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Daily Challenge List & Reset Timing

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Daily Challenge List & Reset Timing

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Check this guide out about the Fortnite Daily Challenge - list of daily challenges, rewards, limit, reset time, and removing daily challenges!

Daily Challenge List & Reset Timing
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Fortnite Daily Challenge

Daily Challenge Overview

Fortnite Daily Challenge - Summary

Daily Challenge Overview

Daily Challenge Information

Details Challenges refreshed daily to give players extra XP & Battle Stars
Reset Time 00:00 UTC
Rewards 500 XP and 5 Battle Stars

Challenges reset at 00:00 UTC Reset

Daily Challenges reset at 00:00 UTC. If you can't accomplish your daily challenge in time, don't fret! Daily challenges stack up so you can keep a specific challenge until you complete it!

00:00 UTC - Other Time Zone Example


3-Stack Daily Challenge Limit

3-Stack Daily Challenge Limit

Players get 1 daily challenge every day which can stack for up to 3 active daily challenges. If players complete all 3 in one day, they will still get 1 daily challenge on reset.

One Daily Challenge Added Every Day

One Daily Challenge Added Every Day

In Fortnite Season 7, players get 1 daily challenge every day which stacks up to 3 active daily challenges. Even if you complete all 3 in one day, you will still get 1 daily challenge on reset.

Battle Pass Tier 100 Gets 1,000 XP

Battle Pass Tier 100 Gets 1,000 XP

Players who reach Battle Pass Tier 100 will not receive any more Battle Stars, but get 1,000 XP instead. So you can level up faster!

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Any Changes in Daily Challenges in Season 7?

No New Daily Challenges in Season 7

Fortnite Season 7 Daily Challenges

So far, there have been no new daily challenges introduced in Season 7. Players will get one random Daily Challenge from the same pool of challenges from Season 6.

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Daily Challenge Reset Timing is Also the Same

The Challenge Reset timing is also set in the same time; 00:00 UTC.

Daily Challenge List

5 Stars means the most difficult challenge!

Daily Challenges - Eliminations

Sniper Rifle Eliminations ★★★★★
Eliminate 10 Opponents ★★★★・
Pistol Eliminations ★★★★・
SMG Eliminations ★★★・・
Assault Rifle Eliminations ★★★・・
Shotgun Eliminations ★★★・・

Daily Challenges - Place Top

Place Top 25 In Solo ★★★・・
Place Top 50 In Solo ★・・・・
Place Top 6 In Squads ★★★・・
Place Top 12 In Squads ★★・・・

Daily Challenges - Other

Search Ammo Boxes ★★・・・
Search Chests ★★・・・
Play A Match With A Friend ★★・・・
Outlive Opponents ★・・・・
Outlive Opponents in Solo Mode ★・・・・
Outlive Opponents In Squad Mode ★・・・・
Play 7 Matches ★・・・・

Tips To Finish Daily Challenges Fast

Play On 50 V 50 Mode

Play On 50 V 50 Mode

It's easier to finish daily challenges in any 50 V 50 mode. You have more space to search for treasure chests or ammo boxes and it's quicker to outlive opponents!

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Play With Friends

Play With Friends

You'll be able to accomplish daily challenges faster with a friend or a squad to watch your back, so invite some to your party!

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Replace Daily Challenges

Replace Daily Challenges

You can opt to replace one challenge per day. If you're having a difficult time finishing a daily challenge, consider to try the following steps!

Step 1:Inspect Challenges

Inspect Challenges

Click the "Inspect Challenges" button located at the bottom bar of your lobby screen.

Step 2:Replace Quest

Replace Quest

To replace a quest, highlight the challenge you want to remove, and click the "Replace Quest" button at the bottom of the screen. You get a new daily challenge to replace the one you've just removed.

NOTE: You can only replace one challenge per day, so choose carefully!

Check and "Collect Rewards" To Complete Challenges

Step:1 Access Daily Challenges In Lobby Screen

Access Daily Challenges In Lobby Screen

You can find your list of Daily Challenges in the lower left part of your lobby screen - 3 active daily challenges can be stacked up in your lobby.

Step:2 "Collect Rewards" To Complete Challenges

Collect Rewards To Complete Challenges

When you complete the objective in the challenge, click on the "Collect Rewards" button below your list of daily challenges.

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