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Gil Farming Guide (Fast) - Locations & Grinding Spots
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Gil Farming Guide (Fast) - Locations & Grinding Spots

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Check out this guide on gil farming in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7 Remake, FF7R)! Get to know locations and monsters to beat to get gil, items to sell, how to use gil, and more!!!

Table of Contents

Beginner Guides & Tips

Gil Farming Recommendations

  • Use Materias to increase yield
  • Change game difficulty
  • Steal from enemies and sell items

Equip Materias To Farm Gil

The best way to increase the resulting Gil out of enemy encounters is to use and equip the Gil Up Materia as it doubles the gil rewarded after every battle. Using Materia's such as Magnify and First Strike also helps as it significantly reduces battle times, allowing you to replay & farm.

Recommended Gil Farming Materias

MateriaDescription & How To Get
Complete Materia IconsGil UpDoubles the gil rewarded after battles
Clear Two-Person Team vs. High Flyers in the Shinra Combat Simulator
Magic Materia IconsAny Element MateriaEquip Materias that your enemies are weak against to shorten the battle time
Shop, drops, etc.
Support Materia IconsElementalAdds elemental damage to your normal attacks
Get it in Chapter 6
Support Materia IconsMagnifyModifies your magic attacks to damage multiple enemies
Get it in Chapter 9
Complete Materia IconsFirst StrikeSignificant ATB boost once battle starts
Clear Battle Intel Report No. 3
Command Materia IconsStealAllows you to steal items from bosses and enemies
Clear Battle Intel Report No. 7

Go Easy Mode For Faster Results

Although the gil obtained after winning fights is unchanged regardless of difficulty, enemies are definitely far more easy to beat on Easy Mode. Change to this difficulty if you want to save time.

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Use Steal Materia To Get Items

Use Steal

Equip the Steal Materia to use the Steal move, allowing you to acquire items from opponents. Use this whenever you encounter normal mobs or bosses as they might be hiding a valuable item that you can sell later.

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Get Steal Materia From Chadley

You can get the steal materia from Chadley

You can buy the Steal Materia from Chadley under his Chadley's Secret Research Shop. You first have to unlock it by doing Battle Intel Report No.7's objective: exploit enemy weaknesses 15 times.

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How To Farm Gil In Early Game

Farm The Training Center

Training Center Location

The Training Room in Chapter 4 of the game has a Training Center that you can use to farm an unlimited amount of EXP, AP, & gil. You can find the Training Center just around the corner of the vending machine in S7-6 Annex, before you sneak into the base.

Training Center Gil Farming Table

MethodTotal Gil / Hour
Normal Run17,160
With First Strike Materia and Triple Slash26,520

Farm With First Strike Materia & Triple Slash

First Strike Materia can be had after completing Battle Intel Report #3 from Chadley. It allows you to have more ATB at the start of the battle, allowing you to perform a Triple Slash to hit all targets in one go without requiring you to move to each of them.

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What Is The Training Bonus?

Training Bonus

The Training Bonus is the extra gil that you get from defeating all of the Sentry Rays. You get 100 gil for for it.

Get Gil From Quests

Odd Job Story Chapter Gil Reward
Chadley's ReportChapter 3500 gil
Nuisance In the FactoryChapter 3500 gil

Although they can only be done once, these quests provide you with a substantial amount of gil during the early stages of the game. Try to complete them so you can get gil for stronger items and equipment.

Odd Job List & Guide

Gil Grinding In Mid Game

Farming With Colosseum Battles

Corneo's Coliseum Battles
Where To FindChapter 9 Wall Market
Cloud vs. Wild Animals (5 Rounds)
Rewards500 gil and sellable items
TimeAbout 1 minute per run
Requirement100 gil

In the Coliseum, you can do battle against a gauntlet of enemies to earn XP & gil. You can do this as many times as you want. Your party can also sell the rewards for extra gil. You can access the Coliseum in Chapter 14 of the game.

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Equip Ice & Wind Materia

Recommended Materia in Corneo Colosseum

Almost all of the enemies in this fight are weak against ice and wind. Equip Elemental + Wind and Magnify + Ice to breeze through the fights.

Sell Items To Earn Gil

Sell Items To Earn Gil

Sell items that you get as a reward from the matches to earn more gil. Or if you need them, you can use the matches to also farm them.

Smelling Salts50

Cloud vs. Wild Animals Enemy List

Round 1Wererat x 2
Round 2Gorger x 2
Blugu x 1
Round 3Guard Dog x 2
Round 4Grashtrike x 1
Hedgehog Pie x 1
Round 5Lesser Drake x 1

Get Gil From Quests

Odd Job Story Chapter Gil Reward
Discovery: Waste RecoveryChapter 7500 gil x 4
The Angel Of The SlumsChapter 82000 gil

The Waste Recovery Discovery quest allows you to get up to 4 AI Cores from the Air Buster. You can sell them for 500 gil each.

Odd Job List & Guide

Gil Farming In Late Game

Farm Using Shinra Battle Simulator

Shinra Combat Simulator
Where To FindChapter 16 Shinra Building
Three-Person Team vs. Mayor Is Best
Rewards1000 gil and sellable items
TimeAbout 1 minute per run

Equip Lightning Materia

2 Cutters

There are 2 Cutters in this fight and both are weak against Lightning. Equip your team with the Lightning Materia to quickly deal with them. Adding in Magnify and Elemental Materias into the mix can also make the battle easier.

Sell Item Rewards For Gil

Sell Items For Gil
Smelling Salts50
Molotov Cocktail200

No Sidequests That Reward Gil

Unfortunately, Chapter 14 of the game does not have any side quest or odd job that rewards gil.

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Where To Use Gil (Money)?

Buy Weapons & Items

Buy Weapons & Items

Gil is mostly used to buy new weapons, equipment, and items for your party. Try to invest in your team's loadout so you can tackle threats and difficult challenges ahead. Also, try to get yourself stocked with recovery items.

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Reset Your Weapon's SP

Chadley Reset Upgrades

You can spend money to redistribute your weapon's SP. You can do this by paying Chadley some gil to reset your Weapon's SP allocation.

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The Price of Thievery side quest enemy Grungy Bandit has a stealable Champion Belt that's worth 5000 gil. He is a respawnable enemy in Ch. 14 .

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