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Handgun - Weapon List

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Handgun - Weapon List

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Find out about damage, rarity, & magazine size of the Handgun weapon class in Fortnite.

Handgun - Weapon List

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Handgun Overview

Handgun Overview

Weapon Traits

Versatile Range of Weapons

Each Handgun has its own weapon property that distinguishes it from other Handguns. The range is so broad that you can find Handguns for different combat situations and weapon combos.

Average to High Damage

Handguns have relatively good damage, enough to take out a good chunk of enemy health and shields in one to two shots. This works well with the first shot accuracy of handguns as landing shots becomes easier.

Limited to Short to Mid Range

Due to damage drop off, Handguns do less damage the farther the target is. It is recommended to only use the Handgun at short to mid range to utilize its full damage and accuracy.

Weapon Tips

Analyze your Handgun

Each Handgun has different properties from one another. Try to familiarize yourself with your weapon first. Don't put yourself at a disadvantage by going into battle without knowing your Handgun.

Use Handguns / Burst Damage Weapon Combos

A good weapon combo for Handguns is with Burst Damage weapons. Start a battle with your handgun to clip at your enemy's health and shields then switch to a burst damage weapon like an SMG or Shotgun to finish them off.

Handgun List


Icon / RarityDPSDamageMag.Size
Pistol Common★1155.22316
Pistol Uncommon★21622416
Pistol Rare★3168.72516

Suppressed Pistol

Icon / RarityDPSDamageMag.Size
Suppressed Pistol Epic★4175.52616
Suppressed Pistol Legendary★51892816

Hand Cannon

Icon / RarityDPSDamageMag.Size
Hand Cannon Epic★460757
Hand Cannon Legendary★562.4787

Six Shooter

Icon / RarityDPSDamageMag.Size
Six Shooter Uncommon★2170346
Six Shooter Rare★3180366
Six Shooter Epic★4190386

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