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Chapter 18: Destiny's Crossroads

FF7 Remake | Chapter 18: Destiny's Crossroads | Final Fantasy 7 Integrade

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Check out this walkthrough guide on Chapter 18 - Destiny's Crossroads in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7 Remake, FF7R)! Includes mission tips, how to beat the boss, & more!!!

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Story Progression & Walkthrough

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Chapter 17
Deliverance From Chaos
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Destiny's Crossroads Walkthrough

Destiny's Crossroads Walkthrough Chart

1Evade the pursuing guards
2Defeat the pursuing mech
3After the cutscene, make your way past the toll gates
4Go through the barrier of whispers
5Follow the path to reach Tifa and Barret
6Fend off the whispers that appear
7Run and follow Barret and Tifa
8Fend off the whispers again
9Run and head to the next area
10Defeat Whisper Rubrum to trigger a cutscene
11Defeat Whisper Viridi and Whisper Croceo
12After another cutscene, defeat Whisper Bahamut
13Defeat the three Whispers
14Finish off the Whisper Harbinger
15After the cutscene, defeat Sephiroth
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1. Use Spinning Slash to Hit Enemies

Aside from your close range sword slashes, you can also use the Spinning Slash to send a projectile towards far way enemies. This ability will recharge automatically, meaning you can use it anytime as long as there's charge.

1. Stay Out of the Truck's Line of Fire

From time to time, the truck will target you with its cannons. Maneuver to the other side of the truck to avoid getting hit by its cannons.

1. Avoid Explosions From the Chopper

The chopper will try to target you, and use explosions to damage and slow you down. Explosions will happen on the red markers along the road. You can easily evade them by moving away from the red markers.

2. Destroy the Mech's Wheels

You can destroy all of the mech's wheels to stagger it. This will let you deal extra damage to it, and help you stop it from further pursuing you. After staggering it once, it will start to lay down mines along the road and use ranged attacks. These are telegraphed and easy to dodge.

4. Stock Up On Items

Before passing through the barrier of whispers, it would be best to get your team well-rested and fully-stocked with items. The vending machine near the toll gates will have all of the supplies you need to get ready!

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10 ~ 14. Defeating Whispers

Defeating Whispers

Defeating any of the three lesser Whispers will stagger the Whisper Harbinger. When this happens, try to unload as much damage as you can to the Whispers in order to damage the Harbinger more!

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12. Defeating Whisper Bahamut

Whisper Bahamut is a strong enemy, due to it having no weaknesses. However, using counterstance will help you easily stagger it. You will also need to watch out for its ranged attacks. Timing is the key to successfully dodging the projectiles.

15. Defeating Sephiroth

Defeating Sephiroth

You will start out the fight alone as Cloud. However, as the fight goes on, and you whittle down the boss' health, more and more of your party will start to appear and assist you!

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Enemies & Boss Guide

How To Beat Whisper Harbinger

whisper harbinger
140880 4350 10 1450
Drop Rare Drop Steal
- - -

Weaknesses & Resistances

Weakness -
Lesser Resistance -
Greater Resistance -
Immunities Fire, Ice, Lighting, Wind, Poison, Silence, Sleep, Slow, Stop, Berserk, Physical, Magic, Fixed Damage, Proportional Damage
Absorbed Elements -
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How To Beat Sephiroth

Sephiroth IconSephirothHP:
Items Dropped:
Rare Items Dropped:
Stealable Items:
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Counter to Fill Up Stagger Gauge

Counter to Fill Up Stagger Gauge

Sephiroth will not have any weakness. However, it is easy to fill up his Stagger Gauge. Focus on countering his attacks to stagger him quickly. Once he's in this state, you can then go on the offensive. Skills like the Counterstance will be extremely useful for this fight!

Run Away After Countering

Run Away After Countering

Keep in mind that you should not over extend when attacking Sephiroth. After getting a few good hits and a Limit attack in, move away and resume playing defensively. Sephiroth will punish overly-aggressive players with his own devastating attacks.

Dodge Away From His Spells

Dodge Away From His Spells

Sephiroth will also use powerful spells such as Firaga and Blizzaga. When you see him start to charge up this attack, start running and be ready to dodge! You may need to get used to the timing to reliably dodge the attacks.

Allies Will Help You Out

Allies Will Help You Out

As the fight goes on, more and more of your allies will start to show up to help you. Remember keep them healed up so they can support you in battle! Tifa can help improve your DPS while Aerith can keep your team healed!

Story Progression & Walkthrough

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Chapter 17
Deliverance From Chaos
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Anonymous 1

When fighting Sephiroth. I get Barret instead of Tifa. Do you know why is that my case?

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