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7 Star Chesnaught Tera Raid Strategy Guide - Best Counter Pokemon

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet | 7 Star Chesnaught Tera Raid Strategy Guide - Best Counter Pokemon | Pokemon SV

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet | 7 Star Chesnaught Tera Raid Strategy Guide - Best Counter Pokemon | Pokemon SV - GameWith

7 Star Chesnaught Tera Raid Strategy Guide for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Pokemon SV). Learn more about the best counter Pokemon for Mighty Chesnaught, type, moves, & builds!

Chesnaught Evolution Line
Chespin Icon ChespinQuilladin Icon QuilladinChesnaught Icon Chesnaught

Table of Contents

7 Star Chesnaught Tera Raid - Event Dates & How To Join

Event Dates & How To Join

7 Star Chesnaught Tera Raid
Event DurationJun 16 (Fri) 00:00 ~ Jun 18 (Sun) 11:59pm UTC
How To UnlockAfter the Ending 6★ Raid Unlocks
How To ParticipatePlay as Multi-Player and Participate in the Raid

The Mighty Chesnaught Tera Raid will only be unlocked after the Ending Event. And you must unlock the 6★ Raids. There are no restrictions for joining Mighty Raids with other players, so find a Mighty Raid in the bulletin board and participate.

How To Unlock A 6★ Raid
How To Unlock A 6★ Raid
Complete All 3 Routes and watch the Ending
Rematch all 8 Gym Leaders
Complete the Academy Ace Tournament
└ After completing you will be contacted by Jacq
Complete 4★ or more Tera Raid 10 times
└ After completing you will be contacted by Jacq and you have unlocked 6★ Raid

How To Participate Mighty Chesnaught Tera Raid

After Unlocking 6 Star Tera Raid
Connect to Internet
① Connect to Internet
Select [Connect to Internet] from Menu. After connecting you will be able to see the Crystals of Chesnaught Tera Raids.
② Go to the Black Crystals Shining On The Map
The Black Crystals shining on the map are the Mighty Chesnaught. Go to that spot and participate in the Tera Raid.
If you have not Unlocked 6★ Tera Raids
① Participate in Multiplayer
Even if you have not unlocked 6★ Raid, you can participate from Multiplayer.

Best Counter Pokemon For 7 Star Chesnaught

[For Multi-Player] Steel Special Attacker + 3 Perrserker

Gholdengo + Perrserker (Preliminary Version)
[Ability] Good as Gold
[Effort Value] HP 252/SP ATK252
[Item] Choice Specs
Make It Rain
ニャイキングのアイコンPerrserker ×3
[Ability] Steely Spirit
[Nature] Impish (FLEX)
[Effort Value] HP 252/DEF 252
[Item] Focus Sash
Fake Tears

Preliminary Version recommended for players who are looking for a fixed one shot. Chesnaught's defense is very strong and it will use "Iron Defense" so instead of using 4 Perrserkers, it is better to use 3 Support type Perrserkers + 1 Steel Special Attacker.

In this team, the 3 Perrserkers will use "Fake Tears" and then Gholdengo can attack, so it will be fairly easy to look for other players in the Raid Search Board.

▶Perrserker Build For Tera Raid

[For Solo] Endurance Appletun

Tera TypeNatureAbilityItem
Shell Bell
Mirror Herb
Base Stats11085801008030
Effort Value4025225200

Recommended Moveset

  1. Grass
  2. Normal
  3. Steel

Signature Move "Apple Acid" will drop the opponent's SP DEF by 1 level for sure. The damages from Chesnaught's attacks can be healed with "Shell Bell" or "Recover" so you won't faint.

[For Solo] Contrary Lurantis

Tera TypeNatureAbilityItem
GrassModestContraryShell Bell
Effort Value7010590809045
Base Stats4025225200

Recommended Moveset

  1. Grass
  2. Grass

Contrary Lurantis is an attacker increases its SP ATK by 2 levels every time it uses Leaf Storm. The damage inflicted can be recovered with "Shell Bell" so it has stability to win. In themiddle of the battle, your abilities will be reset so try keeping 3 to 4 PP of Leaf Storm left.

[For Solo] Annihilape

Tera TypeNatureAbilityItem
FightingAdamantDefiantCovert Cloak
Base Stats11011580509090

Recommended Moveset

  1. Fighting

Mighty Chesnaught is a Rock type, so any Pokemon that has learned Drain Punch will be able to take the fight into an endurance battle. Among them, Annihilape is the Pokemon that should be used preferentially, as it is likely to be less likely to receive an effective hit from Chesnaught (probably only Zen Headbutt can take heavy damage from it).

▶︎ Annihilape Build For Tera Raid

How To Fight & Defeat Mighty Chesnaught

Mighty Chesnaught Stats

Chesnaught Icon
Tera TypeNatureAbilityItem
rock TBC BulletproofN/A
Base Stats88107122747564

Acid Spray Will Be Ineffective

  1. will allow it not to get hit by bullet type attacks.

Chesnaught's Hidden Abillity is "Bulletproof" and it will nullify Acid Spray which is used to complete Raids.

Mighty Chesnaught Moveset

Will Attack With Various Of Moves

  1. Ground
  2. Fighting
  3. Grass

Mighty Chesnaught's moves are all around 100 and above. They are a variety so making them all half is going to be very hard.

Use "Iron Defense" To Increase DEF


Right at the start of the battle, Chesnaught will use "Iron Defense". The DEF will increase 2 levels so if you are planning a Physical Attacker then be careful.

In Middle Stages, Stack "Bulk Up"


In the middle stages of the battle, Chesnaught will use "Bulk Up". This will increase the ATK so from here the damage inflicted will increase.

Lastly, It Will Use "Curse"

  1. Ghost

In the last stages, Chesnaught will stack Curse. This will increase ATK and DEF by 1 level, but decrease SPD by 1. This will make it harder to defeat so decrease its HP and hurry to defeat it.

Challenge With Level 100 Pokemon


7★ Raids are very powerful so it is recommended to have a Pokemon that is Level 100 to participate. Even on the Official it has been posted, [It is very hard to defeat by 1 Trainer]. So be prepared by leveling up your Pokemon.

▶How To Level Up Fast - EXP Farming

List Of Rewards For Mighty Chesnaught

Can Capture 1 Fixed 6IV Chesnaught

Chesnaught Icon

During the event, you will only be able to capture 1 Mighty Chesnaught per saved data. It will most likely have individual Values that are all BEST and fixed 6IV. Also the Ability and Nature will also be fixed so you do not have to reroll for the Mighty Chesnaught.

The 2nd One Can Only Be Obtained By Breeding

Breeding Walkthrough
Add the Mighty Chesnaught and Ditto in your Pokemon team
Use the Egg Power then start up a Picnic
Wait about 30 seconds and check inside the Basket and press the A Button and find Eggs
Have the Eggs inside your team and walk around or ride your Legendary Ride
Best Breeding Guide

You may not get 2 of the Mighty Chesnaught. Other than an undiscovered Egg Group, you can breed it with a Ditto and get an offspring without the "Mightiest Mark".

Catch An Chesnaught With An Apricon Ball

Chesnaught was a starter Pokemon in the past "Sword & Shield". You were only able to get a Poke Ball Chesnaught so this will be the first time you will be able to use an Apricon Ball to catch it in this raid.

▶What is Apricon Balls?

Get The Mightiest Mark

After defeating can get Mighty mark

When you capture the Mighty Chesnaught, it will come with a mark called [Mightiest Mark]. When you take it out to battle, it will have a different effect then using a normal version.

▶Mark List - How To Get & Titles

List of Rewards

The Past Raids Had Fixed Ability Patch And TM

In the past Mighty Pokemon Raids, when you complete for the first time, you were able to receive the Ability Patch and TM. It is most likely you will receive them again int this raid.

Will There Be Shinies?

High Chance There Will Be No Shinies In The Raid

There is a high chance there are no Shiny Mighty Chesnaught in this event, so you will not have to reroll and just receive that 1 Pokemon.

If You Breed, You Can Get A Shiny

Reroll Using Breeding Technique

Reroll Procedure
By completing the Pokedex you will receive the Shiny Charm which increases your chances of getting a Shiny.
▶Paldean Pokemon Pokedex
PrepareReceive a Ditto from overseas by trade
▶Ditto Trading Board
Use Egg Power
(Recommend going to restaurant in Cascarrafa and getting Lv 2)
Put just the Foreign Ditto and Mighty Pokemon in your party
Other than the city, open up a Picnic
Take your Pokemon out of its ball and leave them alone
Check the basket next to the table and see if you have an Egg
*If you leave them alone longer, you may get a few
Put 1 Pokemon and 5 Eggs in your party and run around
You want to add Pokemon with the Abilities
Once the Eggs hatch, check to see if Shiny
Repeat these Steps until you get a Shiny

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Anonymous 1

For 2 players, this Appletun and Lurantis work amazingly well together. Apple Acid cuts Chesnaught's sp. def so Lurantis's self-boosting Leaf Storm can do massive damage. They consistently win in about 1/4 of the timer bar. Btw, Leaf Storm NEEDS PP Ups. 5 PP just isn't enough.

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