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Throwable - Weapon List

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Throwable - Weapon List

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Find out about the damage, rarity, & effects of Grenades & others in the Throwable weapon class in Fortnite!

Throwable - Weapon List

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Throwable Overview

Throwable Overview

Weapon Traits

Has Different Unique Uses

Each Throwable weapon is unique to other Throwables. Some may damage the enemy, while others have non-damaging effects. For example, a Boogie Bomb will make everyone in an area dance.

Affects An Area

Throwable Weapons affect an area when they explode. You will be able to hit multiple enemies, but be careful! Some Throwables can also affect you too!

Each Throwable Has A One-Time-Use

If you use a Throwable weapon, you will not be able to use it again, unless you pick another one up. Save your Throwable weapons for the right time!

Travels In An Arc When Thrown

After using a Throwable weapon, it will fly in the shape of an arc before exploding at your target. Try throwing some around to improve your aim.

Weapon Tips

Learn Each Throwable's Uses

By learning the different effects of each Throwable, you will be able to use them effectively for different situations. For example, you can use an Impulse Grenade as a quick escape from enemies!

Manipulate Groups Of Enemies

Familiarizing yourself with each Throwable's uses will allow you to manipulate groups of enemies! For example, a Stink Bomb can make a number of enemies leave their hiding spot so you can shoot them down!

Throwable List


GrenadeGrenade100Explodes a few seconds after throwing.
ClingerClinger100It will explode 2.5 seconds after sticking to the target.
Boogie BombBoogie Bomb0Affected players will be forced to dance for 5 secs.
Impulse GrenadeImpulse Grenade0Creates a shock wave that throws players away from its area of effect.
Stink BombStink Bomb5/0.5 sec.Inflicts damage over time to enemies within range for 9 seconds.
Shockwave GrenadeShockwave Grenade0A throwable weapon that creates a strong blast that knocks players far away & through walls.
DynamiteDynamite70Explodes 5 seconds after throwing and deals massive damage to structures.

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