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All Weapon List - Damage & Stats

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All Weapon List - Damage & Stats

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Welcome to the Fornite Weapon List. You can find information about the weapons available in Fortnite including rarity, damage, ammo type and more! Use this as a reference when gathering your gear.

All Weapon List - Damage & Stats

Weapon Type List

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Table of Contents

Assault Rifle Stats List

Assault Rifle Weapons Table

Assault Rifle Traits

Fortnite Assault Rifle Weapon

Easy to use and can dish out intense damage, Assault Rifles are versatile across all ranges and have a high damage output. It fires in full auto with a good magazine size, good for maintaining aggro.

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Shotgun Stats List

Shotgun Weapons Table

Pump Shotgun IconPump Shotgun771105
Tactical Shotgun IconTactical Shotgun111748
Heavy Shotgun IconHeavy Shotgun77777
Double Barrel Shotgun IconDouble Barrel Shotgun2281202

Shotgun Traits

Fortnite Shotgun Weapon

Shotguns are powerful weapons, capable of taking down enemies in at least two shots... as long as they're in close-range. Its bullet spread can hit enemies, even if they're moving to escape!

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Submachine Gun Stats List

Submachine Gun Weapons Table

Suppressed Submachine Gun IconSuppressed Submachine Gun1982430
Tactical Submachine Gun IconTactical Submachine Gun2341835
Drum Gun IconDrum Gun2432750
Submachine Gun IconSubmachine Gun2521930
Compact SMG IconCompact SMG2202140

Submachine Gun Traits

Fortnite Submachine Gun Weapon

High fire rate with good damage, Submachine Guns have among the highest DPS in the game that is balanced out by its high damage drop off and spread outside of close range.

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Minigun Stats List

Minigun Weapons Table

Minigun IconMinigun228190

Minigun Traits

Fortnite Minigun Weapon

Miniguns are capable of taking down structures and forts quickly thanks to its high fire rate, damage, and lack of reloading. However, its loud shooting sound makes it easy for enemies to spot you.

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Sniper Rifle Stats List

Sniper Rifle Weapons Table

Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle IconBolt-Action Sniper Rifle36.31101
Hunting Rifle IconHunting Rifle72901
Crossbow IconCrossbow47.4795
Heavy Sniper Rifle IconHeavy Sniper Rifle51.81571

Sniper Rifle Traits

Fortnite Sniper Rifle Weapon

Sniper Rifles rely heavily on a player's skills to track bullet drops to connect with targets. It's the quintessential long-range weapon with some of its variants capable of eliminating enemies in one shot.

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Rocket Launcher Stats List

Rocket Launcher Weapons Table

Rocket Launcher IconRocket Launcher90.751211
Grenade Launcher IconGrenade Launcher1101106
Quad Launcher IconQuad Launcher84844
Fortnite Rocket Launcher Weapon

High damage with splash damage, Rocket Launchers can take down forts and enemies in just a few shots. They shoot projectiles so it takes a bit of adjusting when using them.

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Handgun Stats List

Handgun Weapons Table

Pistol IconPistol1622416
Revolver IconRevolver54606
Suppressed Pistol IconSuppressed Pistol1892816
Hand Cannon IconHand Cannon62.4787
Six Shooter IconSix Shooter190386

Handgun Traits

Fortnite Pistol Weapon

Handguns are best used in close to mid range due to their damage drop off. Handgun variants differ in traits, but they all share the first shot accuracy, making every first shot from a pistol deadly accurate.

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Throwable Stats List

Throwable Weapons Table

Grenade IconGrenade200100N/A
Boogie Bomb IconBoogie BombN/AN/AN/A
Remote Explosives IconRemote ExplosivesN/A703
Impulse Grenade IconImpulse GrenadeN/AN/AN/A
Clinger IconClingerN/A100N/A
Stink Bomb IconStink BombN/A5/0.5 sec.N/A
Shockwave Grenade IconShockwave GrenadeN/AN/AN/A
Dynamite IconDynamite7070N/A

Throwable Traits

Fortnite Throwable Weapon

Each Throwable weapon is unique to other Throwables. Some can damage enemies, while some can help players to escape deadly situations. It's best to learn each throwables differences!

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Special Weapons List

Special weapons are weapons that are available for a limited time, usually as part of a season's theme, a special event, or an LTM.

Infinity Blade

Infinity Blade was introduced during Season 7. Infinity Blade Can be found in a snowy mountain "Polar Peak".

Infinity Blade Icon

Weapon Basic Control & Damage

Primary Fire- Primary Fire delivers a powerful sword slash.
- Destroys structures in one blow
- Deals 75 damage to players
Alternate Fire- Allows the player to leap great distances, destroying objects in its path
- Upon landing, it knocks back nearby players and deals 25 damage
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