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Shinra Combat Simulator Guide - Location & Rewards
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Shinra Combat Simulator Guide - Location & Rewards

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Check out tips and list of battle challenges & rewards at Shinra Combat Simulator in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7 Remake, FF7R). Includes guide, Aerith info, chapter 17, and more!!!

Battle Challenges List + Guide

What Is Shinra Combat Simulator

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All Shinra Combat Simulator Challenges

NOTE: All listed battles consists of 5 round consecutive matches & items cannot be used during match.

List Of All Challenges

Rank 3
Three-Person Team vs. Mayor Is Best
Rank 4
vs. SOLDIER Trainees
Two-Person Team vs. High Flyers
Three-Person Team vs. Team Ragbag
Rank 5
vs. 3-C SOLDIER Candidates
Two-Person Team vs. Dynamic Duos
Rank 6
Three-Person Team vs. Monsters of Legend
Rank 7
Three-Person Team vs. Top Secret

3 Star Challenges

Three-Person Team vs. Mayor Is Best

Basic Information
Cost0 Gil
RewardGrab Bag
Enemy Info
1st BattleCutter

4 Star Challenges

vs. SOLDIER Trainees

Basic Information
Cost400 Gil
RewardCloud vs: Cog Bangle
Barret vs: Supreme Bracer
Tifa vs: Rune Armlet
Aerith vs: Geometric Bracelet
Enemy Info
1st BattleSahagin Prince
2nd BattlePhantom
3rd BattleGrungy Bandit
4th Battle3-C SOLDIER Operator
5th BattleCutter

These battles will be held a 1 on 1 match basis, meaning you will not have the luxury of other characters to support you mid-battle. Although the opponents are not as challenging, be sure to know each character's preferred range of engagement (which may change depending on their gear loadout) to avoid getting your health chipped away.

Two-Person Team vs. High Flyers

Basic Information
Cost400 Gil
RewardGil Up Materia
Enemy Info
1st BattleBugaboo
2nd BattleSlug-Ray/Byobapolis
3rd BattleMonodrive/Terpsicolt
4th BattleElite Helitrooper
5th BattleRust Drake

Relatively powerful enemy rosters, but will be fairly manageable when you keep a ranged character like Barett to support from the sideline. The Gil Up Materia obtainable here will boost your money gain from all sources, and are a good option to have during the initial story run to keep your party well funded and stocked.

Three-Person Team vs. Team Ragbag

Basic Information
Cost400 Gil
RewardExp Up Materia
Enemy Info
1st BattleAbzu Shoat
2nd BattleTrypapolis/Varghidpolis
3rd BattleHellhound/Bloodhound
4th BattleSmogger/Ringmaw
5th BattleBlast-Ray/Sweeper Prototype

The reward for beating this match is a Exp Up Materia, which makes for a very useful gear to maxing your party level, even after beating the game. These matches allows for 3 man party, be sure to at least keep one character to support your HP upkeep.

5 Star Challenges

vs. 3-C SOLDIER Candidates

Basic Information
UnlockClear the game / In Ch. 17
Cost500 Gil
RewardCloud: The Art of Swordplay Vol. XIII
Barret: Sharpshooter's Companion Vol. XIII
Tifa: Way of the Fist Vol. XIII
Aerith: Telluric Scriptures Vol. XI
Enemy Info
1st BattleUnknown Entity/Enhanced Shock Trooper
2nd BattleZenene
3rd BattleSledgeworm
4th BattleArmored Shock Trooper
5th BattleMOTH Unit

This fight in only available when playing on the Hard Mode difficulty, available only after beating the game once. This match can be challenging if you don't know how to prepare for it. For an in-depth guide, complete with Materia & ability recommends, check out the article below:

vs. 3-C SOLDIER Candidates Guide

Two-Person Team vs. Dynamic Duos

Basic Information
UnlockClear the game / In Ch. 17
Cost500 Gil
RewardRefocus Materia
Enemy Info
1st BattlePhantom/Ghost
2nd BattleElite Shock Trooper/Elite Helitrooper
3rd BattleGrungy Bandit/3-C SOLDIER Operator
4th BattleHellhound/Zenene
5th BattleSweeper/Queen Grashtrike

This fight can be challenging depending on the duo you choose to send, as well as the Materia you pick out. There are also some tricky immunities to watch out for, so make sure to read the detailed guide below for more info.

vs. Dynamic Duos Guide

6 Star Challenges

Three-Person Team vs. Monsters of Legend

Basic Information
UnlockClear the game / In Ch. 17
Cost600 Gil
RewardRefocus Materia
Enemy Info
1st BattleBomb
2nd BattleTonberry
3rd BattleType-0 Behemoth
4th BattleBomb/Tonberry
5th BattleMalboro

This terrifying challenge pits you against not one but TWO Tonberries, frequently using one-hit kill moves on you. This fight can be made a lot easier with certain Materia setups to counter this threat, so make sure to read our full guide below for more information.

vs. Monsters of Legend Full Guide!

7 Star Challenges

Three-Person Team vs. Top Secret

Basic Information
UnlockClear the game / In Ch. 17 / Beat all other Shinra Battle Challenges, Battle Intels, Corneo Colosseum Challenges
Cost700 Gil
RewardGotterdammerung (Strongest accessory in the game)
Enemy Info
1st BattleShiva
2nd BattleFat Chocobo
3rd BattleLeviathan
4th BattleBahamut/Ifrit
5th BattleShrina Secret Weapon ???

This battle will have you face up against all the previous Summons in a match once again. To top things off, this battle includes a fight with a never before seen boss, only found in this match. Be warned, this secret boss is an extremely powerful foe, and will even easily trash max level characters if you are not equipped and played right. For those seeking tips, check out the dedicated guide from the link below. Though be warned, spoilers ahead.

Check Out The Guide On The Secret Boss Here!

What Is Shinra Battle Combat Simulator?

Battle Challenges With Upped Difficulty

Battle Simulator

The Shinra Battle Combat Simulator is a facility in the Shinra building, accessible Chapter 16 & Chapter 17 only. It features challenges that are significantly more difficult than those of the Corneo Colosseum, but the rewards are also greater in part.

Aerith Only Available Chapter 17

Since you don't gain access to Aerith in Chapter 16, Chapter 17 is the only time you can use Aerith for this challenge! Because having a healer is so important for three-person battles, we strongly recommend you play on Chapter 17.

No Items Allowed, Partial Healing Between Rounds

All Battle Challenges consists of 5 round matches under a special rule. During these battles, item usage is prohibited but you will heal for 50% HP & 50% MP in-between rounds. Note you cannot adjust difficult of 5-star rank battles!

More Details On Difficulty Level & Setting

Ch. 17 Is The Fastest Way To Get To This Location

By starting Chapter 17 from the Chapter Selection, you only have to fight one group of enemies before you arrive at Chadley & the Battle Simulator, making this the fastest way to get to the Simulator!

Farm EXP, AP, and Get Manuscripts

Exp AP
Click to Enlarge

You can use the Shinra Battle Simulator as a means to farm EXP & AP for characters. As the challenges can be repeated indefinitely, you can take advantage of it by participating in fights to grow your team to the maximum level of 50!

Obtain Hard Mode Only Manuscripts

7 fights in the Shinra Battle Combat Simulator are only available on Hard difficulty. Four of these are solo matches & will provide characters with a Manuscript that increases their SP! This is really important for pushing your weapon level to 6, as that can only be done by doing Hard mode content!

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Unlock A Secret Boss

By clearing all Shinra Battle Challenges, Corneo Colosseum Challenges, & Battle Intel Reports, you will be able to unlock the secret boss, which comes at the end of a grueling 5-battle gauntlet. Do your best to overcome this challenge!

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