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Longsword Guide - Moveset & Control Changes
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Longsword Guide - Moveset & Control Changes

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The Long Sword - Moveset & Control Changes in Monster Hunter Rise (Switch) is a guide including its moveset & combos, changes in controls, gameplay and Silkbind attacks in MH Rise!

Table Of Contents

Long Sword Controls

Basic Moves

XVertical Slash
X+AFade Slash
L + X + A during a comboDirectional Fade Slash
ZR + B during a comboSpecial Sheathe
After Special Sheathe Xlai Slash
After Special Sheathe ZRlai Spirit Slash
ZL+X during a comboSoaring Kick
ZL+A during a comboSerene Pose

Moves Requiring Spirit Gauge

ZRSpirit Blade
After Moving Attack ZRJumping Spirit Blade
ZR + A during a comboForesight Slash
ZRZRZRZRSpirit Roundslash
After Soaring Kick ZRSpirit Helm Breaker

Vertical Slash


Swings down your blade vertically. This move has highest damage among the basic actions and also has wide attack range including your overhead.



A quick stab in front of you. Use this speedy attack at the beginning of your combo.

Fade Slash

CommandX + A

Swings your blade while moving to the direction of the L-stick. Use this move to effectively dodge enemy's attack and charge Spirit Gauge.

Directional Fade Slash

CommandDuring a combo L + X + A

By tilting the L-stick to right or left, you can move to the direction while attacking with X + A.

Spirit Blade


Consumes a Spirit Gauge to unleash powerful attack. Can be used consecutively to chain combo.

Follow Up With Spirit Roundslash

Command: Spirit Roundslash

After performing 3 Spirit Blade, press ZR again to perform Spirit Roundslash. Landing a Spirit Roundlash changes the gauge's color which increases the attack power.

Foresight Slash

foresight slash
CommandZR + A during a combo

The Foresight Slash consumes all Spirit Gauge to dodge and counter enemy's attack. Note that you can't dodge enemy's attack if your Spirit Gauge is empty. Note that this attack gets more powerful with higher Spirit Gauge levels.

Follow-Up Moves

After Foresight SlashAction
ZRSpirit Roundslash

If you've successfully countered enemy's attack with Foresight Slash, you can instantly perform Spirit Roundslash by pressing ZR. It's the fastest way to perform Spirit Roundslash so make sure you master this move.

Special Sheathe

CommandZR + B during a combo

You can follow up with Special Sheathe from almost any of other moves. By using this, you sheathe your blade to perform 2 types of Iai slashes. An essential move to chain your combo.

Follow-Up Moves

After Special SheatheAction
XIai Slash
X + ZRIai Slash → Spirit Blade
ZRIai Spirit Slash
ZR + ZRIai Spirit Slash → Spirit Blade

Iai Slash

If you land a hit with an Iai Slash, your Spirit Gauge will start to increase automatically. Charge your Spirit Gauge with this move to perform Spirish Blade and Foresight Slash.

Iai Spirit Slash

Powerful attack which consumes 1 Spirit Gauge level. However, by timing this move against an enemy's attack, you can connect with more attacks and keep your Gauge up. While performing this move, minor attacks won't interrupt you.

Spirit Blade Follow Up

By pressing ZR after lai Slash or lai Spirit Slash, you are able to follow up with Spirit Blade. This combo both shortens attack time and delivers a powerful hit with Spirit blade, making it a very useable technique.

Recommended Combos Of Long Sword

3 Level Spirit Gauge Combo


A combo that performs 3 moves, namely Foresight Slash, lai Spirit Slash, and Spirit Blade and quickly raises the Spirit Gauge level to highest possible color level. If you aim for your opponent's head, you can surely deal a large amount of damage.

Spirit Helm Breaker & Spirit Gauge Recovery Combo


A move that enables Spirit Gauge recovery right after Spirit Helm Breaker. Attacks with lai Slash whilst recovering the Spirit Gauge and can activate Roundslash if you successfully combine the actions.

Spirit Roundslash & Spirit Gauge Recovery Combo


A combo to performing Spirit Roundslash and recover the Spirit Gauge. After the Spirit Roundslash, follow up with Special Sheathe to perform Iai Slash to recover your Spirit Gauge. Then, land an Directional Fade Slash (X + A) to heal the gauge fast.

Directional Fade Slash + Spirit Roundslash Combo


After performing an Directional Fade Slash, press ZR to perform Iai Spirit Slash. This combo allows you to perform Spirit Roundslash quickly.

Foresight Slash Combo

AX → Repeat → ZR + AZR

An effective combo to increase your Spirit Gauge. Repeat Vertical Slash & Thrust to time enemy's attack and counter with Foresight Slash. Lastly, followup with Spirit Roundslash.

New Silkbind Attacks Of Long Sword

Soaring Kick

soaring kick
Gauge Consumption1 gauge
Gauge Recovery Time20 seconds

Consumes 1 Wirebug gauge to jump kick the enemy. When successfully hit, it connects to a Plunging Thrust. Hitting this Plunging Thrust fills your Spirit Gauge automatically for certain period of time. You can also perform a Spirit Helm Breaker after the jump kick by spending one level of Spirit Gauge.

Follow-Up Moves

After Landing Soaring KickAction
ZRSpirit Helm Breaker

After you've landed Soaring Kick, press ZR to perform Spirit Helm Breaker. Spirit Helm Breaker consumes 1 color level of Spirit Gauge but the damage you deal with this move is highest in any of the Long Sword moves.

Serene Pose

Serene Pose
Gauge Consumption2 gauges
Gauge Recovery Time10 seconds per gauge

Using Serene Pose before getting hit by enemy's attack activates an immediate counter attack.

Follow-Up Moves

After Successful Counter AttackAction
ZRSpirit Blade (3 times to activate Spirit Roundslash)

After you've successfully landed a counter attack, press ZR to perform Spirit Blade. By pressing ZR 3 times, you may also be able to escalate this move to Spirit Roundslash.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Strengths Of Long Sword

1Powerful With Wide Attack Range
2Use Counter Attack Effectively
3Effective Silkbind Attacks

Powerful With Wide Attack Range

One of the strong point of Long Sword is its wide reach. You can strike an enemy which moves around fast easily with this weapon.

Use Counter Attack Effectively

Long Sword has 3 types of counter attacks; Foresight Slash, Iai Spirit Slash, and Serene Pose. By using these moves effectively, you can attack opponent without taking a damage.

Effective Silkbind Attacks

In addition to the above, the Long Sword also boasts of very effective Silkbind attacks and is considered a top rank weapon compared with the others available in the game.

Weaknesses Of Long Sword

1Need To Manage The Spirit Gauge
2Difficult To Master

Need To Manage The Spirit Gauge

Some of the Long Sword's moves consume Spirit Gauge. You need to always pay attention to fill and maintain your gauge during the combat.

Difficult To Master

Although the Long Sword's moves are quite simple by themselves, mastering them can be quite difficult considering how you would have to think about the timing and the spirit gauge. Practice would be necessary for this weapon.

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