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How To Beat Rude - Weakness & Fight Guide

FF7 Remake | How To Beat Rude - Weakness & Fight Guide | Final Fantasy 7 Integrade

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FF7 Remake | How To Beat Rude - Weakness & Fight Guide | Final Fantasy 7 Integrade - GameWith

Check this Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7 Remake, FF7R) boss guide on how to beat Rude. Including moves, weakness, resistances, how to defeat on hard mode, and more!!!

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Rude - Weakness & Resistance

Rude - Boss Info & Stats

Rude - Boss Info & Stats
12894 480 10 1200
Drop Rare Drop Steal
Mega-Potion TBD Mega-Potion

Weaknesses & Resistances

Weakness Wind
Other Resistances Fire (Lesser)
Percent Damage (Strong)
Immunities Silence
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How To Beat Rude - Boss Fight Tips & Tricks

Rude - Boss Fight Tips & Tricks Chart

Rude Boss Fight Tips & Tricks
↓ 1. Fight is 2 vs 1
↓ 2. Guard and counter Rude's attacks
↓ 3. Keep distance when Rude grabs teammate
↓ 4. Use Wind when Rude is staggered

1. Fight Is 2 Vs 1

Fight Is 2 Vs 1

Your fight with Rude will have you controlling Cloud and Aerith as they make their way out of Midgar. This is a tough battle as Rude moves fast and can hit both characters with his attacks.

2. Guard & Counter Rude's Attacks

Guard & Counter Rude

Rude's attacks are usually grapple's and punches. He'll move in close and try to damage you in short distance. Guard instead of dodging to counter and build up his Stagger gauge.

3. Keep Distance When Rude Grabs Teammate

Keep Distance When Rude Grabs Teammate

Rude can grab you or Aerith with one of his moves. When he does, keep your distance as he'll toss them towards you and can deal some damage.

4. Use Wind When Rude Is Staggered

Use Wind When Rude Is Staggered

Rude is vulnerable to wind spells and the perfect time to attack him with this is when he's staggered. It'll deal more damage, allowing you to take him down fast.

Rude - Moves & Counters

Rude Moves & Counters

Move Details / Counters
Haymaker A powerful forward punch that can send you reeling backwards. Dodge to the side or guard fast to keep from getting damaged.
Hammerblow Does an uppercut and sends you upward then smashes you down. Has short interval from his normal attacks so guard to avoid getting hit.
Running Tackle Dashes towards you and tackles you, grabbing your character & tossing them overhead. Quickly dodge to keep from getting grabbed.
Spinning Axe Kick Jumps up while spinning and smashes down onto the ground, creating a small shockwave. Guard or dodge away to prevent damage.
Sweet Dreams Casts a sleeping spell on a target. Switch character & hit your teammate to wake them up.
Seize Grabs a character and knocks them down. Spins them around and tosses them away. Switch character to avoid getting hit by the throw.
Shockwave Punches ground and sends shockwave towards you. Move to the sides to avoid the shockwave.
Spirit Geyser Pummels the ground to create blasts that send you into the air. Keep mobile and don't stop running until this move is done.

Hard Mode Tips

Recommended Equipment

CloudCloud Weapon: Hardedge
Armor: Force Bracelet
Accessory: Headband
Limit: Ascension
AerithAerith Weapon: Mythril Rod
Armor: Chain Bangle
Accessory: Revival Earrings or Headband
Limit: Healing Wind
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Recommended Materia

Wind★★★・Rude's weakness. Use when staggered. Consider linking with Elemental for bonus damage.
Elemental ★★★ ・Link with Wind in Cloud's weapon to gain bonus Wind damage on auto attacks
HP Up★★★・Recommended to run two on Cloud, one on Aerith
Healing★★★・Useful to heal yourself up when low
・One on each character
Magnify ★★★ ・Link with Healing on Aerith
Revival ★★★・Recommended to run on both characters to be safe.
MP Up ★★★ ・Recommended to run 2 on Aerith
Barrier ★★★ ・Key in this fight to reduce damage taken
Steadfast Block ★★・・You'll be blocking for a lot of this fight, so it's worth it to build ATB in the process.
Time★★・・Hasting Cloud increases DPS a lot
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Headband Is Absolutely Crucial


The Headband will give you immunity to Rude's (arguably) most lethal ability: Sweet Dreams. This ability puts a character to sleep and can completely ruin you if you're not careful. Avoid this by bringing at least one Headband.

Auto Attack + Focused Thrust To Stagger


Use Wind-imbued auto attacks to build your ATB and spend it on Focused Thrust to stagger Rude. Once staggered, use Aeroga to deal massive damage.

Dodge Moves When Possible


It is possible to dodge many of Rude's ranged moves, including Spirit Geyser. As soon as you see the cast, start dodging to the side repeatedly.

You won't be able to dodge all of them though, so make sure you have heals ready.

Play Carefully, Guard In Punisher Mode

Approach Rude with the intent to hit him will often be met with a brutal, high-damage counterattack. Instead, try to approach him slowly and be ready to Guard (in Punisher Mode) or use Counterstance (timing is key here, however.)

Manuscript Reward

For defeating Rude on hard mode, you'll get Telluric Scriptures Vol. IV, which gives SP to Aerith.

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