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From Zero to Hero: Techniques to be a Pro

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From Zero to Hero: Techniques to be a Pro

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Check out this guide for gameplay techniques, tips & tricks that will help you play like a Pro in no time in Fortnite Battle Royale. Use the list of pages as a training manual!

Table of Contents

Check Out Beginner Tips & Guides

Level 1 - Basic Techniques to Remember

Let's Learn From Here First

In order to improve your game in Fortnite, you need to know these basic techniques first! Beginners should start here!

CombatHow to Improve Accuracy
An Introduction on how to shoot enemies and how to improve your aim
CombatPeek Shoot From Right Hand Side
Learn how to utilize your camera angles and peek shoot from the right hand side
BuildingBuilding Basics
Introducing the basics of building for those who know nothing about Building
BuildingChoosing Building Materials
Here we'll discuss the types of materials available and what you can build with them
SurvivalBeginners Tips and Guide
This guide will walk you through the essential information all beginners should know
GliderUsing the Glider
Introducing the Glider and how to use it to descend!

Level 2 - Tips for Beginners

Learn Beginner Techniques

Here are the Basic Techniques often used in Fortnite for players who are more familiar with the game!

CombatCrouch Shooting
Find out how to use the "Crouch Shoot" technique to raise your survival chances in combat
CombatJump Shooting
Here's how to put yourself at an advantage by jumping and shooting
BuildingDual Stairs Combo
This guide will teach you everything to know about the Double Staircase Technique!
BuildingEditing Buildings
Learn how to edit your structures here!
SurvivalSpotting Enemies
A guide to easily and quickly identify enemies
SurvivalCheck Your Surroundings on the Move
Here's a technique you can use to check your surroundings on the go!
SurvivalHow to Quietly Farm Materials
Learn the benefits of not destroying sources of materials here
GliderHow to Descend Faster
Here's a guide on how to descend faster using the Glider

Level 3 - Intermediate Techniques

Techniques to Make a Difference

Here we will introduce techniques that can help reduce damage or create advantageous situations for you if you use them!

BuildingSurvive Falling by Building
Here's a technique to reduce damage when you're falling down
BuildingStair Rushing
Find out how to aggressively rush using Stairs and its benefits
BuildingBasic Fort Building
Learn to create towers that you will be using a lot in the game!
BuildingStairs Building Reinforcement
Find out how to build stronger stairs so enemies can't destroy it easily
SurvivalUsing Windows to Escape/Enter
Escape through windows with this guide!
SurvivalTips and Tricks to Win
Everything you need to know to get that Victory Royale!
SurvivalEndgame Positioning Tips
Here are the advantageous areas to utilize towards the end of the match
SurvivalMove Faster In Water
Here are some techniques to traverse bodies of water without slowing down
GliderRecommended Landing Spots
Find out where it's the best to land at the start of the game
GliderDangerous Landing Spots
Avoid these areas! Learn about dangerous landing spots here

Level 4 - Advanced Guide

Here are Somewhat Difficult Techniques

Here are techniques on a higher difficulty level that you need to get that Victory Royale!

CombatUtilizing Weapon Combos
Learn about powerful weapon combos that you can use to eliminate oppenents!
CombatThe Pop Shot Technique
Learn how to safely counter-attack enemies by staying in cover
CombatOffensive Building
Introducing crafting techniques that can be used to defeat enemies during building battles
BuildingBuild to Take the High Ground
Find out about this essential skill to win against enemies at building battles

Level 5 - Play like a Pro

Difficult, but Useful Techniques

Techniques introduced here are of high difficulty level. These are not techniques that you can use right away, but you can use them to overcome disadvantageous situations once you've mastered them!

CombatBuild Battle Edits
Learn how to use the edits in build battles to damage enemies without putting yourself at risk of being shot
CombatStanding Your Ground
Here is how to counter enemies who are trying to bring down your defensive buildings
BuildingBuild As You Fall
Here's a guide that will teach you how to go down from high points using building techniques

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