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How To Beat Hell House - Weakness & Fight Guide

FF7 Remake | How To Beat Hell House - Weakness & Fight Guide | Final Fantasy 7 Integrade

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FF7 Remake | How To Beat Hell House - Weakness & Fight Guide | Final Fantasy 7 Integrade - GameWith

Check this Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7 Remake, FF7R) boss guide on how to beat the Hell House. Learn its weakness, God Mode, fight tips, boss stats, & how to defeat on hard mode!!!

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Hell House - Weakness & Resistance

Hell House - Boss Info & Stats

Hell House
34128 650 10 650
Drop Rare Drop Steal
Fuzzy Wuzzy Mr. Cuddlesworth Mr. Cuddlesworth

Weaknesses & Resistances

Weakness Magic
Lesser Resistance -
Greater Resistance -
Immunities Slow, Silence, Proportional Damage
Absorbed Elements -
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How To Beat Hell House - Boss Fight Tips & Tricks

Magic Resistances Continuously Change

Hell House

▲While it's on fire, its weakness turns to Ice!

Every time the Hell House's barrier changes, its magic resistance also changes in turn. This means it's possible to determine its current weakness just by looking at it! If the house is in Fire mode, use Ice! If it's in Wind mode, use Lightning - and vice versa.

Stagger Gauge Won't Fill Up Much During God Mode

Hell House

Once the Hell House enters God Mode, you'll have a much harder time getting its stagger gauge to increase with basic attacks. However, as soon as the barrier expires, the house will be much easier to stagger for a short window! This is the key to dealing as much damage to it as possible.

Switch To Aerith During God Mode

Hell House

Hell House won't take very much damage at all during God Mode, & it's not really worth banging away at it with Cloud, as you might get hit by Hospitality (the move which sucks you into the house). Instead, switch to Aerith and try to build up her ATB in preparation for when the barrier expires.

Watch Out For Renewed Hospitality

Hell House

Renewed Hospitality will be indicated by the Hell House opening its doors to you. At this point, characters nearby the House will be sucked in & take damage. Avoid this by either moving away, or if you get sucked in, switch to your other character and throw out a heal.

Chair Salvo Has A Knockback

Hell House

When the Hell House takes to the stands and starts hurling fiery furniture at you, take note that some of the furniture has a knockback effect when it hits you. This means that if you start channeling a spell you could get interrupted and waste your precious ATB gauge! Watch out for flying closets like the one in the picture above.

Hit Its Weakness After Hellbound

Hell House

▲When you see it cast Hellbound, that's your chance to start firing away

When the Hell House takes off ("Heavensward"), it will begin a short countdown. At the end of this countdown, it will assume a particular element. At this point, get ready to fire off spells of the opposite element to hit its weakness while it lands!

Hell House Hard Mode Tips

Recommended Equipment

CloudCloud Weapon: Hardedge
Armor: Force Bracelet
Accessory: Champion Belt
Limit: Ascension
AerithAerith Weapon: Reinforced Staff
Armor: Chain Bangle
Accessory: Circlet
Limit: Planet Protection
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Recommended Materia

Wind★★★・Hell House's weaknesses change over the course of the fight. Make sure to have full elemental coverage.
Fire ★★★・See above
Ice ★★★・See above
Lightning ★★★・See above
HP Up★★★・Recommended to run two on both Cloud and Aerith
Healing★★★・Useful to heal yourself up when low
・One on each character
Magnify ★★★ ・Link with Healing on Aerith
Revival ★★★・Recommended to run on both characters to be safe.
MP Up ★★★ ・Recommended to run 2 on Aerith, this is a magic heavy fight
Barrier ★★★ ・Key in this fight to reduce damage taken
Time★★★・Hasting Aerith will be really helpful in this fight
Ifrit ★★★・Useful for extra firepower in the final phase
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Hard Mode Flow Chart

1Haste Aerith and have her lay down Arcane Ward
2Stagger it quickly with Magic + Focused Thrust to bring it to Phase 2
3Kill any Tonberries that come out with Cloud
4For phase 2, hit the arms during God House Mode with Cloud
5Heal Cloud when he gets sucked in for Hospitality
6Time a super-effective magic hit as soon as God House ends
7Repeat 3-6 until you reach Phase 3
8Use Planet Protection and summon Ifrit
9Keep Manaward up on both characters and have Aerith use -aga spells on an Arcane Ward
10If sweepers come out, ignore them and burn down the house with magic

Attack Pattern Changes Per HP

Remaining HP
Attack Pattern
Phase 1
- Changes elemental. Mode will get disengaged when it bodyslams or put to sleep
-Will use Barrier Change to swap elements when the elemental mode is disengaged or hit twice by weakness
- Upon climbing to a high position, it will use Hell Bomber & Hell Press
- Will spawn 3 Tonberrys on Hard Mode
Phase 2
- Will transform and use even more variety of attacks
- When HP hits below 65%, it will engage super mode
- In this mode, the Hell House uses buffed attacks & uses elements.
- Stunning the target with weakness or being reverted to element mode will have it attempt to reboot the super mode
Phase 3
- Will attempt Hell Bomber & Crazy Drop at beginning
- Most actions will remain the same as when its HP drops below 65%, but uses Crazy Drop from time to time

Take Out Tonberries Immediately

Hell House Hard Mode

Yes, that's right, Hell House summons Tonberries on Hard Mode. Don't panic - these Tonberries come out of the house pressured, so immediately rush them down with Cloud. We found that Triple Slash was very effective at cleaning these up. These are the highest priority, so whatever you do, don't ignore them.

Lay Down Arcane Wards

Hell House Hard Mode

Aerith's ability Arcane Ward (pictured above) is incredibly powerful here, as it allows her to cast a duplicate of whatever spell she uses while inside the circle!

Soul Drain If You Run Low On MP

Aerith's ability Soul Drain will restore MP to her on every use. In our case, each use restores 6 MP, which isn't a huge amount, but it can mean life & death in some situations.

Use Planet Protection In Phase 3

Hell House Hard Mode

The Planet Protection Limit will make your life much easier in the hectic phase 3. It's crucial that you have this ready so that you can nullify physical damage taken from the House (and Shredders that may come out).

Unload All Your MP In Phase 3

Hell House Hard Mode

When you reach Phase 3, summon Ifrit and blow the rest of your MP on the appropriate -aga spell to take out the House. The longer the fight goes on, the more dangerous it becomes (as your Planet Protection might run out!).

Manuscript Reward

For defeating Hell House on hard mode, you'll get Telluric Scriptures Vol. VII, which gives SP to Aerith.

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Anonymous 1

Also note during god mode house you can take out the arms, this made the fight really easy and I didnt really need to worry about magic for the most part.

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