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How To Beat Scorpion Sentinel - Weakness & Fight Guide

FF7 Remake | How To Beat Scorpion Sentinel - Weakness & Fight Guide | Final Fantasy 7 Integrade

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FF7 Remake | How To Beat Scorpion Sentinel - Weakness & Fight Guide | Final Fantasy 7 Integrade - GameWith

Check this Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7 Remake, FF7R) boss guide on how to beat Scorpion Sentinel. Including moves, weakness, resistances, how to defeat on hard mode, and more!!!

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Scorpion Sentinel - Weakness & Resistance

Scorpion Sentinel - Boss Info & Stats

Scorpion Sentinel - Boss Info & Stats
TBC 100 TBC 100
Drop Rare Drop Steal

Weaknesses & Resistances

Weakness Thunder / Lightning
Lesser Resistance TBD
Greater Resistance TBD
Immunities TBD
Absorbed Elements TBD

How To Beat Scorpion Sentinel - Boss Fight Tips & Tricks

Scorpion Sentinel - Boss Fight Tips & Tricks Chart

Scorpion Sentinel Boss Fight Tips & Tricks
↓ 1. Boss fight has 4 stages
↓ 2. Attack using Barrett's Thunder spell
↓ 3. Focus on guarding instead of dodging
↓ 4. Target the Field Generator to destroy the barrier
↓ 5. Hide behind debris to avoid Tail Laser
↓ 6. Break legs to the drop boss to the floor

1. Boss Fight Has 4 Stages

Remaining HP Stage Details
Starting HP Locks onto targeted character
4/5 Initiates barrier defense system
1/2 Starts using Tail Laser
1/6 Uses Auto-Repair to self-heal

The fight with the Scorpion Sentinel lasts 4 stages, each stage is instigated by the loss of the boss's HP. He will gain new moves in each phase, so it's important to know what moves he'll bring in each phase so you know how to fight back.

2. Attack Using Barrett's Thunder Spell

Attack Using Barrett

The boss's main weak point is Thunder or the lightning element. Barrett has a Thunder spell that he can to deal heavy damage. If you run out of MP, use an Ether to replenish your bar.

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3. Focus On Guarding Instead Of Dodging

Focus On Guarding Instead Of Dodging

The boss has many attacks that have a wide-range & small gaps in between attacks, making it difficult to dodge. It's best to use guard to lessen the damage you receive from each of its attacks.

4. Target Field Generator To Destroy Barrier

Target Field Generator To Destroy Barrier

During the 2nd phase, the boss will cover itself with a barrier defense mechanism. To destroy it, target the Field Generator behind it. Make sure to move towards its back to hit the Field Generator.

5. Hide Behind Debris To Avoid Tail Laser

Hide Behind Debris To Avoid Tail Laser

One of the Scorpion Sentinel's most devastating attacks, the Tail Laser will deal heavy damage if you get hit. Move behind debris that fall from the ceiling to avoid this powerful move.

6. Break Legs To Drop Boss To Floor

Break Legs To Drop Boss To Floor

During the final phase, you'll be able to hit the Scorpion Sentinel's right and left legs. Focus damage on them to make the boss drop to the floor so you can finally defeat it.

Scorpion Sentinel - Moves & Counters

Scorpion Sentinel Moves Per Phase

Details / Counters
Mark 98 Cannons
Attacks targeted character with cannons. Guard to avoid damage.
EM Field
Creates an electric pulse that does damage. Has wide range so guard or run away fast.
Scorpion Strikes
Uses tail to spear character multiple times. Dodge or guard to avoid damage.
1st - 2nd
Stomps to create circular electric field in front of it. Dodge to move away from field.
Target Scanner
1st - 2nd
Scans field & targets one character with lasers. Dodge or use guard.
Mark 99 Launchers
1st - 3rd
Shoots a barrage of missiles. Immediately guard.
Death Grip
Uses its arm to claw & grip its target. You can dodge to avoid getting trapped.
Tail Swipe
Swipes its tail across the ground behind it in a sweeping motion. Roll away.
Tail Laser
Fires powerful tail laser on target. Use debris to hide away from lasers.
Stinger Salvo
Fires electric shots from the tail. Dodge or guard.
Self-heals HP bar. Does this several times until you defeat it.
Bombards the field with missiles & cannons. Guard to keep from getting KO-ed.

Hard Mode Tips

Recommended Equipment

CloudCloud Weapon: Hardedge
Armor: Force Bracelet
Accessory: Supernatural Wristguards
Limit: Ascension
BarretBarret Weapon: EKG Cannon
Armor: Force Bracelet
Accessory: Bulletproof Vest
Limit: Catastrophe
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Recommended Materia

HP Up★★★・A default must for all characters. Consider running 2.
Healing★★★・Bring one heal for each character!
・One heal should be linked with Magnify
Magnify ★★★ ・Combine with Healing Materia for more efficient healing
Elemental ★★★ ・Link with Lightning in armor to gain immunity to Lightning abilities
Lightning ★★★ ・See above
・Scorpion is weak to Lightning
Revival ★★★・Worth having one just in case something goes wrong (you can't use Phoenix Downs on Hard)
MP Up ★★★ ・One recommended on all characters.
Time★★・・Hasting Cloud increases DPS a lot
ATB Stagger★・・・Helps slightly to deal more damage during Staggers
First Strike★・・・Lets you get off a Haste first thing in the fight
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Bring Elemental Materia

It will be extremely helpful if you link Elemental and Lightning Materia for this fight, as Scorpion Sentinel is weak to this element. You can choose to equip this in your weapon to gain an offensive advantage, or in your armor to gain immunity to lightning attacks (such as its powerful EM Field). We recommend the defensive option, just to be safe.

At Least 1 HP Up Per Person


As a common tip for all Hard Mode encounters, bring at least one HP UP Materia on every character! In fact, two might be better. You can never have enough HP, so if you don't have HP Up Materia for everyone, make sure to buy it at Vending Machines! Even if it's low level, don't worry, you can level it up over the course of Hard Mode.

Hard Mode Tail Laser Is Much Faster

One main difference in hard mode and normal is that the Tail Laser in the latter phase of the fight will activate much, much faster! As soon as the first pile of debris is destroyed, immediately run to the next one or you'll die!

Manuscript Reward

For defeating the Scorpion Sentinel on hard mode, you'll get Sharpshooter’s Companion Vol. IV, which gives SP To Barret.

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