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How To Watch Replays

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This guide will discuss different uses of Fortnite Battle Royale's replay system, as well as its controls & how to find the replay. Learn from replay mode to get the Victory Royale.

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What Is The Replay Tool?

The Replay tool is a feature in Fortnite where you can re-watch your past matches! Here are some things you can use the replay feature for.

Learn From Your Mistakes!

Have you ever lost a match, and couldn't figure out how you lost? Check the replay to see what just happened! There could have been someone hiding behind a bush that you didn't notice!

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Watch And Learn From The Pros!

Occasionally, Fortnite will allow players to watch match replays of Professional Players for a limited time. Use this opportunity to see what the Pros do differently, and get good!

Get To Know The Map

Find out all of the Map's secret areas, hidden treasures, and more! By the time a new "Search between" challenge comes out, you'll know exactly where to go!

Create Highlight Videos!

Did you just make a really awesome play, but no one believes you? Load up the replay, and show everyone your epic moves!

Take Great Screenshots!

Want to show the world a cool picture from the game? Open the replay, hit pause, and fix up your camera angles before hitting that screenshot!

How To Access The Replays Feature

Accessing, and watching your replays is easy! Just follow these steps:

Open Your Career Menu

From your lobby, click on the career button to bring out your career tab.

Open Your Replay Folder

From your career tab, click on the replays button to access your replays!

Choose and Watch Your Replay

The files that you see are replays of your matches; the most recent match being the top. Double click on any of the files to begin watching your replay!

Save The Replays You Like

Note: These replays are unsaved, and will be deleted after a certain amount of time. To save your replays from deletion, click on a replay to highlight it, then click on the Rename and Save button.

Replay Not Working?

Replays from previous versions will not work with the newer version of the game so it's best to record your favorite replay before it goes out of date.

Watch Your Replays Your Way

While watching your replay, you will notice that there is a HUD on your screen. What does each button mean? This section will discuss the different buttons, and their uses.

Control The Replay's Playback

Fast-forward, rewind to a different time in the match, play, pause, and adjust the playback speed of the replay. Use this to pinpoint the exact moment of the replay that you want to view.

Jump To Any Point In The Match

Pinpoint the exact time an event happens, such as the moment you first encountered an enemy, or even the moment you got eliminated!

Choose Who You Are Watching

These buttons allow you to cycle through and choose which players you want to watch, including yourself. Learn from both you, and your enemy's mistakes and triumphs!

Adjust Camera Settings

Ready to take that screenshot, but feel that the image is not good enough? Fear not! With this feature, you can adjust different camera settings such as:

ApertureAdjusting the Aperture of the camera allows more, or less light into your screen. Adjust the aperture to change the feel of your scene!
Auto-ExposureTurning on the Auto-Exposure will adjust the balance of lightness, and darkness, from your screen.
Focal LengthThe Focal Length will change how much of the scene your camera will capture. The higher the "mm" is, the more "zoomed-in" the camera will be!
Auto-FocusJust like the name, turning this on will automatically focus your scene! No more blurred parts of your photo!

Add Different Gameplay Elements

Adjusting Video Toggles will add different elements such as player tags, outlines, and more. Use this to see if there were any other players in your area that you may have overlooked, and learn from your mistakes!

Hide Your HUD

In order to give a completely cinematic feel to your replay, hide your HUD using this button, and watch the action in all its glory!

Open Your Map

Opening your map will show you where you are exactly on the map. Take notes of your exact location when reviewing your footage!

How To Control The Cameras

How to Control The Camera

Here are the basic controls for working with your camera.

KeysWhat They Do
W, A, S, DCamera Movement
Q, ECamera Height
"+", "-"Camera Speed
Hold L-Click and DragLook Around

Choose From 5 Different Camera Modes

Do you feel that the third-person camera angle a bit boring? Worry not! Clicking the Camera Mode button will allow you to choose from 5 different camera modes!

Third Person Mode

Third Person Mode will attach a camera around your character. Use this to look around corners that you may have missed!

Drone Follow Mode

Using the Camera in Drone Follow Mode will turn your camera into a drone that can fly around the scene. This mode will always keep your character within the frame, so you can keep track of where you are!

Drone Attach Mode

Drone Attach Mode will attach the camera around your player. The camera will mirror your player's movements, so if your character moves forward, the camera will move forward in relation to your player!

Drone Free Mode

Drone Free Mode will let you explore around the map without any restrictions! Happy exploring!

Gameplay Mode

Gameplay Mode will show you exactly what your player saw during the game. Use this if you want to review an area of your game that you believe you need to improve!

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