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Chapter 3: Home Sweet Slum Map & Guide

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Check out this walkthrough guide on Chapter 3 Home Sweet Slum in the FF7 Remake (Final Fantasy 7 Remake) ! Includes maps and treasure chests, how to beat the boss!!!

Table Of Contents

Story Progression & Walkthrough

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Chapter 2: Fateful EncountersChapter 4: Mad Dash
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Chapter 3 Walkthrough Guide

Ch.3 Walkthrough Chart

1Once you get to the Sector 7 Undercity Station, head to Seventh Heaven in the Sector 7 Slum
2Talk to Tifa. Give Yellow Flower To Tifa
3Talk To Marlene. Get out of the Seventh Heaven and talk to Tifa again
4Follow Tifa to reach Stargazer Heights. Enter Cloud's room. Get 500 Gil from Tifa
5Visit the room next door to meet Marco
6Go to Seventh Heaven. Talk to Marle the landlady along the way.
7Help Tifa collect money for the water filters. Follow Tifa to visit the item store, Landlady Marle, and the weapon store.
8After you've finished collecting money for the water filters, meet Tifa and the Avalanche crew at the second floor of the Weapon Shop. Biggs will unlock the weapon upgrade feature.
9Tifa joins your party. Go To Scrap Boulevard and defeat all monsters. Get the Ice Materia along the way.
10After defeating all the monsters, go back to the slum and talk to Biggs and Wedge.
11Go back to weapon shop and talk to the weapon vendor. Get the Iron Blade. Purchase weapons and accessories if you want.
12Talk to Wymer the quest giver. The quest feature unlocks.
How To Complete Quests
13Talk to Chadley and get the Assess Materia and a Combat Analyzer.
How To Complete Chadley's Quests
14Finish Wymer's job.
15Rescue Johnny from the officers. Head back to Seventh Heaven.
16Tifa will make drinks for you. You can choose to drink or not drink them
17Kill some time by playing darts. Don't forget to get a Music Disc (Tifa's Theme) from the Jukebox
18Wait for Tifa at the bar counter. Barret pays you 1050 gil. Get out of Seventh Heaven
19Talk to the hoodlum outside of Seventh Heaven. Follow them
20Defeat hoodlums
21Go to Stargazer Heights and meet Jessie. Get the Ifrit materia from her
22(Optional) Visit the Beginner's hall
23(Optional) Get the Luck Up Materia by getting a top score in the Darts Mini Game before starting Chapter 4.
You won't be able to get this later on!
24Talk to Jessie again and take a rest in your room.

1~9. Explore The Slums


During the first part of this section, you'll be able to explore a large part of the slums. For the most, you can just follow Tifa & head to places she takes you.

7. Get Music Disc "The Prelude"


At the item shop, you can purchase your first music disc: The Prelude. Make sure you buy it if you want to complete all the music discs.

8. Learn How To Upgrade Your Weapons


At this point, Biggs will unlock the Weapon Upgrade feature for you. By using this, you'll be able to unlock Weapon Skills using Skill Points. Weapon Skills have many positive effects such as boosting your stats and increasing the number of Materia slots!

Check Out More Info On Weapon Upgrades HEre

9. Tifa Will Join Your Party


Afterwards, Tifa will finally join your party. You'll gain access to her status in the menu, so check it out!

Check Out Tifa's Profile Here!

Pick Up An Ice Materia

Ice Materia

At the entrance to this next area, you'll be able to pick up an Ice Materia, so you don't need to buy one at the store beforehand!

9. Defeat The Monsters In Scrap Boulevard


Progress through this scrapyard area and defeat all the monsters to progress. There are only a few packs of them and they shouldn't be too much trouble.

11. Iron Blade's Weapon Ability "Triple Slash"

Iron Blade

Not only does the Iron Blade have slightly higher stats than the Buster Sword, but it also allows you to use the weapon ability Triple Slash. By increasing your Iron Blade weapon proficiency to its max, you will be able to use the Weapon Ability without having to equip the sword!

15. Some Quest Can't Be Accepted After Story Progresses


When you try to enter Seventh Heaven, you will get a popup saying some quests cannot be accepted once you advance the main story. If you want to complete all the quest, finish them all before entering Seventh Heaven!

Check Out Points Of No Return Here!

17. How To Get High Score In Darts


You'll be able to play a short mini game of Darts at this point. Use the L stick to aim and the Circle button to throw the dart. The key to this is to release the dart at exactly the right timing as the circle draws toward its center. Practice the timing a few times to get it down.

Learn More On Darts Mini Game & Reward From Here

20. Defeat The Hoodlums


You'll be beset by 4 hoodlums and you'll have to fight them 4 on 1. For this fight, it's best to try to get them to line up in a row together and switch to Punisher Mode to take them out fast.

Watch Out For Full Nelsons

Full Nelson

Try not to turn your back to some of the Hoodlums, as they have an ability called Full Nelson. If hit with this, you'll be pinned by one hoodlum while the others whack away at you as they please. This can be deadly, so your best bet is to avoid it in the first place.

Full Nelson

⬆ Cloud being held in a full nelson, unable to move!!!

23. Talk To Jessie To Proceed


When you're ready to proceed to the next part of the story, speak to Jessie standing outside of your room.

Available Quests In Ch.3

Quest: Rat Problem

Rat Problem
Quest GiverItem Shop Owner (Sector 7 Slums)
Reward5 Hi-potions

How To Complete The Quest

1Talk to the Item Shop Owner
2Defeat Wererats in the outskirts of the slum
3Talk to the Item Shop Owner again
4Go back to the outskirts and defeat Doom rats
5Return to the Item Shop to finish the quest
Check Out Rat Problem Odd Job Walkthrough

Quest: Lost Friends

Quest GiverBetty (Sector 7 Slums)
RewardMaiden's Kiss

How To Complete The Quest

1Talk to Betty
2Find 3 missing cats. Listen carefully for the sound of their meowing
3Report back to Betty to finish the quest

Location Of All Cats

1st CatIn front of Seventh Heaven
2nd CatEast Of Residential District
3rd CatTalk to Undercity Resident and find hidden cat
Check Out Lost friends Quest - Cat Locatio Guide

Quest: Nuisance in the Factory

Quest GiverJunk Dealer (Sector 7 Slums)
Reward500 gil

How To Complete The Quest

1Talk to Junk Dealer
2Head to Talagger Factory and talk to Narjin
3Defeat all drakes. Get the Fire Materia along the way
4Report back to Junk Dealer to finish the quest
Check Out Nuisance In the Factory Walkthrough

Quest: On the Prowl

Wrath Hound
Quest GiverWymer (Sector 7 Slums)

How To Complete The Quest

1Talk to Wymer
2Go to Scrap Boulevard and defeat Wrath Hound
3Follow fleeing Wrath Hound and finish it
4Report back to Wymer to finish the quest

Use Blizzard Against Wrath Hound

Wrath Hound's weakness is Ice. Equip Ice Materia and use Blizzard to hit its weakness!

Check Out On the Prowl Guide

Quest: Just Flew In From the Graveyard

Quest GiverGwen (Sector 7 Slums)
RewardStar Bracelet

How To Complete The Quest

1Talk to Gwen
2Go to Talagger Factory. Open the locked door by finding the Security Key hidden inside of the box.
3Defeat Cerulean Drake
4Report back to Gwen to finish the quest
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All Item Chest & Materia Location in Chapter 2

Chest & Materia Location Video Guide

Chapter 3 Map & Chest Locations

Sectpr 7 Map

Sector 7 Map

Wall Market Map

Wall Market Map

Residential Area Map

Residential Area Map

Numbers: Chest

① Phoenix Down × 1② Adrenaline × 1
③ Grenade × 3④ Hi-Potion x 2

2F Map

2F Map

Numbers: Chest

① Ether x 1

Scrap Boulevard Map

Scrap Boulevard Map

Numbers: Chest | ★: Shinra Box | Green: Materia

① Ether x 1
① Ice Materia x 1

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Chapter 2: Fateful EncountersChapter 4: Mad Dash

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