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Legend of the Great Sky Island is a Side Adventure in the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TtoK). Guide includes quest locations, challenge guide, bonfires, walkthrough guide.

Table Of Contents

Legend Of The Great Sky Island - Overview

Side Adventure Details & Rewards

LocationGreat Sky Island
Quest GiverSteward Construct
Requirements1 Clear Restoring The Zora Armor
2 Complete two or more of the following challenges:
Tulin Of Rito Village
Yunobo Of Goron City
Sidon of the Zora
Riju of Gerudo Town
RewardZonai Fabric

Occurs On The Rooftop Of The Temple Of Time

This challenge will occur on the rooftop of the Temple of Time on the Great Sky Island. When you get to the rooftop, you will see Steward Construct, so talk to him.

How To Get To The Rooftop Of The Temple Of Time

First, travel to Ukouh Shrine and head to the Temple of Time. Ascend at the entrance of the Temple of Time to go to the rooftop.

Zora Armor + 2 Temples Must Be Cleared

There are two conditions for this Side Adventure. One is to obtain the Zora Armor, and the other is to clear at least two temples. Therefore, after clearing Restoring The Zora Armor and clearing the two temples, go to the Temple of Time.

Legend Of The Great Sky Island Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Chart

Talk to Steward Construct to start the Side Adventure
Talk to Steward Construct again to start the Challenge
▼ Here are the preparations needed in advance
Light a fire with your Bow in 3 locations without placing your feet on the ground
(Select the challenge and the location of the bonfire will be shown)
▼ Click here for the key points of the Challenge
Talk to Steward Construct and complete the challenge

Preparations Needed In Advance

Preparation Of Items To Light The Fire

Bow With Longer Range Is Recommended

Recommended BowEffect/Range
Zonaite Bow
[Effect] Energy Cell consumption increases range
[Range] Very far
Gerudo Bow
[Effect] FPS Perspective
[Range] Far
Phrenic Bow
[Effect] FPS Perspective
[Range] Far

The range of the Bow should be as long as possible so that it can be set on fire with a single shot. If you have already been to Spirit Temple, it is recommended to use the Zonaite Bow which has a longer range with the consumption of Energy Cells. The Gerudo Bow is also recommended since it gives an FPS perspective.

Materials To Create Fire

Materials That Are Fire-Oriented
Fire Keese Wing
Fire Keese Eyeball
Fire Fruit
Red Chuchu Jelly
Bomb Flower

Since it's necessary to set fire from a long distance, you will have to fuse Fire Keese Wings to your Arrows. Since materials are not returned if the challenge fails, make sure to have as many fire-attribute materials as possible.

Stamina-Related Preparation

Increasing Stamina Vessel Will Make It Easier

Clearing the shrine and increasing the number of Stamina Vessels will make it much easier to clear the challenge. As a rule of thumb, it is possible to light all the bonfires with enough time to complete two rounds. It is also possible to temporarily increase the number of Stamina Vessels by using the Horned Statue.

Horned Statue Guide - Location & Uses

Make Stamina-Increasing Medicine & Food

Energizing ElixirRestless Cricket ×4
Stamina Wheel 1 lap recovery
Enduring ElixirTireless Frog
Stamina Wheel full recovery
+ 1/6 Gauge
Stamina Mushroom SkewerStamella Shroom ×4
Stamina Wheel 5/6〜

If the Stamina Wheel is in a state of one lap, the Stamina may not last. Therefore, it is recommended to prepare some medicine and food that can recover the Stamina Wheel before doing the challenge.

Tulin's Sage Skill Cannot Be Used

During the Challenge, Tulin's skills cannot be used. Since the skill cannot increase the lateral distance, it is necessary to use the Stamina Wheel increase and Food to counteract the problem.

Equipment-Related Preparations

Equipping The Zora Armor Allows You To Swim Up Waterfalls

EquipmentEffect/How To Get
・Allows Link to swim up waterfalls
・Swim speed up
[How To Get]
Complete Restoring The Zora Armor

The Zora Armor is required to move up the waterfall. It should be obtained by the time the challenge occurs, so equip it before starting the challenge.

Cold Resistance Should Also Be Added

Snowquill Headdress
Vah Medoh Divine Helm
Ruby Circlet
Snowquill Trousers
Archaic Warm Greaves

The temperature on the east side of the Great Sky Island is low, and if you don't take any measures, it will decrease your Hearts. In addition, there are places where the coldness level is lowered to level 2 when entering waterfalls, so it is recommended to wear two Cold Resistance equipment. The torso should have the Zora Armor, so equip the Cold Resistance armor to the Head and Legs.

Challenge - Guide & Tips

Rules of The Challenge

  • Light the three bonfires in the Great Sky Island with your Bow and Arrows
    └ Complete when you return to the rooftop of the Temple of Time
  • Do not put your feet on the ground
    └ Except for the rooftop of the Temple of Time and water, it is prohibited
    Do not put your feet on the ground on the way back to the Temple of Time
    └ Exiting the Great Sky Island is also prohibited
  • Time Limit is 12 hours (in-game time)
    └ It must be completed by 19:00
  • If you break the rules, you have to start from the beginning
  • Tulin skills cannot be used
  • Cannot save during the Challenge

Light The Bonfires With Bow & Arrows

Since you can't light the bonfires while landed, you need to light the fire with your bow and arrows that are fused with fire materials. Hold the Bow in the air and aim the arrow at the bonfire in slow motion.

It Is Recommended To Move In A Clockwise Direction

▲ The above is the recommended route for one round of Stamina Wheel
If you have more Stamina, the route can be shortened

It is recommended to light the bonfires while moving in a clockwise direction. Move between the bonfires while recovering your Stamina Wheel at the waterfalls along the way. After lighting the three fires, you must return to the Temple of Time without putting Leg on the ground to clear the route.

Video Guide

Hit The Bonfire With The Arrow In One Shot

When using the Bow in slow motion, each shot uses 1/3 of the Stamina Wheel. Every time you miss and have to shoot again, you lose more and more Stamina Wheel, so try to hit the target with one shot.

Climb The Waterfall From The Bottom As Much As Possible

Stamina Wheel recovers the longer you swim up the waterfalls. If the time you swim up is short, the Stamina Wheel may not recover to the maximum, so it is a good idea to adjust your position so that you can climb up from the bottom as much as possible.

Zonai Devices Can Also Be Used

If you run out of Stamina Wheel, you can use the Hover Stone, which you can take out to the Leg source and ride it to regain your gauge. You can also attach the Rocket to the Shield.

Attacking With Vehicles Is Challenging

It is possible to attack with vehicles made by Zonai Devices. However, in many cases, it takes more time and becomes more difficult. Therefore, it is recommended to use Zonai Devices only at key points.

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