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Check out this Long Sword guide for Monster Hunter Rise (Switch). Find out about combos, controls, moveset, recommended switch skills, gameplay & Silkbind attacks in MH Rise!!

Table Of Contents

Longsword Rank + Strengths and Weaknesses

Longsword Rank

Overall RankS Rank
:p: (3 level rating system: S/A/B)!!
Strengths・Many high damage skills
・Has powerful counter moves which lets you maintain your offense
・Not many mandatory skills
Weaknesses・Need to manage to the Spirit Gauge carefully
・Hard to use against enemies whose movements you're not familiar with

The Longsword has plenty of powerful abilities that contribute to its overall high DPS. Its counter moves let you defend yourself without stopping your attacks. That being said, it can be hard to pull off counters if you're coming up against an enemy whose movements you can't anticipate.

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Always On The Assault

The Longsword's counter ability lets you defend yourself while also never really stopping your offensive assault. There are also ways to connect all of these counterattacks into other powerful DPS moves!

Very Few Mandatory Skills

One good thing about the Longsword is that you aren't really forced into having a specific set of skills in order to be viable. This works out well, as you'll be able to choose armor with skills that purely boost DPS.


Have To Maintain The Spirit Gauge

The Longsword's Spirit Gauge mechanic is required in order to pull off certain skills, such as Spirit Blade and Foresight Slash. Also, the gauge has several levels which you need to manage carefully. To do maximum DPS, you'll have to be able to adeptly handle this mechanic.

Need To Know Enemy Movement Patterns

In order to use the Longsword to its maximum potential, you need to make use of counter abilities. It can be hard to pull off an optimal counter if you're not familiar with the enemy's movements, so you definitely need to study your foes in detail before engaging with them in battle.

Long Sword Controls

Basic Moves

XVertical Slash
X+AFade Slash
L + X + A during a comboDirectional Fade Slash
ZR + B during a comboSpecial Sheathe
After Special Sheathe Xlai Slash
After Special Sheathe ZRlai Spirit Slash
ZL+X during a comboSoaring Kick
ZL+A during a comboSerene Pose

Moves Requiring Spirit Gauge

ZRSpirit Blade
After Moving Attack ZRJumping Spirit Blade
ZR + A during a comboForesight Slash
ZRZRZRZRSpirit Roundslash
After Soaring Kick ZRSpirit Helm Breaker

Special Sheathe

・Can connect to most skills
・Works really well with the skill Quick Sheath
Abilities you can connect into
X▶ZR: Iai Slash ▶Spirit Blade (2nd Stage)
ZR▶ZR: Iai Spirit Slash ▶Spirit Blade (3rd Stage)

You can follow up with a Special Sheathe from almost any other move. By using this, you sheathe your blade to perform 2 types of Iai slashes. This is an essential move for chaining combos.

Iai Slash

Iai Slash connects from Special Sheathe. If you land a hit with this, your Spirit Gauge will start to increase automatically. Charge your Spirit Gauge with this move to perform Spirit Blade and Foresight Slash. You have a moment of invulnerability at the start of this move, though it is quite short and can be hard to use to its full potential.

Iai Spirit Slash

This move connects from Special Sheathe and is a powerful counter move that sees a ton of use. This dodges your opponent's attack and deals several multi-stage hits. Also, if you time your counter just right, you can also increase your Spirit Gauge by 1 level.

Foresight Slash

・Dodge enemy attacks and counterattack
・Uses up your entire Spirit Gauge
・Changes the color of your Spirit Gauge
After an attack ZR+A
Follow-Up Moves
ZR: Spirit Roundslash

Foresight Slash consumes your entire Spirit Gauge to dodge and counter an enemy's attack. Note that you can't dodge an enemy's attack if your Spirit Gauge is empty. This attack gets more powerful with higher Spirit Gauge levels. It can also be connected into Spirit Roundslash!

Step Slash

・Can hit high places
・Fills up your Spirit Gauge a lot
When sheathed, Lスティック+X

This attack can hit strike above your character's head, making it very useful for hitting enemies that are taller, or otherwise above you. You'll also be able to close the distance on your foe slightly, due to this being a step move.

Drawn Double Slash

・Can connect with Spirit Blade (2nd stage)
・Fills up the Spirit Gauge very well
・Immune to knockbacks at the start of the move
When sheathed, Lスティック+X
Follow-Up Moves
ZR: Spirit Blade (2nd stage)

Drawn Double Slash fills up your Spirit Gauge significantly, to the point if you land the 1st and 2nd hits of the move you can fill up your gauge halfway. You can also connect it into Spirit Blade by pressing ZR, making it quite ideal. Also, you won't be knocked back right at the outset of this move, which is good.

Connect Into Spirit Blade II

Spirit Blade is typically a 3-stage (hit) move. However, if you press ZR after using Drawn Double Slash, you can skip the first hit and go directly to the 2nd stage of Spirit Blade! This is a really common combo you should get used to.

Spirit Roundslash

・Wide attack range, easy to land
・Spirit Blade (stage 3) is a little bit awkward to use

Spirit Roundslash hits everything in front of you in a 180 degree arc. That being said, the downtime from Spirit Blade III that you need to use this move is quite large and can leave you quite open. Roundslash also has lower dps compared to Spirit Reckoning Combo.

Spirit Reckoning Combo

・Narrow attack radius, but deals high damage
・一文字斬り is really effective and easy to use

Spirit Reckoning Combo is harder to land, but deals more damage than Spirit Roundslash. Also, its third hit is quite powerful, and it's possible to move while pulling it off if you tilt the L stick at the same time. Use that to adjust your positioning!

Soaring Kick

・Mainly used to connect into Spirit Helm Breaker
・Can be used for movement while your weapon is unsheathed
When unsheathed ZLボタン+X
Follow-Up Moves
No input▶Plunging Thrust
ZR: Spirit Helm Breaker (Spirit Gauge must be white or higher)

Soaring Kick is mainly used to connect into Plunging Thrust and Spirit Helm Breaker. This full combo does a huge amount of damage, and is one of the reasons why Soaring Kick is the Switch Skill of choice for many Longsword users.

Silkbind Sakura Slash

・Standalone ability
・Changes gauge color if it hits
・Silkbind attack gauge recovery time is slow
While unsheathed, ZLボタン+X

Silkbind Sakura Slash is a somewhat unusual skill for the Longsword, as it is just standalone. It doesn't really have any good connections into other moves or counters. If you have a Silkbind charge, you can use it. That being said, Soaring Kick's ability to connect into Spirit Helm Breaker often makes Sakura Slash a difficult choice.

Vertical Slash


Swings down your blade vertically. This move has highest damage among the basic actions and also has wide attack range including your overhead.



A quick stab in front of you. Use this speedy attack at the beginning of your combo.

Fade Slash

CommandX + A

Swings your blade while moving to the direction of the L-stick. Use this move to effectively dodge enemy's attack and charge Spirit Gauge.

Directional Fade Slash

CommandDuring a combo L + X + A

By tilting the L-stick to right or left, you can move to the direction while attacking with X + A.

Spirit Blade


Consumes a Spirit Gauge to unleash powerful attack. Can be used consecutively to chain combo.

Follow Up With Spirit Roundslash

Command: Spirit Roundslash

After performing 3 Spirit Blade, press ZR again to perform Spirit Roundslash. Landing a Spirit Roundlash changes the gauge's color which increases the attack power.

Recommended Switch Skill Loadouts

Loadout For Beginners

Normal Ability ①Drawn Double Slash
Normal Ability ②Spirit Roundslash Combo
Silkbind AttackSilkbind Sakura Slash
Unlock 3★ Village quests or 2★ Hub Quests

It can be difficult for some beginners to master the Spirit Helm Breaker build right away. This is a set of switch skills to use if you are very new to the Long Sword and aren't confident how to use it right away. Silkbind Sakura Slash is a very easy to use, fire-and-forget move, and Spirit Roundslash is easy to land. When you've gotten the hang of the Longsword, try the build below.

Spirit Helm Breaker DPS Set

Normal Ability ①Drawn Double Slash
Craft or upgrade a total of 8 unique Longswords
Normal Ability ②Spirit Reckoning Combo
Clear the quest "Learn the Long Sword" (★6)
Silkbind AttackSoaring Kick

This is a highly versatile, high-dps set of skills that we recommend everyone try out eventually. Soaring Kick will let you chain into Spirit Helm Breaker and deal massive damage. This build will require you to be very adept at managing your Spirit Gauge, however, so becareful.

Switch Skills List

Recommended Combos Of Long Sword

3 Level Spirit Gauge Combo


A combo that performs 3 moves, namely Foresight Slash, lai Spirit Slash, and Spirit Blade and quickly raises the Spirit Gauge level to highest possible color level. If you aim for the enemy's head, you'll be able to deal a large amount of damage.

Check out more info on gauge levels below

Fade Slash + Roundslash Combo


After doing a Fade Slash, press ZR to perform a Jumping Spirit Blade. You can smoothly connect a moving attack into this move, making it highly recommended in all situations.

Spirit Roundslash Into Spirit Helm Breaker Combo


This involves you using Spirit Roundslash and connecting it into Spirit Helm Breaker. You'll also get the automatic gauge boost from Iai Slash as well. It's possible to do the same combo even if you swap out Spirit Roundslash for Spirit Reckoning.

Spirit Helm Breaker Into Spirit Roundslash Combo


This combo will let you fill up your gauge, even after it's been depleted post-Spirit Helm Breaker. If you think you're about to get attacked right when you're pulling off Special Sheathe, try countering with Iai Spirit Slash. You'll be able to recover your gauge the same way. You can do this combo even if you swap out Spirit Roundslash for Spirit Reckoning.

Check out more info on gauge levels below

Drawn Double Slash Into Spirit Roundslash Combo


This combo will let you fill up your gauge by one level through using Spirit Roundslash (or Spirit Reckoning). This combo only works if you're using Drawn Double Slash as your Switch Skill of choice.

Check out more info on gauge levels below

Long Sword Silkbind Attacks

Soaring Kick

soaring kick
Gauge Consumption1 gauge
Gauge Recovery Time20 seconds

Consumes 1 Wirebug gauge to jump kick the enemy. When successfully hit, it connects to a Plunging Thrust. Hitting this Plunging Thrust fills your Spirit Gauge automatically for certain period of time. You can also perform a Spirit Helm Breaker after the jump kick by spending one level of Spirit Gauge.

Follow-Up Moves

After Landing Soaring KickAction
ZRSpirit Helm Breaker

After you've landed Soaring Kick, press ZR to perform Spirit Helm Breaker. Spirit Helm Breaker consumes 1 color level of Spirit Gauge but the damage you deal with this move is highest in any of the Long Sword moves.

Silkbind Sakura Slash

・Standalone ability
・Changes gauge color if it hits
・Silkbind attack gauge recovery time is slow
While unsheathed, ZLボタン+X

Silkbind Sakura Slash is an independent damage-dealing attack that doesn't really connect into other moves. If you're able to hit this attack, you'll gain a full Spirit Gauge. This is a Switch Skill and must be swapped out with Soaring Kick.

Serene Pose

Serene Pose
Gauge Consumption2 gauges
Gauge Recovery Time10 seconds per gauge

Using Serene Pose before getting hit by enemy's attack activates an immediate counter attack.

Follow-Up Moves

After Successful Counter AttackAction
ZRSpirit Blade (3 times to activate Spirit Roundslash)

After you've successfully landed a counter attack, press ZR to perform Spirit Blade. By pressing ZR 3 times, you may also be able to escalate this move to Spirit Roundslash.

Tips On How To Use The Longsword

Fill up your Spirit Gauge
Get your Gauge up to the next color level
Use Spirit Helm Breaker for damage
Counter enemy attacks

Filling Up Your Spirit Gauge

Longsword Spirit Gauge
Ways To Fill Up The GaugeWhen To Use
Drawn Double Slash (X)
Jumping Spirit Blade (X)
Fade Slash(X+A)
When you want to fill up the gauge a lot
Thrust (A)
Vertical Slash (A▶X)
When you need just a bit for Foresight Slash
Foresight SlashWhen you want to fill it up to the max
Plunging Thrust
Iai Slash
When you want the bar to fill automatically
(The gauge will fill up over time)

The Longsword's Spirit Gauge can be filled up by landing attacks which don't use up the Spirit Gauge. You'll want to build up the gauge and then spend it on powerful abilities. Also, Foresight Slash won't go off if you don't have any energy stocked up, so be careful.

Read about all abilities above

Raise Your Spirit Gauge's Color Level

Longsword Gauge
Ways To Change Colors・Land Spirit Roundslash
・Successfully pull off an Iai Spirit Slash

The Spirit Gauge has 3 stages (colors). In order to advance to the next stage, you'll need to either land Spirit Roundslash or pull off a successful Iai Spirit Slash. Both of these are extremely important, so make sure to practice them.

Keep Up Your Buffs

ColorDurationAttack Modifier
Longsword~5 minutes~ 1.05x
Longsword~3 minutes~ 1.1x
Longsword~1 minute~ 1.2x

The higher the stage of your Spirit Gauge, the more overall damage you'll do. Note that the Longsword's most powerful ability, Spirit Helm Breaker, will always drop you down one stage on use. For this reason, it's very important to always try to keep up the highest buff possible.

Use Spirit Helm Breaker For Massive Damage


Spirit Helm Breaker is the Longsword's most powerful ability. In Monster Hunter Rise, the only real ability that can be used to connect into Helm Breaker is Soaring Kick, making it quite important to learn to use correctly. Also, always try to get your gauge up to red level before using this move!

Swap Soaring Kick For Tougher Enemies

Soaring Kick connects into Spirit Helm Breaker, but if you're up against a monster whose movement patterns you're really unsure about, and if you're not confident in your Longsword skills, it might be better to swap out Soaring Kick for Silkbind Sakura Slash.

Make Thorough Use Of Counter Moves


The Longsword has three main ways of countering: Foresight Slash, Iai Spirit Slash, and Serene Pose. Using these three effectively will let you keep up the offensive while also defending yourself from attacks.

Learn The Movements Of Monsters

In order to counter effectively, you'll need to know what the monster in front of you actually does. Try to anticipate the movements of your enemy in order to maximize your use of the Longsword's counter abilities.

Differences In Counter Moves

Foresight Slash【Requirements/Notes】
・Used while unsheathed
・Spirit Gauge must be active
・Used while attacking (during combos)
・Use instead of dodging
・Connect to Spirit Roundslash or Spirit Reckoning
Iai Spirit Slash【Requirements/Notes】
・Use during Special Sheathe
・Use instead of dodging
Serene Pose【Requirements/Notes】
・Used while unsheathed
・Need 2 or more Silkbind charges
・Use when gauge is at yellow or below
・Use instead of dodging

Foresight Slash and Iai Slash are abilities that you should be using very frequently. In general, for spontaneous counters go with Foresight Slash, but when going for planned ones try to use Iai Slash.

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this guide is severely outdated... combos have changed, optimization has changed, as well as only having Nintendo Switch controls, and nothing noted for PC.

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