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Assault Rifle - Weapon List

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Assault Rifle - Weapon List

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Find out about damage, rarity, & magazine size of the Assault Rifle weapon class in Fortnite!

Fortnite Assault Rifle - Weapon List

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Assault Rifle Overview

Assault Rifle Overview

Weapon Traits

Versatile in Any Range

The Assault Rifles are effective in short, mid, and long ranges with some excelling more than others. It's that versatility that makes the Assault Rifles among the best weapons in game.

High Damage Output

With great damage output and relatively high fire rate, the Assault Rifles are capable of melting enemy shields and health in a matter of seconds.

Beginner Friendly

Assault Rifles are among the easiest to use in the game and can be picked up by just about everyone. It's a simple aim and shoot weapon!

Weapon Tips

Fire in Short Bursts from Long Range

Shooting in bursts helps to suppress recoil and keep the accuracy of the weapon. When shooting in long range or using the the Scoped versions, fire in one to two shots.

Follow your Enemies Movements

Assault Rifles hit objects as soon as you shoot them. Keep your crosshairs on the enemy as much as possible in order to land shots!

Assault Rifle List

Assault Rifle

Icon / RarityDPSDamageMag.Size
Assault Rifle Common★11653030
Assault Rifle Uncommon★21703130
Assault Rifle Rare★3181.53330
Assault Rifle Epic★4192.53530
Assault Rifle Legendary★51983630

Scoped Assault Rifle

Icon / RarityDPSDamageMag.Size
Scoped Assault Rifle Rare★280.52320
Scoped Assault Rifle Epic★3842420

Light Machinegun

Icon / RarityDPSDamageMag.Size
Light Machinegun Rare★320025100
Light Machinegun Epic★420826100

Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle

Icon / RarityDPSDamageMag.Size
Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle Epic★464.83615
Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle Legendary★566.63715

Suppressed Assault Rifle

Icon / RarityDPSDamageMag.Size
Suppressed Assault Rifle Epic★41763230
Suppressed Assault Rifle Legendary★5181.53330

Heavy Assault Rifle

Icon / RarityDPSDamageMag.Size
Heavy Assault Rifle Rare★31654425
Heavy Assault Rifle Epic★4172.54625
Heavy Assault Rifle Legendary★51804825

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