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How To Beat Sephiroth - Weakness & Fight Guide
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How To Beat Sephiroth - Weakness & Fight Guide

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Check this Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7 Remake, FF7R) boss guide on how to beat Sephiroth. Including moves, weakness, resistances, how to defeat, & more!!!

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Sephiroth - Weakness & Resistance

Sephiroth - Boss Info & Stats

65157 - - -
Drop Rare Drop Steal
- - -

Weaknesses & Resistances

Weakness -
Lesser Resistance Fire, Ice, Lighting, Wind, Magic
Greater Resistance Fixed Damage
Immunities Poison, Silence, Sleep, Slow, Stop, Berserk, Proportional Damage
Absorbed Elements -
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How To Beat Sephiroth - Boss Fight Tips & Tricks

Attack Pattern Changes Per HP

Remaining HP
Attack Pattern
Phase 1
- Will flinch when attacked with weapon ability while casting attack spell
- May block and counter Cloud's attack while in Operator Mode
Phase 2
- May teleport to behind you to ambush
- May block your attack in Hard mode
Phase 3
- Boosts elemental resistance for 60 sec (120 sec when all resistance is boosted) before slashing
- Gets staggered if damaged by 7% of max HP during elemental boost mode, or gets hit by physical attack taking 10% of his max HP
Phase 4
- Starts a countdown every 30 seconds, calling down a meteor that kills the entire party in a single blow

Equip Best Materias


There are 4 phases in this battle & Cloud has to fight by himself at the beginning. Make sure you equip Heal Materia to Cloud so that he can heal his HP by himself.

If you want to change your equipment, you can press hold □ during the Sephiroth event movie.

Phase 1: Cloud VS Sephiroth


First phase of the battle is one on one battle with Cloud & Sephiroth. If you know Sephiroth's move pattern, you can easily pass this phase.

Counter Telluric Fury


Most important thing in phase 1 and 2 is to counter the Telluric Fury with Punisher mode. Sephiroth becomes pressured after countering him.

You Can Dodge Firaga


Dodge Firaga by rolling horizontally. By rolling couple times, it will become easier to dodge.

Guard & Dodge Backward Blizzaga


Blizzaga is hard to dodge. Change to Operator Mode & guard Blizzaga. Once you've guarded, dodge backward before the ice shatters. You can't guard Blizzaga with Punisher Mode.

Dodge Aeolian Onslaught Sideway

Aeolian Onslaught

When you see Sephiroth jumping up, that's the sign of Aeolian Onslaught. Dodge sideway to evade this attack.

Don't Attack During Scintilla


When you see Sephiroth sheathing his sword, that's a sign of the counter. Don't attack him while he is doing this.

Phase 2: 2 On 1 Battle With Sephiroth


Once you've reduced Sephiroth's HP to certain amount, Tifa or Aerith joins your battle and it becomes 2 on1. However, Sephiroth's moves change dramatically so be aware.

Avoid Stepping On The Purple Light of Hell's Gate

When Sephiroth uses Hell's Gate, he jumps very high and stabs his sword on the ground. First, carefully dodge his stab by taking a distance from him. After you've dodge his stab, watch out for the purple light coming out of the ground. If you don't step on the purple light, you can evade Hell's Gate.

Guard & Dodge Aeroga

Same as Blizzaga, Aeroga is hard dodge as well. Receive Aeroga first by guarding with Operator mode and step backward with dodge.

Telluric Fury Becomes Continuous Attacks

In phase 3, you can't easily counter Teluric Fury since Sephiroth won't flinch after countering. Guard this move after countering.

Phase 3: 3 on 1 Battle With Sephiroth


At the last battle phase, 3rd member (Tifa or Aerith) joins your party. Sephiroth becomes One-winged and his moves change dramatically.

Counter Sephiroth's Physical Attack To Make Him Pressured


You can make Sephiroth under pressured by countering his normal physical attack. Make him staggered and use Limit Break to deal high damage.

Octaslash Deals Heavy Damage


Octaslash is extremely fast and deals heavy damage. Since its almost impossible to dodge, you might as well switch to other character and heal the damaged ally.

Sephiroth Changes His Element With Infusions

lightning infusion

Sephiroth infuse himself with elemental magics. He will use the spell according to his infusion so make sure you learn all the pattern of his elemental attacks.


▲Thunderstorm, lighting infused Sephiroth's move


▲Frostspike, Ice infused Sephiroth's move


▲Flamewall, Fire infused Sephiroth's move

shadow flare

▲Shadow Flare, Elemental infused Sephiroth's move

Last Phase: Sephiroth With Meteor


Sephiroth uses Meteor magic at the last phase. When you see this cutscene, you are almost defeating Sephiroth!



Sephiroth counts down the time until the meteor lands. Finish him quick before he finishes counting.

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Anonymous 6

How do I get Aerith to show up? I get her at the garden scene but she doesn't show up in the fight.

Anonymous 5

Yep yep, depending who you had at the garden is who comes to help you

Anonymous 4

I had Arerith and Barret for the final fight.....in chapter 14 i had that scene with Tifa.... Is this related ?

Anonymous 3

Wow guys, spoiler much? I had no idea I would have to fight Sephiroth later in the week, then this pops up in my Google feed. So uhhh...thanks Google I guess?

Sutaru 2

Does anyone know how the game determines if you end up with Cloud Barret Tifa or Cloud Tifa Aerith?

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