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FF7 Remake | Two-Person Team vs. Dynamic Duos Guide | Final Fantasy 7 Integrade

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FF7 Remake | Two-Person Team vs. Dynamic Duos Guide | Final Fantasy 7 Integrade - GameWith

Check out this guide on the Dynamic Duos battle in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7 Remake, FF7R)! Learn how to beat Grungy Bandit, Hellhound, Phantom, best materia, & more!!!

Table of Contents

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How To Unlock Dynamic Duos & Rewards

Location And Rewards

LocationShinra Battle Simulator
※HARD Mode, Chapter 17
MissionTwo-Person Team vs. Dynamic Duos
RewardRefocus Materia

Recommended Equipment For All Characters

Best Characters & Equipment

CloudCloud Weapon: Hardedge
Armor: Force Bracelet
Accessory: Revival Earring or Protective Boots
Limit: Ascension
AerithAerith Weapon: Reinforced Staff
Armor: Chain Bangle
Accessory: Revival Earrings
Limit: Healing Wind

Recommended Party: Cloud & Aerith

We recommend these two largely to help deal with the 1st and 4th battles, which are by far the hardest. For these you'll need magic damage & substantial healing abilities, both of which Aerith is best suited for. Cloud is there to provide the necessary physical damage output.

Bring Revival Earrings

Revival EarringsRevival EarringsEnter battle with the Auto-Life status effect. Revives you when you die once. Breaks on use.

Revival Earrings provide you a cushion to fall back on in case one of your characters gets taken out. This will make your experience somewhat smoother, but if you'd rather have physical or magic damage output instead, you can swap these out. Revival Earrings can be purchased at the vending machine near the Battle Simulator in Chapter 17.

Recommended Materia

Cloud Materia

Fire★★★・Link with Elemental Materia (Rank 2 or higher) in a piece of armor, not a weapon to become immune to Fire Damage
・Helps you deal with Hellhound
Elemental Materia ★★★ ・See above
HP Up★★・・Helpful to take hits
・Having two of these on Cloud is ideal
Ifrit ★★・・Helpful for the first battle
Time★★・・Hasting Cloud increases DPS a lot
・Can Slow opponents
First Strike★・・・Lets you get off a Haste first thing in the fight

Aerith Materia

Revival ★★★・Necessary in case Cloud dies
Healing★★★・Incredibly powerful when combined with Magnify to doe AoE healing
Magnify ★★★ ・Combine with Healing Materia for efficient heals
Ice★★★・Good for the Hellhound in battle No. 4
MP Up ★★★ ・Always good to have more MP
HP Up★★・・Helpful for taking lots of hits
Shiva ★★★ ・Useful for the Hellhound in battle No. 4

Phantom / Ghost Guide

Key Points
  • Watch Their Status Changes Carefully
  • Stagger Ghost Quickly

Watch Out For Enemy Status Changes


If you keep hitting it with physical damage, the enemy will put up a shield making it immune to physical attacks, and the same will happen for magical attacks. You'll know what buff it currently has up by looking at the enemy icon!

Stagger Ghost Quickly

Stagger Ghost Quickly

Focus on hitting Ghost (the white one) with physical attacks to charge your ATB Gauge and then use a lot of Focused Thrust to build up stagger. If Ghost makes itself immune to physical damage, swap to Aerith or use Fire. Once you've staggered it, use Firaga to finish it off.

Elite Shock Trooper / Elite Helitrooper Guide

Key Points
  • Take Out Shock Trooper First
  • Take Out Helitrooper With Magic

Take Out Shock Trooper First

Shock Trooper

Focus on the Shock Trooper first, head straight for it and use lots of Focused Thrusts or Triple Slashes to take it out fast.

Use Magic On Helitrooper


If you're doing fine on MP, the easiest way to take the Helitrooper out is with magic. Once the Trooper is down, switch to Aerith to deal ranged damaged to it and finish it off with spells.

Grungy Bandit / 3-C SOLDIER Operator Guide

Key Points
  • Get The Grungy Bandit First

Take Out The Grungy Bandit First

Grungy Bandit

The Grungy Bandit will attempt to grab hold of your characters, so try to step to the side or pressure him to make sure this doesn't happen. Keep building ATB and use it on Focused Thrust or Triple Slash.

Hellhound / Zenene Guide

Key Points
  • Defeat Zenene First
  • Use Blizzaga On Hellhound

Zenene Has Lower Health

Defeat Zenene First

The Hellhound in this fight might take a while to defeat, so bring down Zenene first. It has less HP and is weak to Fire, so use Firaga to take it out once you've staggered it.

Use Ice On The Hellhound

Use Blizzaga On Hellhound

If you've equipped Fire x Elemental Materia in an armor slot on Cloud, you can prevent (Rank 2) or absorb (Rank 3) the fire damage dealt by Hellhound. In this case, have Cloud just fight right up in its face. Alternatively, you can rely on Ice spells here to raise up its stagger bar. This fight is one of the harder ones, so feel free to use a lot of MP here.

Sweeper / Queen Grashtrike Guide

Key Points
  • Take Out The Sweeper First
  • Use Ice On Queen Grashtrike

Deal With The Sweeper First

Take Out Sweeper First

To fight the Sweeper, you'll have to dodge around to its rear and attack it from there. Keep dodging with X, fill your ATB Gauge and spend it on Focused Thrust or Triple Slash. Once you've staggered it, beat away until it's down. If you brought Lightning materia, this is the time to use it.

Use Blizzaga On Queen Grashtrike

Use Ice On Grashtrike

The Queen shouldn't pose much of a threat to you at this point, so just safely take her out with ice spells. This is the last fight, so you can use up all your remaining MP here! A few Blizzagas should take her out.

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Anonymous 3

Revive materia spells are great on the Hellhound as well.

Team Tifa 2

casting revive instantly kills the ghost and it takes about 5-6 revives to kill phantom, bring subversion materia just incase it casts reflect, which can only get rid of by dispel/breach

Anonymous 1

Great guide, it helped me a lot!

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