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How To Level Up Fast - EXP Farming Guide
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How To Level Up Fast - EXP Farming Guide

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Check this Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7 Remake, FF7R) guide on how to grind EXP & level up fast! Find ways to double & quadruple your EXP income, level cap, checkpoints & more!!!

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New Game+ (Chapter Selection) EXP Farming

Farm Via The Starting Area Of Chapter 16 On Hard Mode

Farm Via The Starting Area
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You can get 32,866 EXP in just 4 & a half minutes in the starting area of Chapter 16: The Belly of the Beast on Hard Mode. You can reset the run once you reach the stairs of the building.

Note that you need to finish the game first so you can loop this run using Chapter Selection on Hard.

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Ch. 16 EXP & AP Per Run

Normal Mode Run12,354279
Hard Mode Run32,866279

(※) Note that you have to do this on Hard Mode, as Normal Mode provides less exp. Normal Mode will provide the same amount of AP, however!!!

Use EXP Up Materia


If you equip the EXP Up Materia, you can double this to get 65,732 EXP on one character each time! You can get the EXP Up Materia by clearing the Three-Person Team vs Team Ragbag Shinra Battle Challenge in Chapter 16!

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Recommended Materia & Abilities

This method is significantly easier & faster if you equip a character with MP Up & Magnify Materia. Use the Magnify Materia & link it to a Fire Materia so you can use Fira/Firaga to quickly dispatch enemies.

How To Level Up Fast

Use The Training Center

Use The Training Center

The Training Center in Chapter 4 can be used to farm EXP during the early parts of the game. You can access it before you sneak into the base in S7-6 Annex, just around the corner of the item vending machine. You can also use this place to farm gil & AP.

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Training Center EXP Table

MethodEXP per Hr
Normal Run7,344
With First Strike Materia & Triple Slash10,404

Better With First Strike & Triple Slash

First Strike Materia can be had after completing Battle Intel Report #3 from Chadley. It allows you to have more ATB at the start of the battle, allowing you to perform a Triple Slash to hit all targets in one go without requiring you to move to each of them.

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Use Corneo's Colosseum

Use Corneo

You can do Battle Challenges in Corneo's Colosseum in Chapter 14. These fights are repeatable & can be done until you get to the level that you want. However, the difficulty & the speed to clear each battle is heavily affected by your level.

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Corneo's Colosseum EXP Table

Battle ChallengesTotal EXP / Run
Two-Person Team vs. Slum Outlaws2,302
Three-Person Team vs. Shinra Warriors2,267
▲ Numbers above are the total EXP per run. Clear time may vary depending on your party's level.

Complete Side Quests During Chapters

Complete Side Quests During Chapters

Best way for you to earn as much EXP during your initial run is to complete all Side Missions possible during each Chapter. Although these are not mandatory by any means, you will be rewarded with handsome amount of EXP upon completion, which will eventually add up around level 40 when you reach late-game.

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Equip The EXP Up Materia

Found late game in Chapter 16, the EXP Up is an extremely useful item which will double the user's EXP income.

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Get EXP Up Materia In Shinra HQ's Combat Simulator

Get EXP Up Materia In Shinra HQ

As a part of the story, you will come across a VR Combat Simulator at Shinra HQ in Chapter 16. After completing the initial story part, access the terminal again and partake in 'Three-Person Team vs. Team Ragbag' battle. Completing this battle will reward you with EXP Up Materia.

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Replay Completed Chapters For Double EXP Bonus

 Replay Completed Chapters For Double EXP Bonus

After finishing the entire game, you will have a chance to replay previously completed chapter in an 'New Game Plus' scenario, with all your latest equipments and levels in tact. Not only will you be able to backtrack to get all the items and side quests you missed, but your EXP income will be doubled (and AP income tripled).

Find More Details On New Game Plus Here

Double EXP Effect Stacks With EXP Up Materia

The New Game Plus double EXP effect will stack with the effects of EXP Up Materia, meaning you will be able to gain quadruple the amount of EXP from any source. This can easily top off the levels you need to reach the max level cap.

Check Out The Exp Up Materia Here!

Use Check Points For Early Game XP Farming

Check Points Allow You To Return While Retaining EXP

There are certain location in the game that will update your latest check point as you progress through the story. If you select to restart the game from the latest check point (ex. via the system menu), this will allow you to restart a section of that chapter while retaining the EXPs earned. This is a great way to farm EXP on your initial gameplay

Difference Between Auto Save

  • Retains EXP earned up until that point
  • Weapon proficiency, Materia AP, Gil, Items gained will be reset
  • Checkpoint occasions are limited compared to Auto Save
  • Cannot be used when using Chapter Select

Check Points Per Chapter

Ch.Checkpoint Location
1Before the boss fight
2Upon starting the chapter
Prior to meeting Aerith
3Upon starting the chapter
After being asked to clear enemies at Scrap Boulevard
After rescuing Johnny and returning to Seventh Heaven
4Before entering S7-6 Annex
After selecting to rest at your room
5After moving to the next train car
After having your 2nd meeting with Barett
6Upon starting the chapter
After rebooting the main lift
7After disengaging the emergency lock
8After heading to the main road from the roofs
After reaching central area of Sector 5 Slum
After Aerith talking with the boy in the slum
After defeating Rude and returning to Aerith's house
9Before entering Collapsed Expressway
After hearing about Tifa from Sam
After receiving a ticket to Colosseum from Madame M
After attempting to return to Aerith when she's changing
10After defeating Abzu and returning on road
After the bridge collapsing in Sector 6-7
11Upon starting chapter
After reaching storage exit
12Upon Cloud attempting to climb the pillar
13Upon starting the chapter
Heading underground from Evergreen Park
14After departing from Aerith's house
After entering sewer with Lesley
After Lesley losing her bag
15Upon starting chapter
After reaching Central Tower 1F
16Upon starting chapter
After receiving card key in Shinra bldg. 66F
17After pushing the elevator switch on Shinra bldg. 66F
After Red XIII being ambushed
After attempting to head to Shinra bldg. 69F
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Perks to Leveling Up

Leveling Up Character Boosts Stats

Leveling Up Character Boosts Stats

Leveling up your character will boost their overall stats and combat prowess. These boosted stats can be topped off with powerful weapons, equipments, and Materias to further emphasize their performance.

Max Level Cap is 50 For Now

FF7 Remake's level cap is currently set to 50 for now. It is most likely that the players will be able to take off from their current progression when the Part 2 of the FF7 Remake arrives.

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Gain SP (Skill Points) To Upgrade Weapons

 Gain SP (Skill Points) To Upgrade Weapons

SP (Skill Points) are also gained when a Character levels up. This can be allocated to the weapon of your choice to use weapon Skills.

Learn How To Farm SP Here

Weapon Itself Will Have Levels

Aside from SP management, each weapon themselves have their own levels, which can be leveled up with use. Doing so will unlock new 'sub-cores' allowing access to new variation of weapon skills to allocate your SPs.

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Max Out Weapon Proficiency To Unbound Special Attacks

The more you use that specific weapon, more Proficiency will grow onto it. Once reaching 100% proficiency on that specific weapon, the weapon-unique Special Attack will be 'unbound', meaning it can be used on any other weapons for that character.

Gain AP (Ability Points) To Power Up Materias

Gain AP (Ability Points) To Power Up Materias

Equipping Materias on your weapon and equipments while fighting will allocate AP (Ability Points) to them. With enough APs, these equipped Materias will level up, and will have improved effects.

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Only Equipped Materias Gain AP

Equipped AP Materia

Note that only equipped Materias will gain AP throughout their usage. The Materias you keep in your inventory may be missing out on APs if left there for the occasion!

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