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Survive Falling by Building

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Survive Falling by Building

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Prevent yourself from falling to your death with this guide on how to survive falling by crafting build structures in Fortnite!

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Falling From High Places is Lethal

Jumping from great heights can easily cost you half your health and even knock you down if it's high enough. Fall damage completely bypasses shields and takes a chunk out of your health as soon as you hit the ground.

The Safe Fall Distance

The maximum height you can fall off from without taking any fall damage is three floors up. Keep this in mind whenever you jump down anyplace or when building towers!

How to Not Take Fall Damage

Creating structures mid-fall can completely negate or decrease fall damage if done right. You can even create multiple structures to get down from high cliffs or areas faster!

Check Out Building Basics Here

Step 1 - Open Stairs in Build Mode

Open build mode and select stairs before jumping from any high place. We recommend putting it on a hotkey to make it easier to open in case you fall accidentally!

Stairs are recommended!

Since Stairs have elevation, falling at the top of it shortens your fall distance. It also has a larger area so it is relatively easier to land on.

Step 2 - Place Stairs Under You

Look down and place the structure under you as you fall. This will cushion your fall and prevent any fall damage if you do it at the right height.

Tips to Master This Technique

Practice Quick Building

Learn how to create structures faster and on the fly! This will help you to create stairs faster and save you from death if you accidentally fall down!

Check Out Beginner Tutorial - Building Here

Always Check if You Can Build

Stairs cannot be built without anything to attach to! If your Stairs outline is in red, it means it cannot be built there! Check around until it turns blue.

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