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Check out the latest news and updates in Fortnite Battle Royale, including information on events, seasons, & more - updated regularly.

Fortnite Latest News & Update
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The Latest in Fortnite

v8.40 Patch Update - April 17, 2019

v8.40 Patch Update - April 17, 2019

Set your aim straight and take out your targets in quick shots in the v8.40 Patch! The update sees the release of the Legendary and Epic variants of the Infantry Rifle.

Check Out the v8.40 Patch Update Here

New Epic & Legendary Infantry Rifles

Take Down Enemies with New Infantry Rifle Variants

Precision and power in every shot, the Infantry Rifle has received new Epic & Legendary variants! Other than the visual change, the higher variety Infantry Rifles also boast higher stats.

Check Out Infantry Rifle Weapon Stats

Introducing 2 New LTMs

Air Royale

Air Royale

Soar through the skies and take down every other plane that stands before you. In the Air Royale LTM, air superiority is key to outmaneuvering enemies and be the last plane standing.

Check Out Air Royale LTM Challenges!

Food Fight - Deep Fried

Food Fight - Deep Fried

Protect your mascot from rivals and the steadily rising lava in the Food Fight - Deep Fried LTM! The goal is to destroy the enemy team's mascot and eliminate those who remain in this game mode!

Check Out the Food Fight - Deep Fried LTM

v8.30 Patch Update - April 10, 2019

v8.30 Patch Update - April 10, 2019

The v8.30 unveils the new item Reboot Van, which uses Reboot Cards to bring back fallen allies! This also marks the start of the event Buccaneer's Bounty where you can earn in-game rewards for completing free challenges!

Check Out The v8.30 Patch Update Here!

Reboot Van Unveiled

Reboot Van Unveiled

The New Item: Reboot Van officially makes its debut on the v8.30 patch update! This item will be able to bring back your fallen allies! Don't forget to collect your team's Reboot Cards from fallen teammates!

Check Out The Reboot Van Here!

Buccaneer's Bounty


Earn unique in-game rewards from completing challenges in the all new event: Buccaneer's Bounty! Find out about the challenges for the event, their corresponding rewards, and more!

Check Out Buccaneer's Bounty Here!

Season 8 Battle Pass Unlockable Skin - Ruin

Ruin Unveiled As Season 8 Unlockable Battle Pass Outfit

Season 8 Week 8 Battle Pass Outfit & Skin - Ruin

The intimidating looking outfit RUIN is the unlockable Season 8 Battle Pass outfit. To have him in your inventory, you must complete 55 Weekly Challenges!

Check Out Season 8 Ruin Details Here!

New Feature - Reboot Van & Reboot Card

Revive Team In Match With Reboot Van & Reboot Card

Respawn Teammates With Reboot Van & Reboot Card

In an upcoming patch, Fortnite is introducing its new in-game feature - the Reboot Van! Players will be able to revive fallen teammates by the use of their Reboot Cards.

Check Out Reboot Van Details Here!

v8.20 Content Update - April 2, 2019

v8.20 Content Update - April 2, 2019

The v8.20 content update brings with it a new weapon! For all of your long-range explosive needs, the Boom Bow makes its debut!

Check Out The v8.20 Content Update Here!

New Weapon - Boom Bow

New Weapon - Boom Bow

The Boom Bow is a new weapon that deals tons of damage to structures due to its explosive nature. Be careful not to shoot this thing at targets close to you since it damages the area around its point of impact!

Check Out The Boom Bow Here!

v8.20 Patch Updates - March 27, 2019

v8.20 Patch Updates - March 27, 2019

A new LTM and a new trap item awaits in the v8.20 Patch Update! This update includes the release of a new exciting LTM that matches the season's theme and a new trap item that can inflict serious overtime damage!

Check Out the v8.20 Patch Update Here

New Trap - Poison Dart Trap

Poison Dart Trap - Tips & Techniques

Better watch your step or you might just get caught in the new Poison Dart Trap! Players who trigger this sneaky trap will suffer from poison that will continuously damage their health in a period of time.

Check Out the Poison Dart Trap Here

New LTM - The Floor is Lava

The Floor is Lava: LTM: Gameplay Tips And Guides

Feel the burn in the new Floor is Lava LTM where players have to battle it out in a lava-filled map! Stay on the high ground to survive this apocalyptic time mode.

Check Out The Floor Is Lava LTM Here

New Forage Items

New Forage Items

Exploring the island just became sweeter and hotter with the new Foraged Items! Bananas, Peppers, and Coconuts each have their own features and can only be found in specific areas of the game.

Check Out the New Forage Items Here

v8.11 Content Update - March. 20, 2019

v8.11 Content Update - March 20, 2019

The v8.11 Content Update is here and it brings with it a new weapon! The update is just a content update so it won't bring too many changes to the game.

Check Out the v8.11 Content Update Here

New Weapon: Flint-Knock Pistol

Flint-Knock Pistol

This high damage weapon can easily shave off an enemies health with a single shot. However, it does have slow recoil and one-bullet capacity to balance it out.

Check Out the Flint-Knock Pistol Stats Here

High Stakes Challenge Is Back!

High Stakes Challenge

High Stakes Challenge was introduced last year and is back again! Complete challenges in the Getaway LTM to win exclusive rewards, including the Crowbar Pickaxe, Cash Flow Contrail, and more.

Check Out The New High Stakes Challenge!

v8.10 Update - Mar. 12, 2019

New Vehicle Rolls Out in v8.10 Update

v8.10 Update Rolls Out a New Vehicle

Added mobility will come to Fortnite with the release of the v8.10 update. Roll and grapple your way around the island in Fortnite's newest vehicle!

Check out v8.10 Update summary!

New Vehicle - Baller

New Vehicle - Baller

The Baller is a one-man vehicle that offers all-around protection as it gets you where you want to be. With its grappler, you can attach and fling yourself to high points in a snap!

Check Out the Baller Vehicle Here

v8.01 Content Update - Mar. 5, 2019

Start a Treasure Hunt in v8.01 Content Update

Start a Treasure Hunt in v8.01 Content Update

The first update since the release of Season 8, v8.01 will include an all new item for aspiring treasure hunters and a number of miscellaneous quality changes.

Check Out the v8.01 Content Update Here

New Item: Buried Treasure

New Item: Buried Treasure

Follow the Buried Treasure map to find the hidden loot in the island! X marks the spot so get there before everyone else.

Check Out the Buried Treasure Item Stats

v8.00 Patch Update - Feb. 28, 2019

X Marks the Spot in Fortnite's Season 8

X Marks the Spot in Fortnite

A whole new season has arrived to Fortnite, bringing with it multiple changes to the game, including a new map, items, and of course, a new Battle Pass! it also included the vaulting of several vehicles and weapons in the update.

Check Out the v8.00 Patch Update Here

Rank Up the New Season 8 Battle Pass

Rank Up the New Season 8 Battle Pass

As with any new season, a new Battle Pass has been debuted for the Season 8! With more than 100 items to earn, better start ranking up that Battle Pass to get them all.

Check Out Season 8 Battle Pass & Rewards

Blow Up the Competition with the Pirate Cannon

Blow Up the Competition with the Pirate Cannon

Shoot down enemies or launch yourself in the air and hit them yourself with the Pirate Cannon! Players can push it around to set it up.

Check Out the Pirate Cannon Here

v7.40 Content Update

v7.40 Content Update

A new vehicle and a new LTM, all in the v7.40 Content Update! This update will include the much-awaited vehicle - Driftboard and the Drifting LTM where it will be available.

Check Out the v7.40 Content Update Here

New Vehicle - Driftboard

Driftboard Vehicle Image

Travel like you've never before with the new Driftboard vehicle! With its mobility and freedom to use weapons, players can go rushing down enemies gun a blazin'!

Check Out the Driftboard Guide & Tips Here

New LTM - Drifting

Drifting LTM

Show off your skills with the Driftboard to take home that Victory Royale! So far, it's the only competitive game mode where players can find and use the Driftboard.

Check Out the Drifting LTM Here

V7.40 Patch Update

v7.40 Patch Update

The v7.40 Patch Update is packed with new content! From a new weapon to the release of the Share the Love event and Overtime challenges, the update offers exciting news for all players!

Check Out the v7.40 Patch Update Here

New Weapon: Infantry Rifle

Infantry Rifle

Truly a classic, the Infantry Rifle can shoot down enemies and structures alike! This reliable weapon is a good companion to have in the battlefield.

Check Out the Infantry Rifle Stats Here

Share the Love Event & Overtime Challenges

Share the Love Event Support a Creator
DurationFeb. 8 - Feb. 22, 2019

In celebration of Valentine's Day, Fortnite will be holding Share The Love event, which features special Valentine's themed rewards, Overtime Challenges, Double XP, Featured Island Frenzy and Competitive Series!

Check Out the Share the Love Event Here

Get an Exclusive Wrap for Supporting a Creator

Cuddle Hearts Wrap

Players who will use a Creator Code for their purchases will receive an exclusive wrap as part of the event. Those who made the purchase prior to the release will still get the wrap as long as the purchase is within the event date.

Check Out the Wrap Item List Here

Earn A Season 8 Battle Pass From Overtime Challenges

New Styles for Trog, Powder, and Onesie
DurationFeb 14, 2019 ~ Feb 27, 2019

With Season 8 just around the corner, Fortnite has introduced Overtime Challenges. These challenges will let you earn more rewards while waiting for Season 8. Completing 13 challenges before Feb 27, will reward you with a FREE Season 8 Battle Pass!

Overtime Challenges & Rewards

New challenges will be released with the v7.40 content update and with new challenges comes new rewards! Get various cosmetic rewards such as new styles for the Battle Pass Skins, ONESIE, POWDER, & TROG!

Check Out Overtime Challenges Here

Unvaulted: Cupid's Crossbow


It may look extremely pretty, but it's no less deadly. The Cupid's Crossbow is back for a limited time across different Fortnite game modes.

Check Out Cupid's Crossbow Stats Here!

Account Merging Feature Now Available

Account Merging Feature

Transfer cosmetic items and V-Bucks between multiple accounts with the new Account Merging feature. Console log in details will also be linked immediately to the merged account.

Check Out How to Merge Accounts Here

Season 8: What To Expect

The Latest News Regarding Fortnite's Season 8

The Latest News Regarding Fortnite

Check out the latest news regarding the upcoming Season of Fortnite Battle Royale. The article will discuss possible themes, skins, map changes, and more!

Check Out What To Expect In Season 8 Here

Possible Season 8 Theme: Underwater

Possible Theme: Underwater

With the snowy season coming to a pass, several cosmetic items have been revealed that are related to "melting" or "ocean". This may mean that the melting of the ice will cause several bodies of water to appear on the map!

New Item: Bottle Rockets

New Mortar-like Item Revealed

Bottle Rockets Image

The Bottle Rockets is a new item introduced in Fortnite's in-game news section. It seems to be a new item that behaves like a Mortar.

Check Out The Bottle Rockets Here

v7.30 Patch Update

v7.30 Content Update Summary - January 29, 2019

The v7.30 Patch Update comes with the release of the new grenade: The Chiller Grenade, along with weapons being vaulted, and brought back!

Check Out The v7.30 Patch Update Here

New Throwable: Chiller Grenade

Chiller Grenade Image

The Chiller Grenade will throw you off balance, and ice your shoes when you are caught in its blast! Vehicles also get iced tires when they are hit!

Check Out The Chiller Grenade Here

Weapons Have Been Vaulted & Unvaulted

List Of Vaulted Weapons

  • Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle
  • Heavy Shotgun
  • Burst Assault Rifle
  • SMG

List Of Unvaulted Weapons

  • Suppressed SMG
Check Out The All Weapon List Here

v7.20 Content Update

v7.20 Content Update Summary - January 22, 2019

v7.20 Content Update brings with it a new item, updates to item and vehicle spawn rates, and the vaulting of some weapons!

Check Out v7.20 Content Update Here

New Item: Sneaky Snowman

v7.20 Content Update Summary - January 22, 2019

Hide away from enemies in the most adorable disguise ever! The Sneaky Snowman will let you blend into the Winter island!

Check Out the Sneaky Snowman Guide Here

v7.20 Patch Update

v7.20 Patch Update Summary - January 15, 2018

A new weapon and a new item will make its debut in the v7.20 patch! Look out for the new Scoped Revolver weapon and the Gliders item!

Check Out the v7.20 Patch Update Here

New Weapon: Scoped Revolver

v7.20 Patch Update Summary - January 15, 2018

Turning the Revolver into a long-range weapon, the Scoped Revolver will allow players to connect powerful shots even at a distance!

Check Out Scoped Revolver Weapon Stats

New Item: Gliders

v7.20 Patch Update Summary - January 15, 2018

Bring out your Glider at any time with the Gliders item! It has the same mechanics as the previous Gliders deployment implementation.

Check Out Gliders Item Guide Here

Sniper Rifle Trajectory Changes

v7.20 Patch Update Summary - January 15, 2018

Changes have been made to several Sniper Rifles to adapt the same bullet trajectory as the Heavy Sniper Rifle. This equates to a decrease in bullet drop for the following sniper rifles.

Check Out the Sniper Rifle Weapon List

v7.10 Content Update # 3

v7.10 Content Update # 3 - January 8, 2019

The last part of the v7.10 update brings with it the new Suppressed Sniper Rifle, return of the Dual Pistols, and various weapon and vehicle stat balances.

Check Out v7.10 Content Update # 3 Here

New Weapon: Suppressed Sniper Rifle

v7.10 Content Update #3 Summary - January 8, 2019

The all-new Suppressed Sniper Rifle will allow player to silently take out enemies from a distance! You can find the weapon across all game modes now.

Check Out Suppressed Sniper Rifle Weapon Stats

Return of the Dual Pistols

v7.10 Content Update #3 Summary - January 8, 2019

The Dual Pistols makes their return to Fortnite after months of being vaulted! With tweaks to its stats, it's very different from how it was before!

Check Out the Dual Pistols Weapon Stats

v7.10 Content Update # 1 & # 2

v7.10 Content Update Summary - December 30, 2018

Three part mini-updates are on its way during the holiday season, each bringing new contents and items! Check out the details in the summary article below.

Check Out the v7.10 Content Update Here

Boom Box Introduced To The Game!

New throwable item "Boombox" is a non-lethal throwable weapon, solely meant to break down enemy buildings with powerful shockwaves.

Check Out the Boom Box Here

v7.10 Patch Update

v7.10 Patch Note Summary - December 18, 2018

Release of the Driftboard has been delayed to focus on quality of life improvements in update v7.10. Find out what changes were made in our update summary!

Check Out The v7.10 Update Here

v7.01 Patch Update

v7.01 Patch Note Summary - December 11, 2018

The first update of season 7 will introduce a sword - the Inifinity Blade - to Fortnite! Find out about the other changes in our update summary!

Check Out The v7.01 Update Here

Infinity Blade Introduced To The Game!

Infinity Blade Guide - Damage, DPS, Stats & Tips

A treasure is hidden in Polar Peak! Are you skilled enough to effectively wield the Infinity Blade? We give you a run down of what to expect when you encounter this weapon!

Check Out The Infinity Blade Here

Appearance Of The Block

Fortnite, Latest News & Update, Appearance Of The Block

A mysterious concrete block has appeared and flattened Risky Reels! This new area will display the best creations made in Fortnite's new Creative Mode! Check out the details in the link below!

Check Out The Block Here

Remember To Adhere To The Code Of Conduct

Remember to always follow the Code Of Conduct posted in Fortnite's blog to keep every submission, clean and fun for all players! Epic will not hesitate to take action against those who violate this code.

Check Out The Code Of Conduct Here

Season 7 Patch Update

Fortnite, Latest News & Update

Season 7 starts on Dec 6, 2018. Check out everything new coming to Season 7 in the world of Fortnite! Also included in the patch update is the all new Season 7 Battle Pass!

Check Out The Season 7 Summary Here

Season 7 Theme: Snow

Fortnite, Latest News & Update, Season 7 Theme

Fortnite's Official Twitter has been dropping some hints as to what theme the new season will be. "A frigid day dawns..." is the caption for the image above. A snowy theme also coincides with the holidays coming very soon!

New Challenges & Skins Coming

Other than a new theme, Season 7 will also be unveiling the new Battle Pass which contains new challenges for you to complete. Finishing these challenges will also unlock cosmetic items such as skins for you to use in the game!

Check Out The Season 7 Battle Pass Here

Fortnite Creative

SOURCE: EPIC Games' Official Site

Learn more about the new mode introduced in Fortnite to go along with the start of Season 7, Fortnite Creative!

Check Out Fortnite Creative Here

Let Your Imagination Run Wild In Your Private Island

Fortnite, Latest News & Update, Fortnite Creative

Build and create to your heart's content in your private island. Invite your friends, and make monumental wonders, your own game modes, race tracks, cinematics, and more!

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