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vs. 3-C SOLDIER Candidates Guide - How To Beat Moth Unit
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vs. 3-C SOLDIER Candidates Guide - How To Beat Moth Unit

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Check out this guide on the 3-C SOLDIER Candidates battle in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7 Remake, FF7R)! Learn about M.O.T.H. Unit, Materia for Cloud, Aerith, Tifa and Barret, and more!!!

Table of Contents

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How To Unlock 3-C Soldier Challenges & Rewards

Location And Rewards

LocationShinra Battle Simulator
※HARD Mode, Chapter 17
MissionCloud vs. 3-C SOLDIER Candidates
Barret vs. 3-C SOLDIER Candidates
Tifa vs. 3-C SOLDIER Candidates
Aerith vs. 3-C SOLDIER Candidates
RewardCloud: The Art of Swordplay Vol. XIII
Barret: Sharpshooter's Companion Vol. XIII
Tifa: Way of the Fist Vol. XIII
Aerith: Telluric Scriptures Vol. XI

Recommended Equipment For All Characters

Materia And Equipment To Bring For Each Character

CloudCloud Weapon: Hardedge
Armor: Force Bracelet
Accessory: Bulletproof Vest or Circlet
Limit: Ascension or Cross Slash
AerithAerith Weapon: Reinforced Staff
Armor: Chain Bangle
Accessory: Revival Earrings
Limit: Healing Wind
Weapon: Feathered Gloves
Armor: Force Bracelet
Accessory: Supernatural Wristguards
Limit: Somersault

Get As Many Materia Slots As Possible

It is possible to customize your weapon & armor loadout as you like here. The important thing is that you have enough slots to fit in the Materia recommended below. Different characters will benefit from different Materia, but you'll generally want the top 3-4 on every character.

Recommended Materia

Healing★★★・An absolute must. You need to heal!
Elemental★★★・ Will nullify Lightning damage only when slotted into armor and linked with Lightning Materia
Lightning★★★・Many enemies here are weak to Lightning
・Necessary to stop the MOTH Unit from spinning
Steadfast Block★★★・Necessary to build ATB during some fights where you have to play defensively
Ice★★・・Lets you deal with Unknown Entity in the first battle
ATB Stagger★★・・Gives you a boost of ATB when you stagger an enemy so you can take them out faster with a Thunder
HP Up★★・・Needed if you let hits through from Battles 4 and 5
First Strike★★・・Makes the process faster and smoother
Time★★・・Lets you Haste yourself for fights where you won't be attacking much
Barrier★★・・Barrier and Manaward work well on Battle 5
Fire★・・・Can kill the Enhanced Shock Trooper easily in the first battle.

Cloud Further Details

Steadfast Block A Must

For these fights as Cloud, you will absolutely have to make active use of the guard/block mechanic of the game. By equipping Steadfast Block, you will be able to get ATB from your defensive maneuvers, which is crucial.

First Strike Optional

First Strike might not be completely necessary here. It is possible to swap it out with the Elemental Materia (connected to Lightning), to get immunity to lightning spells. We prefer First Strike as it allows you to clear the first 4 battles much quickly & get to the decisive MOTH Unit battle.

Lightning + Elemental

By linking Lightning & Elemental Materia (rank 2 or higher) (in Armor only! Not weapons) you can block all incoming electric damage. This will help you massively as you won't have to worry about many of the attacks of enemies here. For Cloud specifically, we didn't feel we needed it, but it will definitely make your life easier!

Aerith Further Details

Bring Revival Earrings

Revival EarringsRevival EarringsEnter battle with the Auto-Life status effect. Revives you when you die once. Breaks on use.

The reason we've included revival earrings is that Aerith can be somewhat fragile. They serve as a good back-up in case you fail to dodge an attack. They will be expended once you use them, but they can be purchased at vending machines with ease.

Tifa Further Details

Use Overpower

Tifa, being melee as well, has a similar approach to these fights as Cloud. Try to pressure opponents with Overpower (learned from Metal Knuckles and make sure to block key attacks. When you stagger opponents (unless they're weak to Lightning, in which case just use Thunder) consider using True Strike to increase your stagger bonus damage! Other than that, tread carefully & block a lot.

Unknown Entity / Enhanced Shock Trooper Guide

Key Points
  • Hit Unknown Entity First
  • Use Only Triple Slash (Cloud)
  • Avoid Its Spinning Ability!
  • Heal Up Regularly

Cloud Tips

Take Out Unknown Entity First


If you have the First Strike Materia, this fight becomes a lot easier. First, ignore the figure skating Trooper & head for the Entity. Hit it once or twice, then immediately use Triple Slash. You should have enough ATB to use this twice. If you're level 50, this should be enough to kill both of them without having to do anything else!

Triple Slash Obtained From Iron Blade

The ability Triple Slash can be acquired by equipping the Iron Blade. Chances are you have this item, but in case you don't, follow the link below to find out where to get it.

Check Out The Iron Blade Here

Aerith Tips

Use Ice Moves To Kill Entity Fast

Aerith Battle

A level 50 Aerith with Blizzaga can sometimes even one shot the Entity, so make sure to do this at the start of the battle. This way you can have room to deal with the Shock Trooper 1 on 1.

If You Struggle With This, Bring Fire

It's possible to bring Fire Materia to deal with the Shock Trooper here. If you find yourself being overwhelmed, consider swapping it out.

Zenene Guide

Key Points
  • Use Triple Slash To Pressure It (Cloud)
  • Avoid Taking Damage At All
  • Keep Your Distance

Cloud Tips

Burst It Down Before You Get Hit


With the build above, you can simply approach, melee one or two times, and then repeatedly use Triple Slash to knock down Zenene! By doing this, you'll be able to take it out without even taking any damage. This requires the First Strike Materia, however.

Aerith Tips

Keep Moving

Aerith Battle

It's possible to dodge all of Zenene's moves if you keep moving! Don't stay in one spot for too long and keep moving.

Sledgeworm Guide

Key Points
  • Interrupt Its Electric Charge With A Lightning Attack
  • Weak to Lightning
  • Take It Out With Thundaga

Cloud And Aerith Tips

Interrupt Its Lightning Field Ability


When Sledgeworm makes all the holes in the field start shimmering with electricity, use a Lightning spell on it to interrupt it! In almost all cases, Thundara or Thundaga was able to interrupt its cast here. If you're running elemental/lightning materia, you won't have to worry about the damage anyway, as it's electric.

Pause Time And Check Its Location

Sledgeworm will pop out of a random hole in the field. It can be disorienting, and it may pop up behind you, so pause time with the R2 button and look around the map to see where it spawns. Then, make sure to dodge the line of fire it sends out at the last minute by pressing X.

Don't Waste ATB

Wait until Sledgeworm is in the middle of an attack to fire off your Lightning spells. If it's not doing anything, chances are it will bury back underground, your lightning spell will whiff, and you'll be down 1 ATB gauge.

Armored Shock Trooper Guide

Key Points
  • Weak to Lightning
  • Put up barrier
  • Stagger and use Thundaga to kill it
  • Use Counterstance (Cloud)

Cloud Tips

Use Counterstance + Lightning


By repeatedly using Lightning attacks you can easily take this out, however, if you want to conserve your MP for the next fight, consider using Cloud's Counterstance ability. Time it when you see the Robot raise his sword up in the air! Too early, and you'll be hit. If you're worried about this, put on a barrier at the beginning of the fight.

Tifa Tips

Dodge A Lot!


Unlike Cloud, who can just react to attacks with Counterstance easily, Tifa will actually need to dodge this robot's attacks. When you see it raise its sword in the air, stop your attacks and back off.

M.O.T.H. Unit

Key Points
  • Weak to Lightning and Air
  • Lightning + Elemental materia in your armor will make it much easier
  • Take it out with Thundaga

Equip Lightning and Elemental Materia

By linking the above two materia (Elemental should be Level 2 or higher!) in a piece of armor, not a weapon, you can nullify the damage taken from three of MOTH Unit's main abilities. However, one of them you won't be able to do anything against, so blocking is very important.

Possible Without Elemental Materia

Ultra High Voltage

⬆ If you guard, you can reduce Ultra High Voltage's damage to 3000. Failing to block will probably kill you!!!

If you forgot to pick up Elemental Materia, you can still do this fight, as long as you have the other Materia listed above. You will need to Guard for the majority of the fight, however. If you get hit with a non-guarded electric ability, you will probably die. Alternatively, you can use Manaward to reduce elemental damage taken.

Use Thunder After It's Pressured


When MOTH Unit uses one of its major high-damage abilities, it will be pressured. Use this opportunity to get off a Thundaga and stagger it. If you can build up your limit, wait until the stagger and fire it off. You should knock it out at that point. Once again, to reiterate, if you don't have Elemental Materia, spend the majority of the fight guarding!

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Anonymous 13

Barrett equipment is pretty flexible, but I wouldn’t use the Melee ones. If you have a good Chakra materia, I would throw it on too. He’s easy to build up ATB with, but has low MP so that can be a good solution to a typical heal.

Anonymous 12

I had a fair amount of trouble with Aerith. Highly recommend you learn the “Arcane Ward” ability before you do this fight. Makes 4th and 5th fights easy...2nd is hard but manageable

Anonymous 11

Where's the best equipment for barrett for this?

Anonymous 10

Elemental 3 and lightning 3 in Barret's armor and I'm still getting one hit ko from M. O. T. H.. Is this a glitch? Is my save ruined somehow?

Anonymous 9


All party members fight it. Moron...

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