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Walking Wake Tera Raid Strategy Guide - Best Counter Pokemon

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet | Walking Wake Tera Raid Strategy Guide - Best Counter Pokemon | Pokemon SV

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet | Walking Wake Tera Raid Strategy Guide - Best Counter Pokemon | Pokemon SV - GameWith

Walking Wake Tera Raid Strategy Guide for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Pokemon SV). Learn more about the best counter Pokemon for Walking Wake, type, moves, & builds!

Table of Contents

Walking Wake Tera Raid - Event Dates & How To Join

Event Dates & How To Join

Walking Wake Tera Raid
Event DurationMay 1 (Mon) 0:00am - May 14 (Sun) 11:59pm UTC
How To UnlockUnlock the 5★ raids (Complete the main storyline)
Scarlet exclusive
How To ParticipatePlay as Multi-Player and Participate in the Raid

The raid event featuring Walking Wake is exclusive to the Scarlet version and will run for about two weeks, from Monday, May 1 to Sunday, May 14. This is the 2nd time this Paradox Pokemon will be appearing so don't miss it! Walking Wake is a new Paradox Pokemon, and it is currently only available in this event raid.

▶︎ Walking Wake - Type, Moveset, & Stats

Iron Leaves Raid Event Is Underway In The Violet Version

Iron Leaves Raid Even

During the same period as the Walking Wake raid, Violet version is holding a raid for Iron Leaves, a new Paradox Pokemon. If you are playing the Scarlet version, join the raids that other players are recruiting for to catch Iron Leaves.

▶︎ Iron Leaves - Type, Moveset, & Stats

How To Participate Tera Raid

Connect to Internet
① Connect to Internet
Select [Connect to Internet] from Menu. After connecting you will be able to see the Crystals of Walking Wake Tera Raids.
② Go to the Black Crystals Shining On The Map
The Black Crystals shining on the map are the Walking Wake. Go to that spot and participate in the Tera Raid.

Best Counter Pokemon Candidates

For Solo: Electric Tera Type Iron Hands Is Stable

Tera TypeNatureAbilityItem
ElectricAdamantQuark DriveSitrus Berry
Base Stats154140108506850
Effort Value6252002520

Recommended Moveset

  1. Electric
  2. Normal
  3. Fighting
  4. Fighting

Walking Wake is a Water Tera type, so you can hit its weak point with an Electric move. It may use Noble Roar to lower the attack, which can be counteracted with Iron Hands' Belly Drum .

Be Careful Not To Faint When Using It In Multiple Situations

When you use Belly Drum, it uses some of Iron Hands' HP, so it's easy to faint when it gets overwhelmed with too much damage, so be careful and keep an eye out of its remaining HP when using it in multiplayer. Use Heal Up! to recover as soon as your HP decreases.

▶︎ Iron Hands Build For Tera Raid

For Multiplayer: Grimmsnarl As A Supporter

Tera TypeNatureAbilityItem
FairyCarefulPranksterLight Clay
Base Stats9512065957560
Effort Value2526002520

Recommended Moveset

  1. Dark
  2. Psychic
  3. Fairy
  4. Psychic

If you are taking on this raid in multiplayer, Grimmsnarl is also recommend as a supporter. It can support the allies with Taunt which can prevent Walking Wake's Noble Roar, and Light Screen which can reduce the damage from special moves.

▶︎ Grimmsnarl Build For Tera Raid

How To Fight & Defeat Walking Wake

Walking Wake's Moveset

Walking Wake's moveset is as shown above. Note in particular that the signature move "Hydro Steam" is a powerful whose power is increased by 1.5 times when the weather is sunny.

Beware Of The First Move "Sunny Day"

Beware Of The First Move Sunny Day

Walking Wake uses Sunny Day in its first move and activates its Ability "Protosynthesis". Furthermore, the opponent's signature move "Hydro Steam" is 1.5 times more powerful when the weather is sunny, so you need to take countermeasures such as rewriting to other weather conditions.

Challenge With Level 100 Pokemon

Walking Wake is so powerful that you should raise your Pokemon's level to 100 before you challenge the raid. If you want to join other players' raids, make sure to raise your Pokemon's level.

▶How To Level Up Fast

Useful Sandwiches To Eat

Water Raid Power Lv. 1 Without Herba Mystica

  1. Cheese
    Cream Cheese
    EXPSteel Lv 1
    EncounterBug Lv 1
    RaidWater Lv 1

Water Raid Power Lv. 2 Without Herba Mystica

  1. Rice
    Chili Sauce
    Chili Sauce
    EncounterGrass Lv 1
    HumungoNormal Lv 2
    RaidWater Lv 2

List Of Rewards For Walking Wake Tera Raid

Can Capture 1 Walking Wake

Walking Wake
TerastalNatureAbilityHeld Item
Individual Value
5★:4IV or Higher (Random Location)

During the event, you will only be able to capture 1 Walking Wake per saved data. Individual Value is fixed at 4V for 5★ Raid (the location is random), so it is worth rerolling Pokemon with low IV in its Attack stat.

▶︎ Walking Wake - Type, Moveset, & Stats

Second Walking Wake Is Not Available

Walking Wake's egg group is "undiscovered," so even if it picnic with Ditto, you cannot obtain a second Walking Wake.

Walking Wake Will Appear Again In Future Events

According to the official website, Walking Wake will be available again in the future at other events or in other ways. If you were unable to obtain it this time, wait for its announcement in future events.

Tera Raid Battle Events Guide & Schedule

Walking Wake Raid Reward Items

There's no particular advantage for rewards since the rewards for the Walking Wake Raid is not much different from the usual ★5 Raids.

5 Star Raid Solo Guide - Pokemon & Levels

Will There Be Shiny Walking Wakes?

Very Low Chance To Get A Shiny In This Raid

There is a very low chance to get a Shiny Walking Wake so you do not have to reroll for that 1 Walking Wake that you will receive.

Walking Wake Tera Raid Battle Codes Search Board

Tera Raid Battle Codes Search Board

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