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Submachine Gun (SMG) Weapon List

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Submachine Gun (SMG) Weapon List

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Find out about damage, stats, rarity, & magazine size of the Submachine Gun (SMG) weapon class in Fortnite!!

Submachine Gun (SMG) Weapon List

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Submachine Gun Overview

Submachine Gun Overview

Weapon Traits

Excellent at Close Range

In close combat, Submachine Guns can easily gun down enemies with their high damage per second and extremely fast fire rate.

Ineffective at Long Range

Due to its damage dropoff and bullet spray, Submachine Guns become less effective the longer the range. At mid-range, it can still be effective but it won't deal as much damage as up close.

Easy to Use

Submachine Guns are a point and shoot type of weapon. It's easy enough to be used by both beginners and veterans alike.

Weapon Tips

Close the Distance

Submachine Guns work best when engaging enemies at close quarters. Use another weapon as you close the distance to your target then switch to a Submachine Gun to deal high burst damage when in range.

Manage your Ammo

Submachine Guns can easily burn through your ammo supplies due to their fast fire rate. Either carry another weapon as backup or shoot in controlled bursts to save ammo.

Submachine Gun List

Compact SMG

Icon / RarityDPSDamageMag.Size
Compact SMG Epic★42102040
Compact SMG Legendary★52202140

Submachine Gun

Icon / RarityDPSDamageMag.Size
Submachine Gun Common★12471930
Submachine Gun Uncommon★22602030
Submachine Gun Rare★32732130

Suppressed SMG

Icon / RarityDPSDamageMag.Size
Suppressed SMG Common★11801730
Suppressed SMG Uncommon★21892130
Suppressed SMG Rare★31982230

Tactical SMG

*This Weapon is Currently Vaulted

Icon / RarityDPSDamageMag.Size
Tactical SMG Uncommon★22081635
Tactical SMG Rare★32211735
Tactical SMG Epic★42341835

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