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vs. Monsters of Legend - How To Beat Tonberry
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vs. Monsters of Legend - How To Beat Tonberry

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Check out this guide on the Monsters of Legend battle in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7 Remake, FF7R)! Learn how to beat Tonberry, Malboro, best materia, tips, tricks, and more!!!

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How To Unlock 3-C Soldier Challenges & Rewards

Location And Rewards

LocationShinra Battle Simulator
※HARD Mode, Chapter 17
MissionThree-Person Team vs. Monsters of Legend
RewardRefocus Materia

Recommended Equipment For All Characters

Best Characters & Equipment

CloudCloud Weapon: Hardedge
Armor: Force Bracelet
Accessory: Revival Earring or Protective Boots
Limit: Ascension
AerithAerith Weapon: Reinforced Staff
Armor: Chain Bangle
Accessory: Revival Earrings
Limit: Healing Wind
BarretBarret Weapon: EKG Cannon
Armor: Force Bracelet
Accessory: Revival Earrings
Limit: Catastrophe

Recommended Party: Cloud, Aerith, Barret

Although it's definitely possible to swap out Barret for Tifa, we recommend the above mentioned 3 for your party. This is because having two melee will simply increase how often Tonberry uses Chef's Knife to melee one-hit you.

Bring Revival Earrings

Revival EarringsRevival EarringsEnter battle with the Auto-Life status effect. Revives you when you die once. Breaks on use.

Revival Earrings will be key here because you'll be facing not one but two Tonberries (in separate battles). This means your characters are sure to die, so having at least one free rez will help you out substantially. Revival Earrings can be purchased at the vending machine near the Battle Simulator in Chapter 17.

Recommended Materia

Revival ★★★・Absolute must for Tonberry.
・Bring one for each character
Healing★★★・Bring one heal for each character!
Magnify ★★★ ・Combine with Healing Materia on Aerith!
Subversion Materia ★★★ ・Combine with Warding Materia on Cloud to prevent Tonberry insta-kills
Warding Materia ★★★ ・(See above) Rank 2 reduces chance of dying to 50%, Rank 3 makes you completely immune to death
Ice★★★・Lets you deal with Bombs easily
MP Up ★★★ ・Lets you stall longer during Tonberry fights
・Bring at least 2
HP Up★★・・Helpful to take hits from Behemoth
・Bring one for each character
Barrier★★・・Barrier will be very useful for the Behemoth
Time★★・・Hasting Cloud increases DPS a lot
・Can Slow Tonberry
ATB Stagger★★・・Helps slightly to deal more damage during Staggers
First Strike★★・・Lets you get off a Haste first thing in the fight
Fire★・・・Link with Elemental Materia (Rank 2 or higher) in a piece of armor, not a weapon to become immune to Fire Damage
・Helps you deal with Bomb easily
Elemental Materia ★・・ ・See above
Steadfast Block★・・・Helpful for the Behemoth fight sometimes

Warding + Subversion For Tonberry

Link Warding and Subversion Materia on a character, as this will reduce (Rank 1/2) or entirely eliminate (Rank 3) their chance of getting one-hit-killed by Tonberry! This is perhaps the most important choice you can make here. Read below for more details on how to take out Tonberry.

HP and MP Up For All Is Best

This series of fights will strain your MP and require quite a high pool of HP. It is recommended to have max rank HP & MP Up Materia for all 3 characters. If you can't do this, prioritize HP Up for Cloud & MP Up for Aerith.

Fire + Elemental Is Possible

If you have extra materia slots, it's possible to link Fire and Elemental (Rank 2) Materia in a piece of armor, not a weapon, to nullify damage taken from the Bomb in fights 1 & 4.

Bomb Guide

Key Points
  • Use Ice Moves To Build Up Its Stagger
  • Move Away From The Fire Breath
  • Use Blizzaga During Stagger

Counterattacks During Inflame


When the bomb swells up and uses the ability "Inflame", attacking it will deal damage back to you. At this point, switch to a character that can take the hits. If you have an Elemental + Fire Materia absorb combo set up, use that character exclusively for this fight!

Avoid The Breath


The Bomb will start spewing fire in a particular direction. Don't sit there spamming auto attacks at it while this happens, dodge away immediately! Other than that, this enemy should go down after one stagger.

Tonberry Guide

Key Points
  • Fight With Your Subversion/Warding Character
  • Don't Worry About Healing, Focus On Rezzing And Damage
  • Try To Dodge Chef's Knife To Stagger It

Revive On Everyone Is A Must


Even with Earrings on everyone, you will need to have Revive on all 3 characters, as anyone could die at any moment. Revival Materia can be purchased at the vending machine in Chapter 17 right near you.

Prioritizes Your Main Character

Generally speaking, Tonberry will prioritize the character you're currently playing as. For this reason, we recommend having a Rank 3 Warding + Subversion Materia linked. This will give you 100% resistance to death. Rank 2 Warding Materia seems to only give you a 50% chance of avoiding death, so be careful!

Watch Out For Bone Deep Grudge

The ability Bone Deep Grudge will freeze time for all three of your characters. After this, Tonberry will walk over to another character and take them out. We saw this ability only when Tonberry failed to kill us with its moves (due to the above mentioned Materia). It's possible it performs this out of frustration as a last-ditch effort to take you out. If you struggle with this, bring Protective Boots.

Staggers Easily After Failing Chef's Knife


The best time to raise Tonberry's Stagger bar is after it fails to use Chef's Knife. The only way to make it fail is to dodge out of the way. However, if you're mid-attack, you won't be able to react in time. Therefore, when you see Tonberry turn toward you, pause for a moment to see if it's about to use Chef's Knife and try to dodge away.

Switch Characters Wisely To Avoid Scourge


Tonberry's Scourge is a ranged ability that will usually be fired at a ranged character, prioritizing ones you're currently using. This means that your Raise could be interrupted if you're not careful! Try to bait Tonberry to use Scourge on one character, then switch to another with a full ATB gauge to use Raise!

Type-O Behemoth Guide

Key Points
  • Don't Use Magic While The Horn Is Up
  • Put Up Barrier
  • Attack From Behind Using Cloud

Horns Make It Immune To Magic

The Behemoth cannot be hit with magic spells until its Horns have been taken out. However, taking out the horns takes a long time, so we opted for just not using magic on this fight. We're not sure if this makes the fight take longer, but it's definitely a bit safer, as your healers will always be ready to fire off a Cure.

Take Out Its Legs To Stagger


Focus on taking out the Behemoth's legs one at a time. Doing so will stagger it, at which point you should use your Limit Breaks and go all out. Remember if you have the horns up, you still can't use magic, so try using other abilities with Aerith and Barret.

Keep Barrier Up


Since Behemoth's damage is largely physical, you'll want to have barrier up 100% of the time. Just on Cloud is okay, but Behemoth will occasionally attack other characters too, so it might be worth it to hit everyone with it.

Haste On Cloud + Triple Slash

By applying Haste on Cloud and using Triple Slash, you can get fairly high DPS in. Buff up Cloud, but make sure to dodge around to the Behemoth's rear every time it turns towards you! You can also roll through it. It does a tail swipe as well which will knock you back. Switch to Aerith or Barret at that point.

Tonberry & Bomb Guide

Key Points
  • Take Out Bomb First Fast
  • Same Strategy For Tonberry

Battles #1 and #2 Put Together


This fight is more or less the same as #1 and #2, but at the same time. This makes it a bit more difficult, especially given that you've likely exhausted your Revival Earrings and have lower MP. However, focus on taking out the Bomb as fast as you can.

If You Struggle, Bring Fire + Elemental

If the Bomb is giving you trouble, consider switching to Fire + Elemental (Rank 2 or higher) equipped in an armor slot, not a weapon, to take it out a bit easier. You'll want to get it out of the way ASAP.

Slow Tonberry

Using the Time Materia you can slow Tonberry at the start of the fight so you can have a bit more leeway to take out the bomb.

Malboro Guide

Key Points
  • Dodge Bad Breath!
  • Cure Poison OR Heal Up Regularly

Dodge Bad Breath


Malboro is, fortunately, not a very difficult fight. Simply fight it by running behind it and using melee abilities as Cloud. When it indicates it's going to use Bad Breath, simply run away (either back, or to the sides!) That's it!

Poisons Your Party


Your party will take continuous ticking damaging from some of the poison abilities the Malboro has. Either dispel them with Esuna, or simply use a Healing + Magnify Cure every once in a while as Aerith to keep up your health.

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Ryoma1219 5

@Banethor I actually just got done with this fight and had Enemy Skill on Aerith She got hit with Bad Breath, twice and I still didn't learn it :'( Like seriously it took 19 mins and I still didn't learn it I must've did something incorrectly smfh. Do you perhaps need the Enemy Skill on Cloud?

Guest2 4

Moron tell us to heal bad breathe but doesn’t even mention the materia I n the loadout part of the guide.

Anonymous 3

Yeah update to include enemy skill materia so we don't have to do this twice

Banethor 2

Its kind of criminal that the guide doesn't mention to equip the Enemy Skill materia!!! Its needed for the trophy and you'd ideally like to get it the first time around

Subaphil 1

Thank you so much, I’ve been struggling with the last three VR battles using other guides and got them first try after reading your guides. Thanks!

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