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How To Beat Reno & Rude - Weakness & Fight Guide
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How To Beat Reno & Rude - Weakness & Fight Guide

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Check this Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7 Remake, FF7R) boss guide on how to beat Reno & Rude. Including moves, weakness, resistances, how to defeat on hard mode, and more!!!

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Reno & Rude - Weakness & Resistance

Reno - Boss Info & Stats

Reno Boss Info & Stat
16142 510 10 850
Drop Rare Drop Steal
Turbo Ether - Magician's Bracelet

Weaknesses & Resistances

Weakness -
Lesser Resistance -
Greater Resistance Lightning, Proportional Damage
Immunities Silence, Slow, Berserk
Absorbed Elements -

Rude - Boss Info & Stats

Rude Boss Info & Stat
12894 340 10 2,550
Drop Rare Drop Steal
Mega-Potion - Blade Bracelet

Weaknesses & Resistances

Weakness TBD
Lesser Resistance TBD
Greater Resistance TBD
Immunities TBD
Absorbed Elements TBD
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How To Beat Reno & Rude - Boss Fight Tips & Tricks

Phase 1: Reno Only

Powerful Melee Fighter

Powerful Melee Fighter

Reno is a quick melee specialist that has moves that can easily close gaps between him and your characters.

Vulnerable After Electroburst


Reno will pause for a few seconds after executing Electroburst. Use this moment to deal heavy damage with your attacks and abilities.

Phase 2: Reno & Rude (Helicopter)

Reno Calls For Backup


Reno will call Rude for backup once his health reaches 2/3. Rude's helicopter will try to strafe your team with its machine guns and will sometimes drop bombs.

Reno Disables A Character With Pyramid


Reno can conjure a Pyramid Mine that will slowly travel towards a character. Getting hit by the Pyramid Mine will disable the character, immobilizing and locking him or her in place. Change characters when this happens and try to smash the pyramid to free your teammate!

Reduce Reno's And Rude's Health

Halve Rude

The fight goes to the next phase after reducing Reno's health to 1/3 and Rude's health to half of its full length.

Phase 3: Reno & Rude Tag-Team

Fight Against 2 Bosses

Fight against 2 bosses

The next phase of the fight involves 2 of the bosses on the ground at the same time. Fighting both enemies can be difficult, so make sure to maintain your HP!

Prioritize Reno First

Defeat Reno first

As Reno's HP is already to near the brink and his attacks are far damaging than Rude's, prioritize beating him first. Use your skills, summons, and Limit Breaks to quickly dispatch Reno, then proceed to gang up on Rude.

Beware Of Turks Combo

Beware of Turks Combo

Reno and Rude can use a move called "Turks Combo" to rain down a devastating attack on your party. This damage also knocks your characters out for a few seconds. Note that the 2 bosses also pause after doing this move.

Reno & Rude Hard Mode Tips

Reno & Rude Hard Mode Overview

  • Give Cloud Lightning immunity via Materia
  • Stagger Reno fast
  • Put up Barrier on everyone during the Helicopter section
  • Save limits and summons for phase 3
  • Burn Reno first in phase 3

Recommended Equipment

CloudCloud Weapon: Buster Sword
Armor: Force Bracelet
Accessory: Champion Belt
Limit: Ascension
BarretBarret Weapon: Big Bertha
Armor: Supreme Bracer
Accessory: Circlet or Supernatural Wristguards
Limit: Catastrophe
TifaTifa Weapon: Purple Pain
Armor: Cog Bangle
Accessory: Supernatural Wristguards
Limit: Somersault
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Recommended Materia

Barrier ★★★ ・Necessary, have at least 2
Lightning ★★★・Reno uses many Lightning attacks, so link with Elemental in armor to gain immunity
Elemental ★★★・Link with Lightning in Cloud's armor to gain immunity
HP Up★★★・Recommended to run at least one on Cloud/Tifa, two on Barret
Healing★★★・Useful to heal yourself up when low
・One on each character
Magnify ★★★ ・Link with Healing on Barret (or Cloud) (OR Barrier, if you think you'll be fine on healing)
Revival ★★★・Recommended to run on at least 2 characters to be safe.
MP Up ★★★ ・Recommended to run one on each character
Chakra ★★・・Useful on Barret to heal when low
Ifrit ★・・・Neither are weak to fire, but the 1 ATB summon cost is nice to have - any summon will do here
Time★・・・Hasting can be helpful
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Use Barret's Lifesaver + Chakra


Barret's Lifesaver ability redirects some of the damage an ally takes to him. Combined with Chakra, which heals you more depending on how low your health is, this is a powerful combo that you should use repeatedly during this fight to mitigate damage for your allies.

Raise Stagger During Reno's Casts


If you followed our instructions above, Cloud should be immune to lightning attacks, so he can freely attack during Reno's channeled cast of EM Triple Shot! Use Focused Thrust here to build stagger!

Save Up ATB During Helicopter Segment


During the Helicopter segments, don't spend ATB on ranged abilities with Barret. Just save up ATB and cast barrier on all party members! This will be crucial in phase 3 (though it's worth having Barrier up on everyone for the entire fight!)

Save Limits For Phase 3


In phase 3, you'll have to take on Reno and Rude simultaneously. This can easily overwhelm you in a manner of seconds, so it's important that you save one Limit for each of them! This is also as good a time as any to use a summon.

Manuscript Reward

For defeating Reno & Rude on hard mode, you'll get Sharpshooter's Companion Vol. VII, which gives SP to Barret.

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