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Check out the latest news and updates in Fortnite Battle Royale, including information on events, seasons, and more - updated regularly.

Fortnite Latest News & Update
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The Latest in Fortnite

v7.10 Patch Update

v7.10 Patch Note Summary - December 18, 2018

Release of the Driftboard has been delayed to focus on quality of life improvements in update v7.10. Find out what changes were made in our update summary!

Check Out The v7.10 Update Here

v7.01 Patch Update

v7.01 Patch Note Summary - December 11, 2018

The first update of season 7 will introduce a sword - the Inifinity Blade - to Fortnite! Find out about the other changes in our update summary!

Check Out The v7.01 Update Here

Infinity Blade Introduced To The Game!

Infinity Blade Guide - Damage, DPS, Stats & Tips

A treasure is hidden in Polar Peak! Are you skilled enough to effectively wield the Infinity Blade? We give you a run down of what to expect when you encounter this weapon!

Check Out The Infinity Blade Here

Appearance Of The Block

Fortnite, Latest News & Update, Appearance Of The Block

A mysterious concrete block has appeared and flattened Risky Reels! This new area will display the best creations made in Fortnite's new Creative Mode! Check out the details in the link below!

Check Out The Block Here

Remember To Adhere To The Code Of Conduct

Remember to always follow the Code Of Conduct posted in Fortnite's blog to keep every submission, clean and fun for all players! Epic will not hesitate to take action against those who violate this code.

Check Out The Code Of Conduct Here

Season 7 Patch Update

Fortnite, Latest News & Update

Season 7 starts on Dec 6, 2018. Check out everything new coming to Season 7 in the world of Fortnite! Also included in the patch update is the all new Season 7 Battle Pass!

Check Out The Season 7 Summary Here

Season 7 Theme: Snow

Fortnite, Latest News & Update, Season 7 Theme

Fortnite's Official Twitter has been dropping some hints as to what theme the new season will be. "A frigid day dawns..." is the caption for the image above. A snowy theme also coincides with the holidays coming very soon!

New Challenges & Skins Coming

Other than a new theme, Season 7 will also be unveiling the new Battle Pass which contains new challenges for you to complete. Finishing these challenges will also unlock cosmetic items such as skins for you to use in the game!

Check Out The Season 7 Battle Pass Here

Fortnite Creative

SOURCE: EPIC Games' Official Site

Learn more about the new mode introduced in Fortnite to go along with the start of Season 7, Fortnite Creative!

Check Out Fortnite Creative Here

Let Your Imagination Run Wild In Your Private Island

Fortnite, Latest News & Update, Fortnite Creative

Build and create to your heart's content in your private island. Invite your friends, and make monumental wonders, your own game modes, race tracks, cinematics, and more!

v6.31 Patch Update [Nov 27]

The patch will be released on November 27, 2018 and will include the new Epic and Legendary Pump Shotgun, Pump Shotgun improvements and changes to the Mounted Turret!

Check Out The v6.31 Patch Update Summary

New: Epic and Legendary Pump Shotgun

New Weapons: Epic And Legendary Pump Shotgun

Expect to deal more damage up close and personal with the Epic and Legendary variants of the popular Pump Shotgun!

Check Out the Pump Shotgun Here

New Limited Time Mode: Team Rumble

Limited Time Mode Team Rumble

Players are in a race to get to 100 eliminations in this action-packed limited time mode called Team Rumble!

Check Out Team Rumble LTM Here

Dynamite - New Throwable Weapon


Take down enemy structures with ease using Dynamite! Find out just how devastating the structural damage it deals in our feature below.

Check Out Dynamite Here

Mounted Turret - New Weapon Trap Item

Mounted Turret

Enemies will think twice about engaging the Mounted Turret! Find out about the latest weapon item to hit Fortnite right here.

Check Out The Mounted Turret Here

v6.22 Patch Update - Nov 6, 2018

The patch will be released on November 6, 2018 and will include the new heavy Assault Rifle and the reversion of explosion damage!

Check Out The v6.22 Patch Update Summary

New Weapon: Heavy Assault Rifle

Heavy AR Assault Rifle

With the v6.22 update comes the new weapon - the heavy Assault Rifle. It can deal some massive damage so be sure to get your hands on it in-game!

Check Out Heavy AR Stats Here

New LTM: Team Terror

Fortnite Battle Royale Limited Time Mode Team Terror

Two teams of 32 fight each other and Cube Monsters in this Fortnitemares-style LTM!

Check Out Team Terror LTM Here

New LTM: Blitz!

Fortnite Battle Royal Limited Time Mode Blitz

Think and act fast - survive against enemy players and a Storm that closes in quickly!

Check Out Blitz! LTM Here

v6.21 Patch Update - Nov 1, 2018

The patch will be released on November 1, 2018 and will include the end of Fortnitemares, Balloons, and an update on Glider re-deploy mechanics!

Check Out The v6.21 Patch Update Summary

Fortnitemares End On Nov 4th-5th

Fortnitemares Dark Engine Glider

Fortnitemares Challenges will end on November 4th-5th. Make sure to complete your challenges to get the Dark Engine Glider!

Fortnitemares End Time Conversion Table


New Item - Balloons

Fortnite Balloons

Players will now be able to float upward with the Balloons item! Use it to reach high places sneakily!

Check Out The Balloon Guide Here

Glider Re-Deploy Mechanic Test Update

Fortnite Glider Re-Deploy Mechanic Test

Glider re-deploy will continue to be available based on the results of the re-deploy test conducted during v6.20. In v6.21, Glider audio will take priority over weapon audio for certain ranges, implemented as a quality of life functionality.

Source: Fortnite Official Website

Check Out The Details Of Glider Re-deploy!

v6.20 Patch Update - Oct 24, 2018

The patch will be released on October 24, 2018 and will include new Halloween content from Fortnitemares, a pumpkin-themed weapon, and the glider re-deploy mechanic test!

Check Out The v6.20 Patch Update Summary

Halloween Content - Fortnitemares

v6.20 Patch Note Summary - October 24, 2018 Fortnitemares

Fortnite has slowly been teasing images of new Halloween content under the title "Fortnitemares". These include new skins and weapons for the season of spook!

Check Out More Info About Fortnitemares!

Halloween-Themed Weapon

Fortnite's lead design tweeted a teaser about a possible Halloween pumpkin-themed weapon. Details are to be announced.

Check Out The Pumpkin-Themed Weapon!

Glider Re-Deploy Mechanic Test

Fortnite Glider Re-Deploy Mechanic Test

Starting from the v6.20 update, the glider re-deploy mechanic test run will be done in solo, duo, & squad matches. Players will be able to re-open their gliders when jumping from at least 3 stories high.

Source: Fortnite Official Website

Test Run Begins October 24, 2018

6:00 pm1:00 am4:00 am9:00 am
Check Out The Details Of Glider Re-deploy!

v6.10 Patch Update - Oct 16, 2018

The patch will be released on October 16, 2018 and will include the Quadcrasher and In-Game Tournaments!

Check Out The v6.10 Patch Update Summary

New Vehicle: Quadcrasher

Fortnite Quadcrasher

An All-Terrain Vehicle called Quadcrasher will help players navigate the map faster & burst through enemy forts with its steel battering ram bumper!

Check Out The New Vehicle - Quadcrasher!

In-Game Tournaments

Fortnite In-game Tournaments

Browse through the "Events" tab and see all available tournaments! Eliminate or survive against the opposition to earn points and get a golden pin!

Check Out In-Game Tournaments Here

Port-A-Fortress Temporarily Removed


The Port-A-Fortress has been removed from the game temporarily to fix some issues related to it. The Port-A-Fort's spawn rate has been increased to 4.89% while it's away.

Check Out The Port-A-Fortress Here

v6.02 Patch Update - Oct 10, 2018

The patch will be released on October 10, 2018 and will include the Quad Launcher!

Check Out The v6.02 Patch Update Summary

New Weapon: Quad Launcher

Fortnite New Weapon: Quad Launcher

Quickly Fire up to 4 rockets to blanket an area with explosive damage and eliminate enemies!

Check Out The Quad Launcher Here

New LTM: Disco Domination


Take control of different dance floors around the map, and defend them against enemies, using your weapons, items, and dance moves!

Check Out The Disco Domination LTM Here

The Port-A-Fortress Is Back


Fortnite has brought back one of its Legendary Items, the Port-A-Fortress! Defend yourself with one of the largest instant structures in the game!

Check Out The Port-A-Fortress Here

v6.01 Patch Update - Oct 3, 2018

The patch will be released on October 3, 2018 and will include Chiller and MAY also include the Playground update.

Check Out The v6.01 Patch Update Summary

New Trap: Chiller

Fortnite New Trap: Chiller

Make players slip and slide with the latest trap item to hit Fortnite!

Check Out The Chiller Guide Here

Playground Custom Options

Fortnite Playground Custom Options

Playground mode now allows you to change settings such as starting health, time of day, gravity and more!

Check out Playground Mode Here

v6.00 Patch Update - Sep 27, 2018

The patch update will be released on September 27, 2018 and will include Fortnite's new Season 6!

Release of Season 6

Fortnite Release of Season 6

Fortnite's Season 6 is here and it brings with it a number of updates, including changes in the map, new items and cosmetic skins, and an All-New Battle Pass to rank up!

Check Out the v6.00 Patch Notes Here

All New Battle Pass

An all-new Battle Pass awaits in Season 6 with new exclusive skins, items, and emotes like in the previous season! Rank up to get your hands on the new items.

Check Out the Season 6 Battle Pass

New Cosmetic Items: Pets

New Cosmetic Items: Pets

Have a cute friend with you in the battlefield! Pets are animated backblings of furry and scaly pals you can take with you to combat!

Check Out the All Pets Skin List Here

Unlock New Music

Players can now unlock and select music that they can hear in their lobby screen. You can select which music to play in the Locker.

Map Changes & New Areas

v6.0 Map Changes & New Areas

Explore the floating island or make your way through the Corn Field, Season 6 brings with a number of map updates and new areas!

New Consumables: Shadow Stone

New Consumables: Shadow Stone

Find Shadow Stones in corrupted areas in the map. These small cubes will let you turn into a shadow form for a certain amount of time! Shadow Form will allow you to be hidden from the enemies when stationary.

Check Out the Shadow Stone Here

Several Weapons Have Been Vaulted

v6.0 Vaulted Items

Epic Game has vaulted a number of weapons and items in the v6.00 update. Among the vaulted weapons are Impulse Grenade, Suppressed Submachine Gun, Light Machine Gun, Bouncer, and Remote Explosives.

Input Based Matchmaking for Consoles

Players on consoles will now be matched depending on the peripherals they use when playing Fortnite. Keyboard users will be matched with other keyboard users regardless of their platform for example.

V5.41 Patch Update - Sep 18, 2018

The patch update will be released on September 18, 2018 and MAY include the new item: Port-A-Fortress, and the ending of the High Stakes Event.

New Item: Port-A-Fortress

New Item: Port-A-Fortress

The Port-A-Fort is getting a major upgrade with the new Port-A-Fortress item! Defend yourself better with this new item!

Check Out The Port-A-Fortress Here

New Item: Spiky Stadium

New Item: Spiky Stadium

The Spiky Stadium is a large structure that houses lots of damage traps and bouncers! It can only be found in the Playground Mode inside Red Supply Drops!

Check Out Spiky Stadium!

Limited Time Mode: Soaring Solos

Go at it alone to be the last one standing in Soaring Solos! The Solo Game Mode that lets you redeploy your glider if you fall from large heights!

Check Out The Soaring Modes Here

The End Of The High Stakes Event

The End Of The High Stakes Event

The High Stakes Event will end during Fortnite Battle Royale's downtime for the v5.41 patch update.

Check Out The High Stakes Event Here

Removal Of The Getaway LTM

Removal Of The Getaway LTM

The Getaway LTM will not be playable anymore after the downtime, so try to finish all of the challenges beforehand to claim your rewards!

Check Out The Getaway LTM Here

V5.40 Content Update - Sep 11, 2018

The v5.40 content update will be released on September 11, 2018, and includes the new weapon: Suppressed Assault Rifle, the vaulting of the Drum Gun, and bug fixes for The Getaway LTM!

Check Out The v5.40 Sep 11 Content Update

New Weapon: Suppressed Assault Rifle

New Weapon: Suppressed Assault Rifle

The Suppressed Assault Rifle lets you take down enemies quietly so you don't have to worry about giving away your position!

Check Out The Suppressed Assault Rifle

Minor Fixes To The Getaway LTM

Minor Fixes To The Getaway LTM

Minor fixes have been made to improve gameplay for the Getaway LTM.

Check Out The Getaway LTM Here

Drum Gun Vaulted

Drum Gun Vaulted

The Drum Gun will not be available to use in the game as it has been vaulted.

V5.40 Content Update - Sep 6, 2018

The v5.40 Content Update will go live on Sept - Week 1 with the new High Stakes Event, Getaway Limited Time Mode, and the new Grappler mobility item!

Check Out the v5.40 Sep 6 Content Update

High Stakes Event Launch

High Stakes Event Launch

Time to pull off the biggest heist in Fortnite's High Stakes event! This includes the release of a new Limited Time Mode, High Stakes Challenges, and the customizable Wild Card Skin.

Check Out the High Stakes Event Here

New Limited Time Mode - Getaway

New Limited Time Mode - Getaway

Get your squad, collect those Jewel Llamas, and make your escape before any other team to win in the new Getaway Limited Time Mode!

Check Out the Getaway LTM Here

High Stakes Challenge

High Stakes Challenge

A set of challenges for the High Stakes event will be released upon its launch. Stay tuned for more information!

Wild Card Skin

Wild Card Skin

Stand out against petty criminals, looking good as you commit intense heists in the new Wild Card Skin. Select from 4 masks based on each card suit.

Check Out the Wildcard Outfit Here

Grappler Release!

Grappler Release

Here's a new way of going around the map! The Grappler will allow players to zip across certain distances, providing new offensive and defensive mobility!

Check Out the Grappling Hook Here

V5.30 Content Update - Aug 28, 2018

The V5.30 Content Update has gone live this August 28, 2018, and it introduces a new Weapon, and Game Mode!

Check Out The V5.30 Aug 28 Update Here

New Weapon - Shockwave Grenade

:New Weapon - Shockwave Grenade

A new throwable weapon is availabe in Fortnite! The Shockwave Grenade allows you to toss yourself, enemies, or teammates like human cannonballs, WITHOUT FALL DAMAGE!

Check Out Shockwave Grenade Guide!

Game Mode: Solid Gold

Game Mode: Solid Gold

The Solid Gold Game Mode only lets players use Legendary Weapons and items. Only the best of the best loadouts from here on out! This Game Mode is available to play in Solos and 50v50.

Check Out The Solid Gold LTM Here

v5.30 Update - August 23, 2018

The new 5.30 Update for Fortnite Battle Royale is live! Read more about Fortnite's latest game updates - new Item, limited time modes, and more!

Check Out The v5.30 Update!

New Item - Rift-To-Go!

New Item - Rift-To-Go!

The Rift-To-Go is a brand new item introduced in V5.30 that players can carry in their inventory to create rifts on the go. Rifts teleport you into the sky, above the area you are located in.

Check Out Rift-To-Go Guide

New Limited Time Mode - "Score Royale"

New Limited Time Mode - Score Royale

Score Royale is an new limited time mode introduced in V.5.30! Rack up those coins and eliminate your enemies to win in the new Score Royale Limited Time Mode! In this game mode, whoever collects the most points, wins!

Check out Score Royale - Limited Time Mode

v5.21 Content Update - August 15, 2018

The new 5.21 Update for Fortnite Battle Royale is live! This update brings with it a new weapon, two new Limited Time Modes, and some gameplay changes!

Check Out The v5.21 Update!

New Weapon - Heavy Sniper Rifle!

New Weapon - Heavy Sniper Rifle!

Available in Epic & Legendary Tier, the new Heavy Sniper Rifle is a devastating weapon both viable to wreak havoc to both enemies and structures!

Check Out The Heavy Sniper Rifle Guide!

New Limited Time Mode - "Soaring 50's"!

New Limited Time Mode - Soaring 50

Take your battle to the sky with the all new "Soaring 50's" LTM! In a new twist to the classic 50 vs 50 mode, this new mode allows you to redeploy your Gliders when falling from heights; allowing for much greater mobility!

Check Out Soaring 50's!

New Limited Time Mode - "Sniper Shootout"!

New Limited Time Mode - Sniper Shootout

Sharpshooters rejoice! "Sniper Shootout" LTM is back again with some adjustments. Grab your Sniper Rifle and engage in an intense Sniper battle! This is a great chance to test out the new Heavy Sniper!

Check Out Sniper Shootout!

v5.20 Content Update - August 7, 2018

New Weapon - Double Barrel Shotgun!

New Weapon - Double Barrel Shotgun

Coming in Epic & Legendary, the all-new Double Barrel Shotgun allows you to fire two shots in rapid succession!

Check Out v5.2 Update News!

v5.10 Content Update - July 31, 2018

The Guided Missile Returns!

Guided Missile Returns

Scan the battlefield from the sky and rocket ride with your friends! The Guided Missile has been tweaked and has finally returned to Fortnite!

Check Out the Guided Missile Guide!

New Limited Time Mode - Fly Explosives (Battle Royale)

New Limited Time Mode - Fly Explosives

Fortnite has released a new Limited Time Mode where players can take to skies and rain explosives from the above. Have a blast with friends and put on that Jetpack because the Fly Explosives is here!

v5.10 Content Update - July 24, 2018

Playground Mode Is Back!

Playground Mode Is Back

Playground Mode is a returning limited-time game mode in Fortnite. Here players can practice their building, and weapon skills, create structures, play with friends, and more without any pressure!

New Weapon - Compact SMG

New Weapon - Compact SMG

Introducing a new weapon, the Compact SMG! Eliminate the competition with this new weapon!

Check Out The Compact SMG Guide!

Fortnite's 1st Birthday Celebration Event

Start End
July 24, 2018 August 7, 2018

It's a Happy 1st Birthday to Fortnite! We'll be having an in-game event with challenges and rewards!

Join in on the fun and let's all wish Fortnite a Happy Birthday!

Check Out The First Birthday Celebration!

Other Notable Changes

Fortnite Other Notable Changes
Check Out The July 24 Update!

v5.00 Content Update - July 17, 2018


Fortnite NEW SMG

A new weapon has dropped in the world of Fortnite! The new submachine gun has a high drop rate and can cause powerful damage to opponents.

Pick one up and try it out for yourself!

Check Out Submachine Gun Stats!

v5.00 Content Update - July 12, 2018

Season 5 Opens

Fortnite Season 5 Opens

Fortnite Season 5 is here! Map changes, All Terrain Karts, viking ships & moai statues, updated weapons and new challenges await you.

Check Out Fortnite's Season 5 Summary

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