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Pride and Joy Prototype (Secret Boss) - How To Beat & Reward

FF7 Remake | Pride and Joy Prototype (Secret Boss) - How To Beat & Reward | Final Fantasy 7 Integrade

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FF7 Remake | Pride and Joy Prototype (Secret Boss) - How To Beat & Reward | Final Fantasy 7 Integrade - GameWith

Check out this Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7 Remake, FF7R) secret boss fight guide on how to beat the Pride and Joy Prototype. Know how to unlock, weaknesses, resistances, & how to defeat!!!

Table of Contents

All Boss Fight List & Tips

Video Guide On How To Beat Secret Bosses

How To Unlock Secret Boss & Rewards

Shinra Combat Simulator

Location & Rewards

LocationShinra Combat Simulator
Unlock Conditions- Can be unlocked during Chapter 17 (even when playing on Normal Mode)
MissionThree-Person Team vs Top Secrets
Clear RewardsGotterdammerung
(Best accessory in the game)

Unlock Requirements

1Clear the main story
2Collect all Battle Intel Reports
3Clear all Corneo Colosseum battles
4Clear all Shinra Combat Simulator challenges

Beat Corneo Colosseum in Chapter 9

To complete Corneo Coloseeum, remember to also clear all of Aerith's matches in Chapter 9. You can access the available fights after you have beaten the Hell House.

Check Out The Chapter 9 Story Guide Here!

Pointers & How To Prepare For The Secret Boss

Recommended Party Members & Equipment

Weapon: Twin Stinger
Armor: Supreme Bracer
Accessory: Revival Earrings
Weapon: Big Bertha
Armor: Cog Bangle
Accessory: Revival Earrings
Weapon: Reinforced Staff
Armor: Chain Bangle
Accessory: Revival Earrings

Make Sure To Bring Aerith!

In order to reach the secret boss, you will need to fight all of the 5 summons in a series of battles. And in order to last until the end, you will need the support & healing skills of Aerith to survive. For offensive power, go with Cloud & use Barret to deal with Leviathan.

Check Out Aerith Here!

Equip Revival Earrings Before Going In

Revival Earrings are a must-have during this fight. As you cannot use Phoenix Downs & items to revive teammates, getting caught in Bahamut's Mega Flare can wipe out your whole team. With this accessory, your team can withstand team-wiping moves once. You can buy this in shops for 500 gil.

Alternate To Revival Earrings

At Weapon Level 6, you'll unlock the weapon skill Reprieve (only on some weapons). This ability will allow you to survive survive one hit from any attack once per fight. This will allow you to live through Mega Flare (provided you don't die earlier in the fight!) If you choose this option, consider equipping more offensive accessories instead.

Recommended Materia

HP Up・Greatly increases maximum HP
・Equip up to 2 per character
Healing・Allows the user to use Healing spells. Equip everyone with this
Revival Materia・Revive fallen allies. Equip to everyone in your team
・Counter against Bahamut's Mega Flare
Equip Aerith with this one
Fire Materia・Effective against Shiva
Lightning Materia
Elemental Materia
・Effective against Leviathan & Secret Boss
・Must-have Materia
Equip on a melee character's armor

Max Out Your AP

The fight to the secret boss in the FF7 Remake is undoubtedly the hardest challenge in the game. In order to beat it, it is recommended that you get all of your Materias maxed.

Check Out How To Max Your AP Here!

Fight 1: Shiva - Tips

How To Beat Pointers!
  • Evade Whiteout
  • Frost Familiars makes Shiva immune to elemental attacks
Check Out The Shiva Boss Guide Here!

Use Fire Magic

Using Fire magic against Shiva quickly fills up her stagger bar. Use it to induce Stagger & use the opportunity to deal heavy damage. Prepare your Limit Breaks for this chance.

Beware Of Whiteout & Heavenly Strike Combo

Getting hit with Whiteout puts your characters to sleep, which Shiva will then use as an opportunity to use Heavenly Strike. Try to evade Whiteout as getting hit with Heavenly Strike can cripple your chances.

Immune When With Frost Familiars

Shiva can call 5 orbs, Frost Familiars, to guard her. While these orbs are present, Shiva is immune to any elemental damage, especially from Fire.

Heal Before Diamond Dust

Diamond Dust

▲Hits all characters with 4000 damage

Diamond Dust is Shiva's ultimate move. It deals damage to your whole party and cannot be evaded or prevented. When you notice Shiva casting Diamond Dust, start healing your whole party.

Fight 2: Fat Chocobo - Tips

How To Beat Pointers!
  • Eliminate the summons first
  • Guard against heavy attacks
  • Boss has high HP
Check Out The Fat Chocobo Boss Guide Here!

Slow & Predictable Attacks

The Fat Chocobo's attacks are slow and takes time before it executes it. Whenever you see it charging up for an attack, evade or use guard to withstand the damage.

Quickly Destroy Summoned Units

The floating Moogle accompanying the Fat Chocobo can summon other units using "Fingers crossed, kupo!". The summoned units have low HP, so deal with them as fast as you can as they can be a nuisance during the fight.

Guard Against "Kewh Kewh"

kewh kewh

Watch out for the Fat Chocobo's "Kewh Kewh" as it can deal massive damage if you are caught unprepared. It's a special attack composed of 5 rolls and 3 bounces, making it hard to evade so use Guard instead.

Fight 3: Leviathan - Tips

How To Beat Pointers!
  • Equip Melee Characters with Thunder Materia
  • Easier with Barrier
Check Out The Leviathan Boss Guide Here!

Attacks With AoE & Magic

Almost all of Leviathan's attacks are magic-based and can hit large areas in the battlefield. Equip a Magnify Materia on your party's healer to counter the Leviathan's attacks. Barrier Materia also helps as it allows you to reduce the damage taken.

Counter Spinning Dive With Ranged Attacks & Magic

With Spinning Dive, Leviathan will fly across the battlefield, making it untargetable with melee attacks. The only thing that can damage it while doing this move are Barret's normal ranged attack and magic. Equip Lightning Materia on your melee fighters so that they can attack whie Leviathan is in the air.

Attack With Melee When Using Briny Below

Leviathan will be very vulnerable to melee attacks while using Briny Below. Take advantage of this opening and get Cloud or Tifa next to it to deal large amounts of melee damage.

Heal Before Tidal Wave

manawall against tidal wave

▲Manawall works well against its Tidal Wave.

Tidal Wave is Leviathan's ultimate move. It cannot be dodged and it deals a significant amount of damage to the whole party. Try to heal up once it starts to cast this move. You can also prep with Manawall to reduce the damage.

Fight 4: Bahamut - Tips

How To Beat Pointers!
  • Most difficult boss fight
  • Manawall against Mega Flare
  • Ifrit appears when HP is lowered to 50%
  • Defeat Ifrit with Limit Breaks
Check Out The Bahamut Boss Guide Here!

Use Manawall Against Mega Flare

counter mega flare with manawall

▲Even with Manawall, Megaflare's damage goes over 5000.

Once Bahamut's countdown reaches 0, it will unleash its ultimate move, "Mega Flare". If caught unprepared, this move will wipe out your whole party so use Manawall to guard against it. For better results, add a Magnify Materia into the mix.

Revival Earrings For The Win!

Still having the Revival Earrings during this battle makes it a lot easier as you can survive a direct hit from Mega Flare. This increases your odds of surviving through the whole ordeal and reaching the final secret boss.

Prepare For Ifrit's Arrival

Ifrit and Bahamut

▲Bahamut and Ifrit join forces

Once Bahamut's HP gets halved, Ifrit will appear to join the fray. While Ifrit is not that formidable and its HP is not that high, getting hit by both of them at the same time can end your run. Try to keep them apart and defeat Ifrit as soon as possible!

Use Limit Break Against Ifrit

You should prioritize defeating Ifrit first once it appears. Try to save your Limit Breaks for it and pour everything on Ifrit to quickly dispatch it.

Secret Boss Fight: Pride and Joy Prototype - Tips

How To Beat Pointers!
  • Easier than previous bosses
  • Guard or dodge initial attack
  • Use Thunder when caught
  • Attack it from behind
  • Destroy parts to stagger
  • Frequently uses melee attacks

Attack Patterns Per HP

Remaining HP
Attack Pattern
Phase 1
- Uses Beam Cannon
Phase 2
- Stunned for first 7 secs
- Open cores to charge energy
(Color changes from Purple > Yellow > Red)
- May use Jammer Laser when the core is lit (especially when attacked by magic)
- May use Beam Cannon when the core is red
(Core charge reset after used)
- When either leg is destroyed, it fully regenerates after 7 seconds of stun
- When a leg is destroyed more than twice, it will not be able to fire flames from the leg
- When grabbing a target, it will target other character while charging energy faster
- After throwing the character, it will use Napalm repeatedly
Phase 3
- High chance to start the phase with Beam Cannon
- May fire Jammer Laser repeatedly or use Stun Blast when core is lit
-Will lose ability to grab when right arm is destroyed
- Will lose ability to fire Napalm and Spark Whip when left arm is destroyed
-When HP drops below 10%, it may fire Napalm repeatedly

Dodge Or Guard Against Beam Cannon

Pride and Joy Prototype opens the fight with a Beam Cannon. Getting directly hit by it chips off a huge chunk of your HP so guard or evade it by dodging to the sides once the battle start. If unfortunately you still get hit, revive with the 2 remaining characters.

Point manPoint!Starting the battle with a Parry Materia-equipped Tifa allows you to quickly dodge without any problem. Take advantage of the sluggish movement of the boss and use your quick dodges to get hits in, then pull out.

Hit Right Arm With Thunder When Caught

Hit right arm with Thunder

Pride and Joy Prototype is very weak against the Thunder element. While using Thunder-based attacks is the way to go, saving MP for when a character gets caught is recommended. A grabbed character will die if left alone, so use your magic attacks to destroy the right arm!

Check Out The Lightning Materia Here!

Go Around & Attack From Behind

attack from behind and hit the legs

Take advantage of the boss' slow turning speed and movement speed by relentlessly attacking it from behind. Destroying both of its feet staggers it so try to concentrate on hitting its parts.

Destroy Parts To Stagger

Destroy parts to stagger

Pride and Joy Prototype has 4 different parts that you can hit and destroy (Right Arm, Left Arm, Right Leg, Left Leg). Hitting them fills up the Stagger gauge so try to hit its easily reachable legs when you can!

Get Close & Attack!

Get close and attack

Pride and Joy Prototype's only ranged attack is Beam Cannon. Try to keep it busy by using melee characters to hit it relentlessly. This also results in leaving Aerith free to revive fallen teammates as the boss' aggro is on the melee attackers.

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Anonymous 5

I'd recommend equipping Max Elemental-Fire on your melee fighter's armor. That way you can not only ignore Ifrit and focus on Bahamut, but he'll also keep healing you with his attacks. This combo saved me during that fight.

Anonymous 4

Finally beat it thanks to this guide!!!

TenJ125 3

Aeriths planet protection should be used instead of healing wind. It’s the only thing guarantees the survival of mega flare.

Anonymous 2

It says to use magnify on barrier with aerith...then “leviathan uses AoE so counter with magnify heals”.. theres only one magnify. :/

Anonymous 1

You can't use items in hard mode.
"Use Smelling Salts or Bandana to nullify the Sleep status."

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