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Tandemaus Tera Raid Event - Rewards & Best Tera Type

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet | Tandemaus Tera Raid Event - Rewards & Best Tera Type | Pokemon SV

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet | Tandemaus Tera Raid Event - Rewards & Best Tera Type | Pokemon SV - GameWith

Tandemaus Raid Guide in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Pokemon SV). See the Valentine's Event, how to unlock Tandemaus Raids, rewards, recommended Tera Type, best Pokemon and more!

▶Tera Raid Event List

Table of Contents

Tandemaus Tera Raid Event - How To Unlock & Duration

Locations / How To Unlock & Duration

Tandemaus Raid
Event DurationFeb 13 (Mon) - Feb 15 (Wed)
How To Unlock (*)1★: After the Treasure Hunt starts
2★: After the Treasure Hunt starts
3★: Get 3 or more Gym Badges
4★: 6 or more Badges
5★: After the ending of the main story
How To JoinJoin Raids in Multiplayers

(*)The Star Levels have not been announced

The Tandemaus Raid Event will run for three days, starting on February 13, 2023. It will be easier to get "Tandemaus" Hidden Abilities and various types of Tera types so it is recommended to participate.

▶Tandemaus - Location, Stats, Best Moveset and Nature

How To Do Event Raids

Connect to internet
① Connect to the Internet
Connect to the Internet from the menu. After connecting, Event Raid Crystals will appear on the map
② Go to the location of the glowing Raid Crystal
On the map, the Glowing Crystal is the raid event. There are about 10 of them on the map, so go to those locations to join.

Tandemaus Raid Event Rewards & Recommended Tera Types

Pokemon And Tera Type

Tera TypeNatureAbilityItem
RandomRandomRun Away
Own Tempo (HA)
5★: At Least 4IV Guaranteed
4★: At Least 3IV Guaranteed
3★: At Least 2IV Guaranteed
2★: At Least 1IV Guaranteed
▶Tandemaus - Location, Stats, Best Moveset and Nature

Need To Reroll For Hidden Ability?

  1. Can't be confused and is not effected by "Intimidate".

Tandemaus' Hidden Ability is "Own Tempo", but when it evolves to Maushold the Ability changes to "Technician". If you are planning to use Maushold as an Attacker, you would want to use the better Ability so rerolling is recommended.

Recommeded Tandemaus Tera Type

TypeRecommended Point
Ghost・Fighting type is ineffective which its original weakness
Fire・Burn is ineffective
Grass・Can make Spore and other ineffective

Tandemaus Raid Event Rewards

Like the past Raid Events, depending the amount of ★'s the rewards change. So this might be the same case.

Since It Is Valentine's Day, Will The Rewards Be Special?

In last year's Christmas Event, there were more Tera Shards given after you had completed the Raids. Since this is going to be a Valentine's Event, there might be a chance to have get extra Tera Shards or something extra special.

Recommended Pokemon & Counters

Choose Attackers Based On The Tera Type

Select the Tera Type of Raid Battles!
    1. Use Belly Drum on the first turn
      ・Doubles Power with Huge Power ability and Belly Drum move
      ・Note that your HP will be reduced to half after Belly Drum
      ▶How to Train Azumarill for Raid
    2. Use Screech to lower the enemy's Defense on the first turn
      ・Rock-type Sp. DEF is increased by 1.5 times during sandstorms, can be used as a tank against effective Pokemon
      ・Can support with Thunder Wave
      ▶How to Train Tyranitar for Raid
    3. ・A substitute for Azumarill
      Use Swords Dance to boost firepower in the beginning
      ・High Base Stats among Ground-type Pokemon
      ・High Attack Stats makes Earthquake powerful
      ▶How to Train Garchomp for Raid
    4. ・Super effective Attacker
      ・Greatly increases firepower with Nasty Plot
      ・Focus Blast is powerful, but beware of its low hit rate
      ▶How to Train Lucario for Raid
    5. Use Fake Tears to lower the enemy's Sp. DEF on the first turn
      ・Hyper Voice is powerful with Pixilate ability
      ・Attack with Moonblast when your Ability is disabled
      ・Misty Terrain can be used to prevent allies from status effects
      ▶How to Train Sylveon for Raid
    6. High firepower only if all four players use Perrserker
      ・Stack Screech and Swords Dance to the max, you may take down enemy with a single blow
      ▶How to Train Perrserker for Raid
    7. ・Torch Song allows you to attack while increasing Sp. ATK
      ・Hidden Ability Unaware allows you to attack after enemy's buff effects
      ・Can recover with Slack Off and support with Will-O-Wisp
      ▶How to Train Skeledirge for Raid
    8. ・Lumina Crash can attack while lowering Sp. DEF by 2 levels
      ・Can lower enemy's Sp. DEF even after it put up a barrier
      ・If the Ability is Opportunist, it can copy enemy's stat boosts
      ▶How to Train Espathra for Raid
    9. ・Gigaton Hammer inflicts large damage
      ・The Steel/Fairy combination has excellent resistance, and hard to be weak against the enemy.
      ・It is best to use Reflect or Light Screen depending on the enemy
      ▶How to Train Tinkaton for Raid
    10. ・Two Main weapons can trigger Same-type attack bonus
      ・Can lower the enemy's Sp. DEF by 2 levels with Fake Tears
      ・Taunt can interfere with the enemy's bothersome Status Move
      ▶How to Train Flutter Mane for Raid
    11. Use Belly Drum to raise ATK on the first turn
      ・The combination of Belly Drum and Drain Punch allows you to keep fighting
      ・Excellent Durability
      ▶How to Train Iron Hands for Raid
    12. ・Acid Spray lowers enemy's Sp. DEF by 2 levels
      ・A Super effective attacker due to the High Base Stats
      ・Can recover HP with Morning Sun
      ▶How to Train Iron Moth for Raid
    13. ・The substitute for Fire-type Pokemon
      ・Inflicts high damage by stacking Swords Dance
      ・Increases Critical hit ratio with Focus Energy
      ・The Thermal Exchange ability is immune to Burns and no risk of lowering ATK
      ▶How to Train Baxcalibur for Raid
    14. ・The Beads of Ruin ability can lower the enemy's Sp. DEF and increase firepower
      ・Note that this Ability also lowers allies' Sp. DEF
      ・High Base Stats
      ▶How to Train Chi-Yu for Raid
    15. ・High Attack Base Stats
      ・Screech can lower the enemy's DEF by 2 levels
      ・Can increase ATK by stacking Swords Dance
      ▶How to Train Koraidon for Raid
    16. ・High Sp. ATK Base Stats
      ・Metal Sound lowers the enemy's Sp. DEF by 2 levels
      ・Taunt can interfere with the enemy's bothersome Status Move
      ▶How to Train Miraidon for Raid
    17. Increase firepower/durability with Bulk Up on the first turn
      ・Rage Fist can inflict large damage under the right conditions
      ・Better to use in Solo rather than Multi-play
      ▶How to Train Annihilape for Raid
    18. A Pokemon as a specific measure
      ・First, Swords Dance can be used to increase firepower.
      ・Bitter Blade can be used to heal while attacking.
      ・Many learnable Status Moves
      ▶How to Train Ceruledge for Raid
    19. Recommended for Cinderace Random Group Raid
      ・Lowers Sp. Defense with Acid Spray
      ・Psychic Terrain+Expanding Force is powerful
      ▶How to Train Armarouge for Raid
    20. Recommended for Charizard Solo Raid
      ・Use Calm Mind on 1st turn
      ・Use Fake Tears three times
      ・Use Draining Kiss repeatedly
      ▶How to Train Sylveon for Raid
    21. Recommended for Charizard Co-op Raid
      ・Use Fake Tears three times
      ・Use Go all out! one time
      ・Use Hyper Beam
      ▶How to Train Sylveon for Raid
    22. Recommended for Cinderace Solo Raid
      ・Gain power and defense with Nasty Plot & Iron Defense
      ・Single Blow Attack with Stored Power
      ▶How to Train Slowbro for Raid
    23. Recommended for Cinderace Solo Raid
      ・Use Opportunist to effectively invalid Bulk Up
      ・Stop Cinderace's moves with Feather Dance
      ▶How to Train Espathra for Raid

    Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Raid Information

    Pokemon SV Raid Events Banner
    ▶Latest Raid Events

    Tera Raid Events

    EventEvent Duration & Contents
    Mighty Mewtwo
    Event Period
    Sept 1 (Fri) 00:00 - Sept 18 (Sun) 11:59pm UTC
    7★ Mighty Mewtwo will appear. The Mewtwo will have a Mightiest Mark and the Tera Type is Psychic.
    ▶7 Star Mighty Mewtwo Guide

    How to Train Pokemon for Raid

    ▶Best Pokemon For Tera Raid Battles
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