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Wraps Cosmetic Items - List And How To Get

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Wraps Cosmetic Items - List And How To Get

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Customize the way your weapons & vehicles look in Fornite Battle Royale with the new customization - Wraps! This guide includes how to get Wraps and the all Wraps list!

Fortnite Battle Royal What Are Wraps & All Wraps List

About Season 7

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All Wraps & How To Get

How To Get Wraps

Purchase From The Item Shop

How To Get Wraps Item Shop Purchase

Wraps will sometimes be available for purchase at the Item Shop. Check out the daily offers so that you don't miss out on buying a Wrap that you want!

Leveling Up Season 7 Battle Pass Tiers

Fortnite Battle Royal What Are Wraps & All Wraps List

You can get Wraps by working your way through the Battle Pass Tiers. This can be done by completing Daily and Weekly Challenges as well as leveling up.

Check Out the Season 7 Battle Pass Rewards

List Of Wraps And How To Get

WrapHow To Get
[300 V-Bucks]
ARCTIC CAMOARCTIC CAMOSeason 7 Battle Pass Tier 5
ULTRA REDULTRA REDSeason 7 Battle Pass Tier 26
DURRR BURGERDURRR BURGERSeason 7 Battle Pass Tier 43
INDIGO ICEINDIGO ICESeason 7 Battle Pass Tier 60
CARBON & GOLDCARBON & GOLDSeason 7 Battle Pass Tier 74
VALENTINEVALENTINEComplete Overtime Challenges

What are Wraps?

Universal Skin for Weapons & Vehicles

Fortnite Battle Royal What Are Wraps & All Wraps List

Wraps will change the way your weapons and vehicles look! Whatever wrap you have equipped will be applied to all weapons and vehicles that you use during a match.

Weapons & Vehicles Change Color Immediately

Fortnite Battle Royal What Are Wraps & All Wraps List

Once you pick up a weapon or ride a vehicle, it will change to whatever your wrap is! The change is immediate and will last as long as you are using the item.

Wraps Have No Gameplay Advantages

Wraps do not provide any gameplay advantages and are purely for cosmetic purposes only.

How to Equip Wraps

You can check your Wraps and equip them through the Locker. Just go to the Locker tab from the Menu so the Wraps Inventory.

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