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Gathering Building Materials

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Gathering Building Materials

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Learn to gather building resources efficiently! This guide includes the different building materials to craft building, their features, and where you can farm them.

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What are Materials?

Materials (also known as Resources) are primarily used in building structures in Fortnite.

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WOOD - Abundant but Fragile

Wood is the most abundant of the three available resources. Wooden structures are the fastest to build but have the least amount of hit points.

Where can you get wood?


Trees are the most common sources of Wood and can be found almost anywhere on the map.

Wooden Structures

Available in towns and scattered around the map.


Usually surrounding houses, they break easily so materials can be gathered quickly.


These can be broken quickly for Wood.

Wooden Pallets

Keep an eye out of wooden pallets when you encounter them. They break with a few swings and give a LOT of wood!

STONE - Sturdy and Reliable

Stone is the "middle ground" of the three available resources. Stone structures are moderately quick to build and have moderate amount of hit points.

Where can you get stone?

Stone Structures

Stone is a common building material for structures found in towns.


These are scattered around the map and not as common as stone structures.

METAL - Tough but Slow to Build

Metal is the most durable of the three available resources. Metal structures take longest to build and have a high amount of hit points.

Where can you get metal?


Vehicles is the most common source of metal as they're available in almost all areas.

Iron Fences

Quick sources of metal as these have low durability.

Shipping Containers

These are most commonly seen in industrial areas.

Tips for efficient gathering

Aim at the blue target

Aiming at the blue target will destroy the target faster and yield more materials per strike compared to just hitting in a single location.

Supply Llama

Supply Llamas yield a large amount of building materials.

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Eliminating an enemy player

Pick up building materials dropped by players who have been eliminated from the match!

Go to locations where material is abundant

At the start of the match, immediately land at a location where the building material you want to gather is abundant. Suggested locations are Wailing Woods (Wood), Snobby Shores (Stone), and Junk Junction (Metal).

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