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Insect Glaive - Combos & New Moves
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Insect Glaive - Combos & New Moves

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A guide on how to use Insect Glaive in Monster Hunter Rise (Switch). Includes changes in Insect Glaive moves (Silkbind attacks), game trailer, and recommended combos in MH Rise!

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Controls Of Insect Glaive

XRising Slash Combo
AWide Sweep
L+ALeaping Slash
ZR+XKinsect: Harvest Extract
ZR+AKinsect: Recall
ZR+ RKinsect: Fire
ZRKinsect: Mark Target
X in mid-airAerial Attack
A in mid-airJumping Advancing Slash
B in mid-airMid-air Evade
ZL+XSkilbind Vault
ZL+ARecall Kinsect

Rising Slash Combo

With Red ExtractX
Changes to Strong Rising Slash

Swings up your glaive to heat overhead enemy.

Follow-Up Moves

After Rising SlashFollowup Action
XXRising Slash Combo & Double Slash
With Red Extract, XXStrong Rising Slash Combo & Strong Double Slash

Rising Slash Combo can be triggered by simply pressing X button repeatedly. You can follow up with Wide Sweep by pressing A button. Wide Sweep combo is more powerful than Rising Slash combo.


With Red ExtractL+X
Changes to Strong Thrust

A quick thrusting attack with long reach. You can jab at the enemy by repeating thrust and evade.

Follow-Up Moves

After ThrustFollowup Action
XXRising Slash Combo & Double Slash
With Red Extract, XXStrong Rising Slash Combo & Strong Double Slash

Wide Sweep

With Red ExtractA
Changes to Strong Wide Sweep

Wide Sweep has higher attack than Rising Slash.

Follow-Up Moves

After Wide SweepAction
AOverhead Smash
With Red Extract, ATornado Slash

If you want high DPS, you'll mainly be using Tornado Slash. You can also perform Tornado Slash during Rising Slash Combo (X) as well.

Leaping Slash


Leaps forward and slams your glaive. You can get close to the enemy while attacking. You can also press A again after Leaping Slash to perform Tornado Slash.

Kinsect: Harvest Extract


Press ZR to aim and X to release the Kinsect. When a Kinsect hits enemy, it deals damage and gets an extract. You can reduce the recoiling time by using this move after your attack.

Kinsect: Recall


By recalling the Kinsect with an extract, you can gain stats boost. You can also use this move after your attack to reduce recoiling time.

Kinsect: Mark Target


Uses your glaive to mark a target on enemy. By marking on enemy, your Kinsect starts to attack marked body parts. The color of the extract changes depending on which body parts your Kinsect attacked.



Vault allows you to jump up to escape from an enemy's attack. If you have white extract, the height of your jump increases. Other weapon types can jump by using Wirebug but it's notable that you can jump with Insect Glaive without consuming Wirebug gauge.

Mid-air Evade

CommandB in mid-air

You can travel further in mid-air with this move. Use this to close the gap between the enemy or dodge enemy's attack.

Jumping Advancing Slash

CommandA in mid-air
With Red ExtractA in mid-air
Changes to Strong Jumping Advancing Slash

When you use this move with Red Extract, you swing around your glaive and charge toward your enemy. Upon landing this move, you consume your stamina to jump up and follow up with Aerial Attack or Mid-air Evade.

New Silkbind Attacks Of Insect Glaive

Silkbind Vault

ZL + X

A leaping attack. Can be used in mid-air and follow up with a Jumping Slash, a Jumping Advancing Slash, or a Mid-air Evade.

Recall Kinsect

ZL + A

This dodges enemy's attack while calling back your Kinsect. The returning Kinsect performs spinning attacks that scatter healing extracts. Its stamina will fully recover once it gets back to its master.

Collects Other Extracts Simultaneously

After using Recall Kinsect, you can collect the normal extracts (Red, Orange, White) along with healing extract. The healing extract will not overwrite the extracts you've already collected.

Recommended Combos Of Insect Glaive

Tornado Slash Combo

L+XAA→ Repeat

A combo to repeatedly use Tornado Slash. Since your character will advance forward when using Tornado Slash, adjust your position by using dodge. Use Kinsect after Tornado Slash to cancel the recoiling.

Strong Wide Sweep Combo

L+XA→ Dodge → Repeat

Since Tornado Slash has long recoiling time, you can stop your combo at Strong Wide Sweep as well.

Combo To Advance Forward


Using Tornado Slash allows you to close the gap between you and the monster located far away while attacking.

Combo To Attack Overhead Monster


You can use Tornado Slash after Rising Slash Combo (X). Use it to reach monsters in mid-air or to strike monster's head above you.

Changes From Past Monster Hunter

No Descending Thrust On Demo Version

You can't perform the Descending Thrust in demo version. However, we've confirmed the different version of Descending Thrust by using Wirebug in the trailer. Perhaps there will be an alternative way to trigger this move after the game released.

Prevent Roar & Wind Pressure With Extract

In previous Monster Hunter series, you gain could prevent flinching from minor roar and wind pressure (similar to Rock Steady skill) by acquiring certain extracts. In Monster Hunter Rise, we've confirmed that you can get the same effect by getting 3 different extract.

Changes In How Kinsect Works


In Monster Hunter World, all Kinsects attack automatically and spread Kinsect dust. In Monster Hunter Rise, it seems that some Kinsects will perform auto-attack while others spread Kinsect dust. Note that the Kinsects act differently depending on its kind.

No Healing Or Poison Kinsect Dust?

The in-game explanation text only mentions about explosive Kinsect Dust. Perhaps there won't be poisoning or healing Kinsect Dust in Monster Hunter Rise.

Tips On How To Use Insect Glaive

Characteristics Of The Insect Glaive

1Aerial Fighter With Kinsect
2Maintain 3 Different Extracts
3Use New Silkbind Moves Wisely

Aerial Fighter With Kinsect

With the introduction of Wirebug, all weapon types can fly up in the air in Monster Hunter Rise. However, Insect Glaive is still the most suitable weapon type for aerial attacks since you can jump and hover in the air without consuming Wirebug gauge by using moves like Vault or Mid-air Evade.

Maintain 3 Different Extracts

The Red Extract's effect remains longer when you have 3 different colors of extract. Try to maintain 3 extracts all the time during the combat.

Use New Silkbind Moves Wisely

New move Silkbind Vault specifically for evading or Wyvern Riding, not to hover around. Use Recall Kinsect for evading and restoring Kinsect's stamina. Using these Silkbind moves recklessly lowers your DPS.

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