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Stats & Attributes Explained - Guide & How To Increase

FF7 Remake | Stats & Attributes Explained - Guide & How To Increase | Final Fantasy 7 Integrade

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FF7 Remake | Stats & Attributes Explained - Guide & How To Increase | Final Fantasy 7 Integrade - GameWith

Read this guide for all Stats & Attributes explained on Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7 Remake, FF7R). The guide includes each stats detail, how to increase & max stats!!!

Table of Contents

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Stats & Attributes Effect

Attribute Effects

AttackValue that determines physical damage dealt with blade, gun, and fist weapons. Modify by weapon & Strength values
Magic AttackValue that determines magic damage dealt with spells and abilities
DefenseValue that determines physical damage taken
Magic DefenseValue that determines magic damage taken
StrengthThe higher the value, the stronger your attack power. Enhances Attack by double of this value
MagicThe higher the value, the stronger your magic attack power. Enhances Magic Attack by double of this value.
VitalityThe higher the value, the stronger your defense. Enhances Max HP by this value
SpiritThe higher the value, the stronger your magic defense. Enhances Max MP by this value
LuckThe higher the value, the better your chances of dealing a critical hit or successfully stealing from enemies
SpeedThe higher the value, the faster your ATB gauge charges

Difference Between Attack & Strength

Although both of this attributes are related to damage dealt, they are slightly different. For example, equipping weapon increases Attack, but not Strength.

How To Increase Attributes

Stats Increase By Leveling Up


Most simple way to increase the attributes is to level up your character. Each character has different base stats and attribute growth.

EXP Can Be Gained When Downed & Not Part Of Party

Even when a character is downed during a battle, they will still be eligible for the EXP gained in that battle. Similarly, a character will also be able to gain 80% of the initial EXP income even when they are not a current member of that party.

Equip Weapon, Armor, & Accessory


Another major way to increase your attributes is to equip weapon, armor and accessory. Each of them have different effects on the attribute so make your best loadout!

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Upgrade Weapon & Get Weapon Skill


Some weapon skills buff your attributes as well. Note that each weapon has different skill tress. For example, Buster Sword has skills to boost your Attack whereas Iron Blade has more defensive skills.

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Equip Materia


Some Materias increases your attributes by equipping them. Summoning Materias tends to have higher increase in your attributes so equip them if you have an open slot.

How To Increase Luck


Luck is very important aspect if you are trying to steal rare item from the enemy. Use Luck Up Materia to boost your luck. You can also equip Nail Bat with Luck Up weapon skill unlocked. You can steal items from enemies more easily.

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Maximum Possible Attributes

Attribute Value Capped On 9999

The current maximum possible value for an attribute is capped at 9999. Theoretically, your stats value may exceed this but will not be registered as a stats.

Max Level Capped On 50

The maximum level for the FF7R for each character is capped on 50. As of now, only way you can achieve a 9999 attribute cap is by using a very specific build (using specific gears & Materia) for a character aimed solely to max this value. Do note that maxing a stat value does not necessarily mean it would be the best build for that character.

Max Attribute Build Per Stat

Max AttributeCharacterGear & Equipment
Max HP
Barett- Big Bertha
- Champion Belt
- HP Up x2
- Fat Chocobo
Max MP
Aerith- Arcane Scepter
- Magician's Bracelet
- Circlet
- MP Up x2
- Barrier x8
- Leviathan
Tifa- Metal Knuckles
- Supernatural Wristguards
- Refocus x3
- Ifrit
Aerith- Mythril Rod
- Magician's Bracelet
- Platinum Earrings
- Magic Up x2
- Barrier x8
- Chocobo & Moogle
Barett- Light Machine Gun
- Iron Maiden
- Bulletproof Vest
- Deadly Dodge x6
- Ifrit
Aerith- Reinforced Staff
- Astral Cuff
- Timeworn Talisman
- Barrier x6
- Leviathan
Cloud- Nail Bat
- Luck Up x2
- Gil Up
- EXP Up
- First Strike x2
- Chocobo & Moogle
Tifa- Feathered Gloves

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