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Find all Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7 Remake, FF7R) story walkthrough. Guide includes story changes, story length, all chapters, story end, item locations, gameplay tips, and enemy & boss battle info!!!

Table of Contents

Check Out All Odd Jobs (Side Quests)

Video Overview

Overview Of Each Chapter

We've put together a video highlighting the most important points for each chapter! This includes items and Materia you might miss, boss tips, and more!

Story Walkthrough & Boss Guide

Click the link below for a detailed walkthrough & guide for each chapter!!!

Click Here For All Boss Fight List & Tips

How Many Chapters Are There In FF7 Remake?

18 Chapters To Complete In Length

FF7R consists of 18 chapters for you to complete, spanning around 30 ~ 40 hours of gameplay. The story is however, not complete, and will only go up to Cloud's escape from Midgard.

Replay Chapters After Beating The Game In New Game Plus

You may also replay previously completed Chapters in a New Game Plus after completing the mission. You can come back to get collectibles while having a substantial EXP & AP Boost.

Learn More About New Game Plus

Secret Boss Fight After Playing In Hard Mode

After completing the game, you will also unlock the Hard Mode difficulty. Not only will the fights be substantially more difficult in this mode, you will also have a chance to face the Secret Boss (Spoilers) in the VR Boss Battle simulator.

Chapter 1 Walkthrough Guide

The Destruction of Mako Reactor 1

Chapter 1 Quick Walkthrough Chart

Cloud is hired by an anti-Shinra group called Avalanche to help them blow up Mako Reactor 1. The crew will try to stop the Shinra Electric Power Company from destroying the planet.

Read The Chapter 1 Walkthrough Here

Chapter 2 Walkthrough Guide

Fateful Encounters

Chapter 2 Quick Walkthrough Chart

Avalanche has successfully blown up Mako Reactor 1 and is trying to escape from the Sector 8. After fleeing from Shinra, the group heads for their base in Sector 7.

Read The Chapter 2 Walkthrough Here

Chapter 3 Walkthrough Guide

Home Sweet Slum

Chapter 3 Quick Walkthrough Chart

After finishing the mission, Cloud and the Avalanche crew go back to their base in the Sector 7 slums. Cloud settles in the Sector 7 slums and gets to know people living in the town through completing odd jobs as a mercenary.

Read The Chapter 3 Walkthrough Here

Chapter 4 Walkthrough Guide

Mad Dash

Chapter 4 Quick Walkthrough Chart

Cloud agrees to help Jessie meet her parents and take her to the Sector 7 residential area. After the visit to Jessie's parents, Cloud and Avalanche members break into Shinra's storage building to steal explosive from them.

Read The Chapter 4 Walkthrough Here

Chapter 5 Walkthrough Guide

Dogged Pursuit

Chapter 5 Quick Walkthrough Chart

Cloud joins Avalanche's mission as a replacement for the injured Jessie. The team boards the train to reach Sector 4 for another reactor destruction mission.

Read The Chapter 5 Walkthrough Here

Chapter 6 Walkthrough Guide

Light the Way


Barret, Cloud and Tifa follow the secret passageway from the corkscrew tunnel to reach Mako Reactor 5. However, in order to get there, the crew need to overcome many obstacles in the rusted maintenance area.

Read The Chapter 6 Walkthrough Here

Chapter 7 Walkthrough Guide

A Trap Is Sprung


Cloud, Tifa, and Barret successfully reach the inside of Mako Reactor 5. However, waiting for them is a Shinra trap, as well as Shinra's massively powerfully robot: the Air Buster.

Read The Chapter 7 Walkthrough Here

Chapter 8 Walkthrough Guide

Budding Bodyguard


After the battle with Air Buster, Cloud falls from the Sector 5 reactor and luckily lands on the flower bed inside a Church. Cloud reunites with Aerith and helps her escape from the Turks.

Read The Chapter 8 Walkthrough Here

Chapter 9 Walkthrough Guide

The Town That Never Sleeps


Aerith guides Cloud through the outskirts of Sector 6. When Cloud reaches his destination, he finds Tifa heading to Wall Market to meet Don Corneo. Cloud and Aerith decide to rescue Tifa and head to Wall Market.

Read The Chapter 9 Walkthrough Here

Chapter 10 Walkthrough Guide

Rough Waters


After rescuing Tifa from Don Corneo, Cloud and the others fall through Corneo's trapdoor. In the underground sewers, many dangerous enemies are lying in wait for them.

Read The Chapter 10 Walkthrough Here

Chapter 11 Walkthrough Guide



After crawling out of the sewers, Cloud and the others find themselves in the train graveyard in Sector 7. They try to exit but the ghosts and haunted enemies get in their way.

Read The Chapter 11 Walkthrough Here

Chapter 12 Walkthrough Guide

Fight for Survival


Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith hurry back to Sector 7 to prevent Shinra from destroying the Sector 7 support pillar. When they reach the pillar, Cloud and the others find the Avalanche crew fighting against Shinra.

Read The Chapter 12 Walkthrough Here

Chapter 13 Walkthrough Guide

A Broken World


Cloud couldn't stop Shinra from destroying the Sector 7 support pillar and the slums underneath were destroyed... Barret and the others take Wedge back to Aerith's house.

Read The Chapter 13 Walkthrough Here

Chapter 14 Walkthrough Guide

In Search of Hope


After rescuing Wedge, they find that Aerith was taken by Shinra in order to save Marlene. They decide to rescue Aerith from Shinra.

Read The Chapter 14 Walkthrough Here

Chapter 15 Walkthrough Guide

The Day Midgard Stood Still


Cloud and the others try to find a way to reach the Shinra Building. They find a route to grapple up the wall to reach the Shinra Building.

Read The Chapter 15 Walkthrough Here

Chapter 16 Walkthrough Guide

The Belly of the Beast


After reaching the Shinra Building, they climb up it to rescue Aerith. In order to get to Aerith, they need to pass many security checks.

Read The Chapter 16 Walkthrough Here

Chapter 17 Walkthrough Guide

Deliverance from Chaos


Having rescued Aerith, the party heads to the rooftop of the Shinra Building to escape. Cloud and the crew head to the room where Aerith and her mother were once held.

Read The Chapter 17 Walkthrough Here

Chapter 18 Walkthrough Guide

Destiny's Crossroads


The party escapes from the Shinra Building and races down the highway. They cut through obstacles to escape from Midgard.

Read The Chapter 18 Walkthrough Here

New Game Plus (Endgame)

Go Back To Previous Chapter With "Chapter Selection"

new game plus

After beating the game, you will be able to go back to previous chapters by using the Chapter Selection feature. This opens up a lot of other end game content for you, so make sure to check out our End Game guide for details below!

Check Out New Game Plus (Endgame) Guide From Here

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