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Check out this guide about new game plus or end game content in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7 Remake, FF7R)! Know what to do in post game like fight the final boss, unlocks, & more!!!

Table of Contents

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New Game Plus (Endgame) Overview

Things To Do After Ending - Quick Video Summary

Things To Do After Ending - Quick Check List

1Unlock Chapter Select and redo missed quests and items
22x EXP and 3x AP acquisition
3Clear all Odd Jobs (side quests)
4Get all Battle Reports + Fight Bahamut
(*Receive Bahamut as a summon)
5Clear all Corneo Colosseum fights
*Receive Lv2 Limit Break as reward)
6Clear all Shinra Combat Simulator Challenges
*Get EXP Up Materia and other items)
7Play the game in Hard mode
*Aim to max all weapon upgrades
8Collect all manuscripts and reach Weapon Level 6
9Defeat Secret Boss
(*Clear all challenges in 4/5/6)

Use Chapter Select To Return

Use Chapter Select

You can return to any chapter once you have beaten the game. With this, you do not need to worry about losing specific items or quests, allowing you to fully complete your play through of FF7 Remake!

Are There Points Of No Return?

2x EXP and 3x AP In Post Game

Bonus EXP and AP

As a reward for beating the game, players can enjoy 2x EXP in battles and 3x Materia AP, allowing easy leveling. The game's maximum level is 50, so make sure to reach it ASAP. Then, make sure to keep leveling up the best Materia with your bonus AP.

Clear All Odd Jobs

Odd Jobs

There are 26 Odd Jobs or side quests in the game. You can even get dresses for Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith in some of them. You can complete quests like this to change the appearances of certain characters.

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Complete All Battle Reports

Battle Reports

There are 20 Battle Reports in all and you can get the legendary Bahamut as a summon by completing some of them. The completion of Battle Reports is directly linked to the secret boss, so do this if you plan on taking on the most difficult boss in the game.

Win All Matches In Corneo Colosseum

Clear Corneo Colosseum

There are 11 matches in total in the Corneo Colosseum. As those matches reward you with a Lv2 Limit Break for a specific character, completing all of them is highly recommended if you plan on going against the secret boss.

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Shinra Combat Simulator

Shinra Combat Simulator

There are 14 fights in the Shinra Combat Simulator. You can get highly valuable Materia, such as EXP Up, from completing simulations.

Check Out The Shinra Combat Simulator Here!

Fight The Secret Boss

Secret Boss

Complete all battle reports, Corneo Colosseum, and Shinra Combat Simulator to access the secret boss. You can fight the secret boss in Chapter 17 by going to the 66F Hojo's Lab. As the battle's difficulty is locked to HARD, best try to reach Level 50 before you attempt this.

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Play On HARD Mode

Hard Mode

HARD prevents the use of items and restricts HP restoration to only certain spots. The reward, however, is that characters can only get certain skill manuscripts here. If you plan on maxing all of your weapons, HARD is the only way to go.

Hard Mode Guide - Difficulty & Differences

Endgame Completion & Achievements

1Learn All 4 Enemy Skills
2Get 24 Weapon Abilities
3Obtain 56 Manuscripts
4Collect all 31 Music Discs
5Gather all 114 Enemy Reports
6Get 3 Dresses for Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith

Learn 4 Enemy Skills

Learn All 4 Enemy Skills

Similar to the main game, players can get Materia to learn skills from enemies. There are 4 learnable skills in total and you can use Assess on an enemy to confirm if that enemy has a learnable skill.

Enemies With Learnable Skills
Cerulean DrakePhantom
Check Out The Enemy Skill Materia Here!

Get 24 Weapon Abilities

Weapon Abilities

There are 24 Weapon Abilities in all. Get them all to 100% so you can use their abilities even if you don't have them equipped.

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Obtain 56 Manuscripts

56 Manuscripts

Look for all 56 Manuscripts to give your team a much-needed boost in SP. Manuscripts provide an increase to a character's maximum SP, allowing you to unlock the full potential of all of your weapons!

Check Out All Manuscripts Locations From Here

Collect All 31 Music Discs

31 Music Discs

For those who like to listen to Final Fantasy tunes, getting the Music Discs should be one of your goals in this game. You can get them in areas where music starts to play and a "???" appears on the upper-left side of your screen.

Music Disc Location & List

Gather All 144 Enemy Intel

Enemy Intel

There are 144 Enemy Intels in the game. You can get them by using Assess on enemies that you encounter. Make sure to start each battle against a new foe with the skill to easily get all 144.

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Get Each Character's 3 Dresses

3 Enemy Dresses

A scene in the game involves the party putting on dresses to attend an event. Each character has 3 dresses that they can wear. Getting all of theses dresses involve completing side quests.

Dress Guides Per Character

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