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Understanding HUD Damage Numbers

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Understanding HUD Damage Numbers

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Color-coded damage for your convenience! Learn about the damage numbers and indicators in Fortnite Battle Royale in this guide.

Understanding HUD Damage Numbers

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Find Out the Damage Done

Damage is Shown in Numbers

Damage is Shown in Numbers

When you deal damage to an enemy, you may notice numbers suddenly appearing around them. This number actually shows much damage you've done to enemy!

Displays Damage Done by Everything

Displays Damage Done by Everything

The Damage Numbers doesn't only apply to guns. It shows up even when you use explosives or even your pickaxe against the enemy!

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Check for Headshots

Check for Headshots

If the Damage Number is yellow, it means you've hit a critical shot. It's actually the only way to know if you've done a headshot!

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Check Weapon Effectiveness

Check Weapon Effectiveness

You can check how effective your weapon is based on the Damage Number. This should help you to move into range or decide to swap out weapons.

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Learn About Damage Number Colors

Learn About Damage Number Colors

Colors Show Where You Dealt Damage

When doing damage, you may notice that the color of the damage numbers are not always the same. That's because colors indicate what you've dealt damage to!

Damage Number Colors

ColorDamage Dealt
WhiteDamage to Health
BlueDamage to Shields
YellowCritical Hit / Headshot

Colors are Based on What You Damage First

The Damage Number will be shown based on what you've damaged first. Even if the shot damage affects the health, it will show up as blue if the enemy has shields first!

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