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Boom Box Guide - Damage, Stats & Tips

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Boom Box Guide - Damage, Stats & Tips

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Weapon Stats & Strategy for Boom Box in Fortnite. Read here to find information about the damage(DPS), rarity, and reviews for Boom Box!

Boom Box

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Table of Contents

Boom Box - Stats & Strats

Boom Box: Weapon Overview

Boom Box Icon

Basic Information

Weapon TypeThrowable
Where to FindOn Floor, Chests,
Supply Drops, Vending Machine
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Boom Box: Stats & Damage(DPS)

Boom Box Icon★40200N/A0N/Asec.
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Boom Box: Weapon Review

Weapon Rating per Game Mode

*Weapons are rated from Rank "D" - Rank "S".


Although non-lethal, the Boombox has a power of literally breaking down enemy defences down to its knees. Extremely powerful when used to break open enemy defences or encampments.

Effective Range

*Effective range is rated by ◎ (Excellent), ◯(Good), △(Mediocre), ×(Bad).

Close RangeMiddle RangeLong Range

The Boombox has a range of approximately 2 units from the its point of deployment. The shockwave will reach not only around, but above and below the point of deployment as well.

Boom Box: Traits & Tips

Boom Box: Weapon Traits

Boombox is a non-lethal throwable weapon, solely meant to break down enemy buildings with powerful shockwaves. Each shockwave deals 200 structure damage within 2 units from its point of deployment.

Boom Box: Weapon Tips

Prevent Enemies From Building in the Area of Effect

The Boombox deals more structural damage faster than any player-made building can build up. By throwing this under enemy's defence can negate them from building their defences back up, and will make opening for easy pickings!

Do Not Throw Boombox Directly At Enemies

Although it is immensely powerful when it comes to taking down structures, the Boombox may be destroyed by enemy fire if taken enough damage (400 HP). Be sure to throw them in hard-to-reach areas where the enemy cannot shoot them down when deploying them.

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