jumping Slash, a Jumping Advancing Slash, or a Mid-air Evade.

Recommended Combos Of Insect Glaive

※ These combos require Red extract

Wide Sweep Into Tornado Slash

Insect Glaive Wide Sweep
AA▶ Kinsect attack or evade

This combo will let you continuously loop Tornado Slash. This is mainly to be used against monsters that are on the move. Note that if you tilt the stick too much, your Wide Sweep will turn into another move causing you to jump. By using a Kinsect ability after Tornado Slash, you can remove unnecessary downtime.

Distance Closing Tornado Slash


Using Tornado Slash allows you to close the gap between you and a monster located far away. This combo is quite compact and won't leave you open for too long either.

Thrust Tornado Slash

L+XAA▶ Kinsect attack or evade

This combo lets you loop Thrust into Tornado Slash and is meant to be used primarily when the enemy is downed. Tornado Slash will move you forward slightly, so you'll have to adjust your positioning slightly with evades.

Buffed Wide Sweep Loop Combo

L+XA▶ Evade ▶ Repeat

Tornado Slash deals high DPS, but it leaves you quite open afterward. In situations where the enemy isn't downed, it might be safer to simply use a buffed up Wide Sweep repeatedly. This combo is recommended against particularly powerful enemies.

Changes From Past Monster Hunter

No Descending Thrust

This is a simple change - it appears that the move Descending Thrust can't be performed in Monster Hunter Rise.

Prevent Roar & Wind Pressure With Extract

In previous games in the Monster Hunter series, you could prevent flinching from minor roars and wind pressure (aka the Rock Steady skill) by acquiring certain extracts. In Monster Hunter Rise, we've confirmed that this effect has returned, so long as you have all 3 different extracts.

Changes In How Kinsects Work


In Monster Hunter World, all Kinsects attack automatically and spread Kinsect dust. In Monster Hunter Rise, it seems that some Kinsects will perform auto-attack while others spread Kinsect dust. Note that the Kinsects act differently depending on its kind.

Tips On How To Use Insect Glaive


・Extremely mobile weapon
・Can fly without using Wirebugs
・Can buff self with extracts

The Insect Glaive's movement speed while unsheathed is very high, and its attacks are similarly swift to execute. It has the great advantage of not requiring Wirebugs to fly around, making it a top-class weapon in terms of mobility. The extract system is also quite unique, allowing you to buff yourself in various ways.


・Many mechanics to keep track of
・Mid-air attacks aren't too great
・Silkbind attacks don't deal very much damage

The extract system forces you to constantly be thinking about buff uptimes. Additionally, you'll have to be cognizant of your Kinsect's overall stamina, lest you lose a lot of DPS. Having all of these things to manage can be overwhelming for newer players. Additionally, its mid-air and Silkbind attacks seem to be somewhat lacking in DPS.

Insect Glaive Tips Overview

Gather extract from Monsters
Maintain all 3 extract colors
Pay attention to your Kinsect's stamina
Fight on the ground, try to land Tornado Slash
Frequently use Kinsect Cancel

Gather Extract From Monsters

Insect Glaive

By having your Kinsect attack an enemy, you'll be able to harvest extract from it. Using up this extract will provide you with valuable buffs. As soon as you start battle, use your Kinsect abilities to get your extract buffs up and going. Remember that the extract you obtain will differ according to the monster part you strike.

Always Get Red Extract

The Insect Glaive is frankly rather weak without its red extract buff. Keep the red buff up at all times! Your first priority in battle should be to obtain red extract.

▲Check out Kinsect commands above

Keep Up All 3 Extracts

Insect Glaive

Having 3 extracts up will actually increase the duration of your red buff time by 30 seconds. This means that you'll basically always want to have 3 extracts up to maximize efficiency. Having 3 up will also give you flinch resistance, making it quite worth your time.

▲Read more about Extracts above

Watch Your Kinsect's Stamina

Insect Glaive

Your Kinsect has its own stamina bar which will deplete while it flies around. If its stamina runs out, it will be forced to return to you. A Kinsect's stamina will regenerate when you hold it, and it's also possible to restore it using Recall Kinsect.

Fight On The Ground & Use Tornado Slash\

Insect Glaive

The Insect Glaive has many cool-looking mid-air attacks, but their damage is somewhat lacking. If you want to maximize your DPS, keep yourself grounded during battles. Excessive dodging and flying around can lead to low DPS.

Use Kinsect Canceling

Insect Glaive

Using Kinsect: Harvest Extract or Recall after an attack will cancel the post-attack downtime. This is referred to as Kinsect Canceling, and is an extremely useful technique to learn. This is especially the case for Tornado Slash, as that move leaves you quite open after use.

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