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Chapter 5: Dogged Pursuit Map & Guide
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Chapter 5: Dogged Pursuit Map & Guide

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Check out this walkthrough guide on Chapter 5 - Dogged Pursuit in the FF7 Remake (Final Fantasy 7 Remake) ! Includes maps and treasure chests, how to beat the boss!!!

Table Of Contents

Story Progression & Walkthrough

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Chapter 4: Mad DashChapter 6: Light the Way
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Chapter 5 Walkthrough Guide

Ch.5 Walkthrough Chart

1Talk to Tifa
2Move to the next train cart and talk to Barret. Get the Healing Materia
3Wait for the ID scan. When the intruder alarm goes off, move to the cart ahead
*No game overs even if the timer reaches 0
4After you've jumped out of the train, defeat more enemies to proceed
5Once you've reached Corkscrew Tunnel Section C, help Barret by crossing the bridge
6Continue walking toward Sector 5. Climb up the stairs to reach Section D
7Defeat Queen Grashtrike
*A bench and a vending machine are available after the battle
8Defeat Flametrooper and Security Officers. Open the door and proceed to Section E
9Proceed to Rail Yard. Get Moogle Medal by breaking the box
10Defeat Flame Trooper and Sentry Launcher
*Recommended to reuse the bench after the fight
11Defeat Crab Warden. Get a Metal Knuckles as a reward
*Approaching Stamp will trigger the boss fight
12Proceed through the narrow path and take the elevator to Section G

2. Get The Healing Materia

Healing Materia
Click to Enlarge

Make sure to get the Healing Materia in this part of the train before proceeding to the next section!

3. No Game Over If You Exceed The Time Limit

Time Limit

Exceeding the time limit will not give you a game over here. However, the consequent scenes will play differently depending on your performance. You may need to replay this mission if you want to see both scenes.

4. Defeat Slug-Rays With Ranged Attack

Slug Rays

This area will be filled with Slug Rays that fly above you. Make sure to use ranged or magical attacks to take them out!

5. Enter The Rooms For Items!

Tunnel Rooms

The tunnel features doors along its sides. Try to enter them and open chests or destroy Shinra Boxes for items and regeneration.

6. Rip Off Spider Webs


At a certain point in the path forward, spiderwebs will block your way. Press the A button to interact with them & clear them away!

Grashtrikes Are Weak To Ice

Click to Enlarge

The Grashtrike enemies in this area are susceptible to Ice attacks. When hit with one, their stagger gauge will fill up quickly, so considering taking advantage of that!

7. Queen Grashtrike Fight

Queen Grashtrike

This is more of a mini-boss, but you'll need to be ready to deal with her, so make sure you bring Antidotes to help deal with her poison debuff!

⬇ Read the detailed boss tips below

9. Get Moogle Medal By Breaking Box

Moogle Medal

Before you begin the battle with the Flame Trooper and Sentry Launcher, be sure to check the area on your right. You can get a Moogle Medal by breaking the Shinra boxes here.

Check Out Moogle Medals Uses

10. Defeat Flame Trooper and Sentry Launcher

Sentry Launcher

These foes can be somewhat tricky if you don't use the right magic against them. Remember to assess every enemy you encounter to find out their weaknesses!

⬇ Read the detailed boss tips below

11. Defeat Crab Warden

Crab Warden

The final boss of this chapter will be the massive, lumbering Crab Warden. This boss has a rather large health pool and will put your mechanics to the test, so make sure you have lots of Potions, Hi-Potions, and Ethers ready!

⬇ Read the detailed boss tips below

Enemies & Boss Guide

How To Beat Queen Grashtrike

Queen GrashtrikeQueen GrashtrikeHP:
Items Dropped:
Rare Items Dropped:
Stealable Items:
Check Out How To Beat Queen Grashtrike!

Cure Poisons

Queen Grashtrike

Queen Grashtrike will use poisons against you. Watch your status debuffs on the low right hand corner of the screen and use an Antidote as soon as possible!

Binds Characters

Queen Grashtrike

She will also entangle one of your characters with webbing and bind them. At this point, switch to another character to continue dealing damage.

Push Her Into Stagger

Queen Grashtrike

Your goal here will be to use tons of ice spells and other attacks to build up her bar and push her into stagger mode. At this point, your attacks will deal massive damage (we managed to get a crit of 1850, which is about 1/3rd of her HP.)

How To Beat Flametrooper & Sentry Launcher

FlametrooperFlametrooper HP:
Items Dropped:
Rare Items Dropped:
Stealable Items:
Sentry LauncherSentry Launcher HP:
Items Dropped:
Orb of Gravity
Rare Items Dropped:
Stealable Items:
Orb of Gravity

Hit Flametroopers With Fire


Flametroopers are susceptible to fire damage, as well as attacks from behind that hit their exposed flame tank. Regular attacks won't be very effective against them, so you'll want to dodge behind them and use a fire attack to take them out!

Strike Sentry Launcher With Thunder


The Sentry Launchers' weakness is electricity, so you should use spells like Thunder to take them out. Also you should note that their staggering gauge won't increase unless you strike them with non-elemental or Lightning attacks.

Guard Missiles From Sentry Launcher

The missiles deal devastating damage - guard through their attacks to reduce the damage.

How To Beat Crab Warden

Crab WardenCrab Warden HP:
Items Dropped:
Metal Knuckles
Rare Items Dropped:
Stealable Items:
Molotov Cocktail
Recommended Level13-14
Check Out How To Beat Crab Warden!

Break Its Legs To Bring It Down


Crab Warden falls down when its legs are broken. When this happens, swap to a melee character to pump out massive damage on its core.

Slug Rays Will Appear

Slug Rays

At a certain point during the fight, several (4-5) Slug Rays will join the fight. Switch to them to take them out quickly, as they'll deal too much damage if you leave them up!

Avoid Surge


Crab Warden will wind up and put out a powerful electrical attack called Surge. When this happens, make sure your melee characters are away from the boss to avoid damage!

Step Away From Rails To Avoid Being Electrified


The Crab Warden will also begin to infuse the rails around it with electricity. Anyone who steps on this will take damage, so make sure to watch your feet when you see the floor glowing!

Run Behind Blocks When Targeted


Crab Warden will put a huge red targeting reticule marker on your character. At this point, take shelter behind any of the large crates in the battlefield to avoid taking damage.

All Item Chest & Materia Location in Chapter 5

Chest & Materia Location Video Guide

Chapter 5 Map & Chest Locations

Train Map

Train Map
Click to Enlarge

Letters: Materia

① Healing Materia-

Railway Control C 1 Map

Railway Control Section C 1
Click to Enlarge

★: Shinra Box | Numbers: Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest
① Hi-Potion x2-

Railway Control C 4 Map

Railway Control Section C 4
Click to Enlarge

★: Shinra Box | Numbers: Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest
① Elixir x1② Star Pendant
③ Ether x1-

Railway Control Section D Map

Section D Map
Click to Enlarge

★: Shinra Box | Numbers: Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest
① Antidote x2② Hi-Potion x2

Railway Control Section E Map

Section E Map
Click to Enlarge

★: Shinra Box | Numbers: Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest
① Phoenix Down x3② Leather Bracer

Former Railyard Map

Former Railyard Map
Click to Enlarge

★: Shinra Box | Letters: Materia

① Lightning Materia-

Story Progression & Walkthrough

<< Previous ChapterNext Chapter >>
Chapter 4: Mad DashChapter 6: Light the Way

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