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Shotgun - Weapon List

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Shotgun - Weapon List

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Find out about damage, stats, rarity, and magazine size of the Shotgun weapon class in Fortnite!

Shotgun - Weapon List

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Shotgun Overview

Shotgun Overview

Weapon Traits

Devastating Damage in Close Combat

Shotguns are among the best choices for close range combat as its high damage per shot and area of effect simply makes it a formidable weapon up close.

Ineffective in Long Range

Shotguns become ineffective anything beyond mid range due to it dealing less damage when used in range. At mid-range, it is average at best.

Easily Connect Shots

All Shotguns fire multiple pellets at once, providing a large area of effect. This makes it easier to connect shots with enemies.

Slow Reload Time

Fully expended Shotguns take between 2.7 to 6.3 seconds to reload, but partial reload takes less time. This can easily turn battles for the worse as enemies may take this reload time to their advantage.

Weapon Tips

Get Up Close and Personal

Take advantage of Shotguns' full potential by engaging enemies in close quarters. Keep your aim on their upper body so as many pellets as possible connect to the target.

Jump Up and Shoot Down

Jump up to prevent enemies from hitting you and shoot down at them in response. You can also get headshots through this, boosting your damage outputs!

Utilize Weapon Combos

Use another weapon while at long range and chip away at an enemy's health and shields. Once you can rush in, swap to your shotgun to finish them off.

Shotgun List

Double Barrel Shotgun

Icon / RarityDPSDamageMag.Size
Double Barrel Shotgun Epic★4216.61142
Double Barrel Shotgun Legendary★52281202

Pump Shotgun

Icon / RarityDPSDamageMag.Size
Pump Shotgun Uncommon★266.5955
Pump Shotgun Rare★3701005
Pump Shotgun Epic★473.51055
Pump Shotgun Legendary★5771105

Tactical Shotgun

Icon / RarityDPSDamageMag.Size
Tactical Shotgun Common★1100.573.58
Tactical Shotgun Uncommon★2105708
Tactical Shotgun Rare★3111748

Heavy Shotgun

Icon / RarityDPSDamageMag.Size
Heavy Shotgun Epic★473.573.57
Heavy Shotgun Legendary★577777

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